A Fashion Tech Pack Is the Key To Great Design

Entering the clothing manufacturing studio is always exciting. Being surrounded by talented pattern makers, seamstresses, and creative designers build an environment that fosters creativity and good communication. The thing that brings all of these talented individuals together and launches them towards success is a fashion tech pack.

Believe it or not, but experts in clothing manufacturing don’t simply use their years of expert intuition. Every clothing line depends on both its team and its tech pack. We can tell you right now that tech packs are the key to starting your own clothing brand.

Let’s see why the fashion tech pack is the crucial piece of the clothing manufacturing puzzle.

What Is A Tech Pack In Fashion?

A Los Angeles pattern maker using AutoCAD to develop a fashion tech packA tech pack is a blueprint created by a technical designer at a fashion production house. It serves as the blueprint for any garments you’re crafting for your new clothing line.

Tech packs are the fundamental building for any and all items in your future collections. No matter which materials are used, the blueprints will provide measurements, comments, and other pertinent product details to everyone in the garment factory.

At The Evans Group, tech packs are, appropriately enough, called ‘TEG Specification Sheets.’

What’s Included In A Tech Pack?

These specs are much more than a basic sketch of a garment with measurements. Usually consisting of a few pages, a tech pack will include the following aspects.

The Fashion Flats

These are the technical fashion sketches. This is where the creative services team and pattern makers go above and beyond. This is where they sketch the planned garment from each and every angle. Designers usually create these sketches with AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator. These sketches should spare no detail; every button, seam, material, and fit. The technical sketch is where detail is king. If you do not put enough detail into the finished tech pack, it could very well show in your final product. Again, detail is paramount during this phase and makes up the brunt of your tech pack.

The Measurements

Measurement specs for any garment are key to finding the perfect fit and having your brand cater to a specific audience. As such, having the proper measurements and fit needs its own page in the tech pack. Some measurements found in the design include:

  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Neck opening
  • Hips

More basic measurements are included, and if your design is especially unique, you may need even more measurements to ensure your product is ready for production.

The Bill Of Materials (BOM)

The BOM is the inventory list of all materials used in producing your garments. Before production, the design team will determine all the materials you need to commence development.

For example, your typical BOM will include sustainable materials, fabric, prints, and other odds and ends. Again, it’s crucial to have everything in order, as one slip-up during the construction of the BOM sheet can cause a lot of headaches further down the road. Understand that everything needs to be accounted for, and it’s easy to overlook some of the more minor details.

Why Should I Use A Tech Pack?

basic beige fabric sourced from the BOM in a fashion tech packIn short, fashion tech packs are the foundations, building blocks, and reference points used by every team member working on your clothing line.

Tech packs are much more than mere blueprints. Like any helpful tool used in launching your own clothing line, they serve multiple purposes.

It Saves On Edits (And Money)

When an emerging fashion designer steps into the ring of high fashion to manufacture a stylish clothing line for the first time, resources may be spread thin. As such, you want to ensure that everything is cost-efficient and that no time is wasted. That’s where the tech pack comes in.

With a solid tech pack, the chances of garments needing revision due to technical errors will likely be slim to none. While nothing can be perfect, a fashion tech pack ensures that your designs are as close to perfect as they can be.

In short, not using a fashion tech pack to its full potential can quickly turn into a massive fashion mistake. Plus, it wastes everyone’s time and resources.

Plus, if you’re banking on using the talents of a low MOQ clothing manufacturer, a solid fashion tech pack will get you your lower number of clothing samples quicker. And for new designers, that’s always a pro.

It Helps With Communication

In any industry, communication is vital. Unsurprisingly, when your detailed ideas are on the factory floor, coming to life, being able to communicate with the manufacturing team is essential.

A tech pack passes through the hands of everyone working on the samples, and every trim, design change, or technical aspect is explained via the tech pack. It’s the be-all-end-all correspondence for everyone from the creative services team to the pattern makers.

Fashion Tech Packs: The Way To Succeed In The Fashion Industry

various fashion cutting tools displayed on a wooden table in the clothing manufacturing factoryTo sum it all up, if you have a meticulously-planned tech pack and a talented team of clothing designers in your corner, you’re in good hands. You’ll have a greater chance of joining the ranks of independent fashion designers like Greg Lauren and Jonathan Simkhai.

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