American Fashion: Bold And Beautiful Looks You Can Design Yourself

What comes to your mind when you think of American fashion? Is it an iconic look like any outfit from Jackie O?

Or maybe it’s that ‘fresh out of the gym’ athleisure wear that seems to dominate brunches and informal get-togethers.

Regardless, American fashion easily carves its own iconic niche in the fashion world. Additionally, fashion designers can easily create their own American fashion with clothing manufacturers.

But first, what is fashion in America?

What Is American Fashion?

model showing off black and white american fashionWhile there is no single definition for sartorial choices in the States, a few key ideas stick out from the crowd.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that fashion in America gravitates around crucial ideas like the following.

Simplicity: Simple Yet Stylish

When you think of simplicity, you may be tempted to envision dull, drab clothing that you could pick up at any fast fashion outlet.


Simplicity has often been a valuable foundation in how Americans dress. Americans know what they like, whether it’s a line of designer T-shirts, new denim jeans, or dresses.

And what people like is timeless, classic looks that build upon a simple foundation. From that foundation is where a fashion designer’s creative prowess comes out in full force. It’s these foundations on which the careers of independent fashion designers like Kate McDonald, Greg Lauren, and Rodarte thrive.

Versatility: Rolling With The Changes

Being able to roll with the punches is a valuable skill. The same translates into good fashion design. America consists of every race, nationality, creed, and body type you can imagine. As such, the fashion industry in America bends to the will of its people.

Never before has anyone been able to so easily acquire clothing that represents them in all of their beauty. Regardless of size, shape, or material, Americans can easily acquire their dream wardrobe.

Additionally, American clothing companies and garment manufacturers choose more sustainable and ethical practices. This means that if you’re a vegan looking to create a line of dresses with leather substitutes, it’s entirely possible to choose natural fibers and materials.

Freedom Of Expression: Letting Your Flag Fly

It may seem cliché, but certain things in American fashion just won’t go out of style. Even if you personally think they maybe should!

Cowboy boots, blue jeans, and comfortable flannel ‘lumberjack’ shirts all have their valued place in fashion in America.

But why do these items have such staying power? The power of expression.

Fashion in America represents the country’s ideals, namely expression of freedom of expression, individualism, and comfort.

Examples Of American Fashion

closeup of american fashion sketchSome fantastic examples of American fashion lie in the independent fashion designers that outfit its citizens in unique ways. This includes American high fashion and its impact on fashion worldwide.

Let’s examine two of our favorite key designers and why they define what it means to craft American high fashion.

Greg Lauren’s Made In L.A.

If you’ve learned one thing about us, it’s that we’re suckers for Greg Lauren’s line of distressed menswear he launched in 2016. In an ambitious partnership with Banana Republic, Lauren created a line of comfortable menswear that exuded confidence, personal expression, and a laissez-faire attitude.

Kate McDonald

Who would’ve imagined that you could improve upon the centuries-old concept of a wedding dress?

Independent American designer Kate McDonald saw the challenge and answered it with her lines of impressive bridal wear. With collections like Noveau Classique and Le Papillion, Kate McDonald is an extremely talented American designer.

American Fashion vs. British Fashion

Although we’ve since long buried the hatchet with our friends across the pond, our fashion choices are still distinct. Americans used to wear European fashion exclusively. It made sense; immigrants would often choose to wear clothing that hearkened back to their countries of birth.

But with time, America harnessed all of those identities and made a melting pot of sartorial excellence. However, a few of our choices can leave our UK friends scratching their hands in confusion.

Yoga pants at a brunch? Wearing a baseball cap? Sporting athleisure when you’re not working out?

The remedy? Experiencing American fashion firsthand. Just ask Emma Watson.

“It’s so funny because now that I’m in America, I’m more able to define it. Before, I didn’t have an awareness of another style,” [Watson] said.

Regardless of roots, similarities, and other factors, American vs. British fashion is distinct enough for anyone to notice.

Designing Iconic American Fashion With The Evans Group

front desk at american fashion manufacturer TEGAre you looking to design your very own American-inspired clothing line? Experts at The Evans Group (TEG) can help.

TEG assists emerging and established independent fashion designers in its Downtown Los Angeles clothing manufacturing space. By equipping them with the sustainable materials, resources, and assistance they need to craft memorable couture, anything’s possible.

The Importance Of Getting Creative

Firstly, fashion designers meet with the creative team to brainstorm what the next big clothing collection will be. Creative experts at TEG help designers grow their ideas through a fashion mood board. By using this tool, you get a better feel for what you’re capable of creating.

Getting Help From The Experts

One of TEG’s greatest assets is the team of textile experts who bring your fashion collection together. Whether the clothing is large or small, TEG hires local factory workers to help in manufacturing. This exhibits not only American excellence in sustainable fashion design but also creates local Los Angeles fashion jobs.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that our teams of seamstresses, cutters, pattern makers, and creative experts are some of the best in the West.

Fashion, American Style

America means so much to so many, and its fashion continues to impact millions. Whether through New York Fashion Week, the 2022 Met Gala, or simply a pair of worn-in, comfy blue jeans. American fashion blazes a trail through society that you can’t ignore.

Want to get started on your ambitious design? The expert Los Angeles patternmakers and creative teams are at your disposal.

Fill out the forms below to formulate your ideas and get in contact with us!

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