Bespoke Clothing: 5 Tips For The Perfect Fit

Upon entering the world of fashion and attempting to start your own clothing line, you’ll undoubtedly come across terms you’re not familiar with. Whether it’s particular terms surrounding pattern makers or how garments make their way from the planning room to the factory floor, you’ll learn new things every day. An important term you’ll come across is ‘bespoke clothing’ or ‘bespoke tailoring.’

Whether a suit or wedding dress, ‘bespoke’ can act as your gateway into the fashion world.

What Does Bespoke Mean In Fashion?

Fashion designer showing the pockets of a houndstooth jacket‘Bespoke’ simply refers to custom-made clothing. Also known as bespoke tailoring, a fashion designer often commissions styles and clothing samples from a clothing manufacturer.

Now it’s time to learn how to harness the power of bespoke and turn the concept into custom garments that stun the public.

Bespoke Clothing Tips

Let’s go over some must-know tips for ordering your own bespoke clothing from a clothing manufacturer.

Bespoke Tip #1: Know Your Budget

As with launching your own successful clothing collection, knowing your budget and staying within those boundaries are crucial.

Starting a clothing line can cost a lot, especially if it’s your first foray into the fashion world.

However, domestic clothing manufacturers are more than willing to help any intrepid independent designer get their start, which leads us to bespoke tip number two.

Bespoke Tip #2: Choose The Right Clothing Manufacturer

Once getting your budgetary concerns in order, it’s time to choose a professional clothing manufacturer that specializes in crafting custom clothes.

One way to shop around is your aforementioned budget. However, once you have that squared away, you need someone who cares about your design ideas and can ultimately create stunning custom clothing.

You need a business that listens to you answers your questions, and ensures that your bespoke styles are all they can be. It’s all about tapping into and capitalizing on that potential.

At The Evans Group (TEG), we’re staffed with some of Los Angeles’s most talented fashion experts. We take our compiled fashion know-how, and we’re willing and eager to take your bespoke designs and turn them into bespoke styles.

Bespoke Tip #3: (Creative) Planning Is Everything

Los Angeles pattern maker creating bespoke clothingAlthough spitting out an idea and running with it is always exciting, it’s well worth it to flesh it out.

For example, you might have a great idea and design for a line of bespoke suits using sustainable materials. What then? This pivotal planning point is crucial and requires a team of dedicated creative professionals to help you elevate a design to perfection.

With TEG’s creative services, a fashion designer’s ideas will receive the royal treatment. However long it may take, the team dedicates itself to helping new designers nail the look and feel of future bespoke styles.

For example, the creative services team will employ the use of fashion mood boards. Think of these as in-depth collages containing pictures, words, colors, and more.

Bespoke Tip #4: Choosing Fabric

When using the creative services for your new style, choosing the suitable fabric is essential. Think hard about which type of fabric you want to use.

Are you interested in using sustainable materials to cut back on environmental impact? Materials like organic cotton and hemp have made a massive impact in the industry as of late. Designer Uyen Tran is leading the way with sustainable textiles.

In a recent Nasdaq piece, Tran states: “TômTex is a revolutionary bio-based material, created from two key ingredients: seashell waste and mushrooms. The company’s vision is a cruelty-free and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic and animal leathers.”

While mushrooms and seashells may yet be out of the fashion designer’s wheelhouse, perhaps bespoke fashion will benefit from more creative uses of sustainable materials.

Whichever you choose for your bespoke styles, keep in mind our last tip.

Bespoke Tip #5: Don’t Overdo It

While we love to encourage ambitious designers to wear their creative freedom on their sleeves, not reigning it in within their budget can cause issues.

It’s tempting to want to try everything at once. But sometimes, we’re penned in by time constraints, budget concerns, and more. But there are ways to get around many of these issues you’ll run into.

Small batch production is a great way to keep your custom clothing style within budget. Small batch clothes production allows designers to order a smaller amount of clothing samples. Why is this important?

Because when an emerging fashion designer needs to stay within their budget and partake in some helpful market research, ordering a smaller amount of clothing is a godsend.

This small batch production is also called low minimum order quantity (MOQ) manufacturing.

At The Evans Group, we take small batch garment production a step further; we have a ‘no minimums’ policy. No minimums mean that there’s no bespoke clothing order too small to consider.

Plus, ‘no minimums’ also means no gatekeeping of the fashion industry. Bigger production houses often require clients to order at least a few hundred pieces for their collections.

Since we focus on independent clothing brands, we want to see these creative individuals succeed when crafting their bespoke fashion—one of the best ways to ensure that success is by offering unparalleled domestic small batch clothing production.

What Is Bespoke Clothing? Your New Gateway To Creative Success

Los Angeles clothing manufacturer sewing bespoke clothingUsing our tips to maximize the benefits of bespoke designs, you’ll be in good hands.

Remember, find a clothing manufacturer you can trust, believe in your goals, and execute those goals. At TEG, we’re eager to work with ambitious designers who want to make a lasting impact on the fashion world. Through bespoke designs and styles, independent designers everywhere have a chance to make their mark.

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