Clothing Manufacturers in Los Angeles: Ways to Start a Clothing Line

When you finally set out to start your own clothing line, there can be a lot of overwhelming factors. What designs should you use? Which fabric will bring your fashion sketches to life? Who will design my clothes?

When searching for clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles, it’s essential to consider several factors. Whether it’s New York Fashion Week or Gucci’s Los Angeles fashion show, it could be your luxury clothing line populating the runways.

Let’s go over what you need to look for when designing clothes in Los Angeles.

Clothing Manufacturers Who Communicate With You

fashion mood board: women in a meeting

First and foremost, you need someone you can depend on. Before you even begin the hard work of launching a clothing line, you need someone in your corner.

Having someone experienced to assist you means developing a working relationship with a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer that will, above all, listen. Ideally, they help educate you on fashion concepts and collaborate with you on designs.

Consulting With Jennifer Evans At TEG

When emerging designers consult with the TEG team, they will meet one on one with founder Jennifer Evans herself to get a clear idea of your goals.

Firstly, Jennifer aims to answer questions like:

  • What is the development process?
  • How much does it cost to start a clothing line?
  • How does clothing production work?
  • What is TEG’s minimum order quantity? (MOQ)
  • What is the timeline for designing, producing, and launching my clothing line?
  • Who does the fabric sourcing at TEG?

No need to feel self-conscious; starting your own clothing line can be a massive step. It’s only natural that you don’t have all the information. Jennifer aims to make you feel at ease while cluing you into all of the pertinent clothing development information. For 60 minutes, Jennifer Evans will

  • Offer business advice based on her 20+ years of experience in the fashion industry.
  • Pointers on how to start your own clothing business
  • Give you answers to all questions, both big and small
  • Plus, there’s a free consultation for those in Los Angeles

To sum up, Jennifer will go over every important aspect of the design process, from inception to execution.

Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturers in Los Angeles

Reams of white fabric used by clothing manufacturers in Los AngelesWhen you, the determined independent emerging fashion designer, start to make your own clothing line, it’s important not to waste resources.

We’ve previously gone over the benefits of small batch or low MOQ clothing manufacturing. MOQ stands for ‘minimum order quantity.’ Minimum order quantities are, essentially, the minimum number of clothing samples you must order for a clothing manufacturer to accept your order.

Minimum order quantities aim to cover the clothing manufacturer’s costs during sourcing fabric, pattern making, and production.

For a designer dipping their toes into the fashion industry pond, low MOQ clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles are a safe bet. The benefits of using a low MOQ clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles offer a ton of breathing room for its clients.

Another fantastic aspect of low MOQ clothing manufacturers is quick turnaround times. Since the garment manufacturers are working with fewer samples, clients can often see meaningful results quickly.

Low MOQs allow for fashion designers to, first and foremost, pay attention to their hard work.

Low MOQ at The Evans Group

At TEG, there are no minimums required to start a clothing line of your own. This means that a fashion designer can order any amount of clothing samples they desire. This is part of the in-house production process, where a fashion designer can order anywhere from one to 50 clothing samples for their collection.

Remember the quick turnaround times for low MOQ clothing manufacturers? TEG delivers clothing within four to eight weeks, with rush orders available within the month.

But if you’re in the market for an extensive collection, TEG also allows you to order up to 500 pieces. Afterward, Jennifer Evans and the TEG team employ the services of local Los Angeles textile workers to help in apparel production.

Not only that, but the seamstresses, pattern makers, and tailors go through an extensive vetting process, ensuring that you’re getting the absolute best in L.A. indie fashion.

Clothing Manufacturers in Los Angeles Who Offer Creative Services

The fashion design process involves massive amounts of creativity. As such, clothing manufacturers you work with should mirror your creative expectations with comprehensive creative services.

The importance of good creative services ties back into both quality communication and low MOQ detail.

Clothing manufacturers should spend a significant amount of time helping designers create, revise, and produce clothing.

Creative Services at The Evans Group

The creative services team at TEG offers multiple resources for designers of indie fashion in Los Angeles. And don’t worry, it’s much more than merely helping you decide which color palette to use.

For example, TEG’s design team will engage in multiple brainstorming sessions, followed by a fashion mood board. Fashion mood boards are invaluable design tools where a fashion designer uses colors, shapes, pictures, fabrics, and more to visualize their future fashion line.

TEG will help both emerging, and established brands develop ideas, products, and plans for garment development.

Los Angeles Pattern Makers

A pillar of the entire clothing design process is the pattern maker. A pattern maker is an individual who essentially takes your initial fashion sketches and ideas and turns them into tangible clothing.

Los Angeles pattern makers are technical experts utilizing computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and sketches. In short, they take your blueprint and turn it into a flagship design for your new fashion brand.

Final Thoughts on Clothing Manufacturers in Los Angeles

Two seamstresses working in the studio of clothing manufacturers in Los AngelesIf you seek out these three main aspects of fashion design in Los Angeles, you’ll quickly discover a world of possibilities for your next winning design.

With TEG, Jennifer Evans and her team of designers have worked tirelessly to craft and build a positive environment dedicated to emerging and independent high-end fashion designers.

In short, by using things like no MOQs, exceptional communication, creative services, and pattern makers, the TEG team can quickly become your go-to for Los Angeles clothing manufacturers.

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