Custom Clothes: A Creative Guide For The Determined Designer

Long before the fast fashion industry put a chokehold on both the environment and fashion designer creativity, there were custom clothes. In short, these played a huge role in the development of American fashion.

Custom clothing, stemming from creative ideas, in-depth fashion drawings, and put into production, have been what emerging fashion designers used to launch exciting clothing lines.

Let’s see how custom clothing transforms from ideas into a finished product with clothing manufacturers near you.

What Are Custom Clothes?

seamstress working at a sewing machine at Los angeles clothing manufacturerSimple, custom clothes are made to measure to accommodate the wearer. For example, if you’ve ever attended a wedding or other memorable formal event, you’re well-acquainted with custom clothes.

Custom Clothes vs. Bespoke

You may have heard the term ‘bespoke’ and ‘custom’ thrown around to mean the same thing.

However, some key differences set these two terms apart, including the cost. Know which one you’re aiming to use to customize your styles and designs.

  • Custom: These made-to-measure garments are made for a customer based on measurements. A designer will provide measurements, designs, and ideas to create custom t-shirts, jeans, and other apparel. Overall, it’s to help you fit into the clothes you want to wear. Think tuxedos, suits, and dresses.
  • Bespoke: On the other hand, bespoke fashion is made from the ground up. Designers choose sustainable materials to create apparel with the help of Los Angeles seamstresses and pattern makers.

Benefits of Custom-Made Clothes

As you can imagine, creating custom garments can help foster creativity and ambition. This practice helps build a small luxury clothing brand into something special. What are the benefits of custom clothes?

A Better Fit

Firstly, when commissioning or designing custom garments, you have greater control over the fit. Working alongside talented seamstresses and Los Angeles pattern makers will ensure that your made-to-measure t-shirt or dress will fit like a dream.

Choosing Sustainability

Since you have more control over the production process, you can opt for sustainable materials, prints, and fabric. It’s no secret that we’re a staunch opponent of fast fashion.

Fast fashion uses what’s easy and cheap to manufacture clothing. At TEG, we use sustainable materials and ethically sound labor practices counter to those found in the Global South.


When you buy fast fashion, your garments will likely wear out by next season. Thus, you need constant replacements to take up the vacant space in your closet. However, with custom items, you guarantee better longevity.

Instead of ending up in a landfill overseas, your items will earn a coveted space in your wardrobe, lasting for years. Regardless of initial costs, the return on investment is well worth the dive into your checkbook. Instead of shopping to replenish your collection of shirts or jeans, you can go years without replacing made-to-measure custom garments.

Working On Your Personal Style

Depending on your design priorities, working on an apparel line can help you discover your personal style.

What works for you? What clothing do you find yourself wearing over and over? Is that something you’d want to focus on with your couture?

While finding your personal style is often a lifelong journey for some, designing your own garments can help hone your style. Secondly, it enables you to design clothes you’re proud to share with the world.

How To Make Custom Clothing in Los Angeles With TEG

Los Angeles pattern maker helping designers create custom clothesWhere can you get custom clothes made to your specifications? In Los Angeles, The Evans Group uses 20 years of operating experience and a team of professionals to help rookie fashion designers create something they’re proud of.

Were you always interested in launching a line of dresses for the summer? To sum up, the creative team at TEG will help you meticulously plan out and launch your clothing line.

Custom Clothing With No Minimum In Los Angeles

An ever-important aspect of working with emerging fashion designers and their ambitious ideas is fostering an environment where creativity can thrive. Are you aiming to design a t-shirt line for a higher cause?

A fantastic method to actively encourage a designer to experiment with and execute ideas is instituting no minimums. In garment manufacturing, minimums or minimum order quantities (MOQs) are your benchmarks for working with clients. For example, larger fashion production houses will have larger minimums.

In short, a larger MOQ gate keeps rookie designers from truly experimenting with designs. And as a first-time apparel designer looking to build up your clothing business, a MOQ can make or break the bank.

Create Your Custom Looks With TEG

los angeles clothing manufacturer studio with sewing machinesCreating a comprehensive custom look is more in-depth than crafting a few fashion design sketches. Those are only a piece of the creative puzzle!

When working with professionals at The Evans Group, you’ll expose yourself to some of the most talented textile experts on the West Coast.

In short, your creative ideas will fit naturally with TEG’s mission and manufacturing model.

To learn more about clothing manufacturing in Los Angeles, fill out the forms below. Are you interested in crafting your own line of denim wear or summer dresses?

Get in contact with TEG experts and turn your ideas into a clothing line!

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