Custom Clothing Orders: Follow These Steps for Catchy Couture

With the rise of fast fashion giving customers poorly made, wasteful clothing items, there needs to be something more. Something more creative, sustainable, and ethically sourced. Not to mention something that exudes a unique vibe and style. That’s why designing and creating custom clothing orders can help boost your clothing brand or even start your own clothing line.

Let’s look at what’s possible for emerging designers to make things more than a cheap t-shirt.

What is Couture?

Closeup of a custom clothing fashion sketchCouture is custom-made clothing. Specifically, it refers to sewing and dressmaking. You may have heard of ‘haute couture,’ too. Haute couture is an elevated form of couture, based primarily in Paris with high standards and approval from the Parisian organization, the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. This particular form of custom-made clothing includes French law and stringent copyright protections.

So, for our purposes, we’re not engaging in haute couture. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make fabulous couture with the help of a talented couturier. Let’s see how to make the most of custom clothing and how to deliver the next best thing to haute couture to your prospective customers when starting a clothing line.

How Do You Make Great Custom Clothing?

We’re all looking for the new, best ways to create. From fine apparel to everything else, finding a sustainable, ethically sourced method of creating products in any industry is at the top of the list.

Choose a Solid Clothing Manufacturer

So, how do you create new products that inspire customers and designers to move past things like fast fashion? You need a great clothing manufacturer that fits the mold and checks all of your creative boxes.

The Evans Group (TEG) allows for massive customization options, including no minimums, and works diligently at being the premier Los Angeles clothing manufacturer.

Forge a Bond with Your Clothing Manufacturer to Start Your Own Clothing Line

Whether you’re a more established independent clothing designer or someone just launching your own clothing brand, connecting with a clothing manufacturer to customize fashion lines is crucial. Both client and clothing manufacturer can be talented, but if there’s no meaningful communication between the two parties, all of that artistic vision can come up short.

With TEG, established and emerging fashion designers receive ample communication and consultation well before the apparel manufacturing process begins in the Downtown Los Angeles fashion studio.

After all goals and visions for the client’s couture

You also want to explore clothing manufacturers that regularly engage with potential clients and proudly display past work and expertise.

Use the Best Materials Possible

Two fashion designers creating custom clothing for a new clothing lineUsing the best materials possible goes hand in hand with choosing the right clothing manufacturer for your clothing collection. TEG ensures that all sourced fabric is of the best quality possible, courtesy of a sourcing expert.

Details like fabric and materials used are something covered during TEG’s in-depth consultation and design process.

The bottom line?

If you choose the cheapest option for fabric with a clothing manufacturer that likes to cut corners (pun intended!), your end product will suffer in the long run. When designing custom clothing, you want your samples to stand the test of time. It also reflects poorly on your established or new clothing line.

When customers buy your product, do you want them to have something they can just get at a fast fashion retailer?

Choose a Team of Professional Craftsmen for Your Custom Clothing

All the planning, sourcing, and communication may come up short if your L.A. garment production team doesn’t have raw experience. Seamstresses, dressmakers, design experts, and pattern makers need first-hand knowledge to undertake the most challenging custom clothing orders.

With TEG, Jennifer Evans taps the talents of various Los Angeles clothing factories. She goes about employing veteran textile workers to complete custom clothing lines.

Whether it’s small batch production or a vast, 100+ custom clothing order with unique samples, the team of apparel manufacturers means the difference between resounding success and coming up short.

Final Thoughts on Creating Couture and Custom Clothing Lines

Custom clothing designer sewing fabric for a couture orderStarting your own clothing line includes a lot of steps where you can’t afford to slip up. Cutting corners on any of the steps can result in poorly made custom clothing.

Choosing the right L.A. clothing manufacturer, building good communication, and using experienced couturiers and pattern makers in Los Angeles can make your custom clothing order stand out. And when starting your own clothing line, every step makes all the difference.

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