Why You Need A Los Angeles Cut and Sew Manufacturer

Looking for a cut and sew manufacturer? You’ve come to the right place. Choosing a cut and sew factory is no easy task, especially if you need people who specialize in specific avant-garde collections– not to mention high-quality garments. After all, your fashion design success depends on the outcome of your collections. You need a qualified team who can meet you where you’re at, fill in the gaps, and produce your vision to a tee. 

This depends on many factors, such as in-depth communication, expert pattern makers, and professional factory workers. And we haven’t even covered sustainable and ethical clothing; these play a role, too! Here’s what you should know about made in Los Angeles clothing. 

From Small Batch Clothing Manufacturers

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Usually, when you outsource outside of the U.S., it can be difficult finding small batch clothing manufacturers. But not in LA! You can easily find clothing production flexibility. From small MOQ to factory level services, it’s completely possible to fill any designer’s needs, regardless of where you are in your business journey. 

Our studio-level production team works with small volume cuts of 10-15 pieces at TEG without a cut and sew minimum. We’re here to help you bring your vision to life, whether you’re a high-end brand with special handling requirements, looking for runs for up-front inventory (typically for large sales), or needing rush orders.

Our team is extremely dedicated to their craft, taking each project under their wing with just as much care and consideration as you, the designer. We thrive off seeing our clients succeed, which sometimes means a trained team to handle your unique project requirements. Our in-house crew is very talented in all garment categories– something we pride ourselves on! 

These low volume cut and sew manufacturing services typically have a speedy 4-8 week turnaround time, but if you have an even smaller time frame, we offer rush deliveries in as little as 1-4 weeks with a rush fee. As always, all projects are managed daily by our project managers, with intense quality control checks during production and completion to maintain our high quality and timing standards. 

Just because you need a small clothing run doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality, timing, or vision!  

To Cut and Sew Factory Level Production

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According to Medium, “One of the most rewarding things about starting an apparel brand is seeing your sketches become a reality through cut and sew. Keep in mind it can be an overwhelming jump from just designing t-shirts if you don’t know what to expect.” 

And factory level production is a completely different story when it comes to scale and quantity. It requires a lot more oversight to ensure each piece of your collection comes out exactly how you want it. 

For instance, at TEG, we partner with a small number of some of the most qualified sewing factories in downtown Los Angeles to handle the sheer size of the orders. Our factory level services include cuts of 50-100, 100-300, and 300-500 pieces per style. We take our partnerships very seriously, maintaining compliance with California labor laws and other private certification processes. 

Thanks to these collaborations, we can provide a large range of production services, meeting almost every competitive pricing, scalability, and quantity need. Of course, with such a huge collection, maintaining quality is a little more difficult, which is why our TEG production and project managers lead every project. Quality control checks are completed regularly throughout the production process to live up to TEG’s and your own standards.

Clothing Production Services Breakdown:

  • Grading
  • Marking
  • Cutting
  • Production sewing
  • Hand sewing
  • Trimming & packing
  • Installation projects
  • Dedicated sewing modulars
  • Production management

Of course, general project management is also available, so you don’t need a personal project manager. They’ll oversee and coordinate all of the different steps involved in the production process, communicating with you and any other related parties. Your project manager will essentially serve as your main point of contact, taking care of all the little details like troubleshooting issues so you can focus on what you do best– designing!

Bear in mind the difference between cut and sew manufacturers in the USA and full package production. Cut and sew is about simply taking fabric and turning it into your design.  However, FFP is more in-depth. According to Sewport, “As the name suggests, this method means a full package solution from the manufacturer. From the initial consultation, they create patterns, source fabrics, and trims, make samples, and take you all the way through to garment completion.”

Specialty Clothing Lines

Samplemaker with delicate bridal gowns

Los Angeles cut and sew manufacturers are more likely to be able to handle those specialty designs you’ve been dreaming of. These collections are undoubtedly more challenging, which means you need top-of-the-line production workers who can perfectly execute your vision and handle the garments with care. 

Delicate fabrics often require different strategies, such as thinner needles, rolled hems, stay stitch curves, and loose tension. Thankfully, as for cut and sew, Los Angeles has many professionals who can take on all types of fabric and patterns. 

You’re in good hands! 

Great for Both Emerging and Experienced Designers

Designer giving directions to patternmaker

When looking for a clothing factory, Los Angeles can usually accommodate every designer, whether you’re established or new to the industry. 

In fact, we love supporting all types of fashion professionals in their varying stages of business. For instance, emerging designers will probably need more support, from the early designs to budgets and distribution. However, experienced high-end designers may need to outsource specific roles.

Whichever it may be, we can help here in LA!

‘Made in Los Angeles’ Clothing Means Quality

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At TEG, we’re firm believers in “you get what you pay for.”

This directly applies to where you decide to manufacture your collection. Typically, you have to decide between local vs. overseas outsourcing, but is there really a difference?


The main contrast is pricing, but for a good reason. While overseas production facilities tend to be less expensive, the U.S. makes up for it. Namely in quality, sustainability, ethicality, and reliability. For example, the U.S. is more stringent about complying with fair labor laws for factory workers.

When you use local facilities, you also tend to have cheaper shipping, handling, and distribution because of the many taxes, inspections, and fees for worldwide transport. This can affect the timing of your collection, especially if your pieces are delayed at border closures. You don’t have to worry about that as much with local shipping! 

To top it off, communication tends to be an easier process since there’s generally no strong language and culture barrier. It’s a smoother process, resulting in less stress and a more precise, true-to-vision outcome. Communication is key! 

If you’re going for local, LA is a top choice, as it represents one of the highest cut and sew quality found in the USA. Some of the finest fashion brands in the country are in Los Angeles, making it an excellent location to start or continue your design business success.

Choose the Right Cut and Sew Manufacturer in Los Angeles

Cut and sew manufacturers in LA

Cut and sew manufacturers need to have high-level technical skills and state-of-the-art facilities. At TEG, we work to deliver the very best, whether through our in-house team for small batch clothing or outsourcing to leading sewing factories in downtown LA for higher quantities. 

As for cut & sew, Los Angeles and San Francisco contain our unique TEG factories to stitch your garments to perfection and tailor to either emerging or established designers. For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped over 1,500 designers. We’d be honored to help you bring your vision to life.

See a full breakdown of our Cut and Sew Manufacturer Services.

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