Cut and Sew Manufacturers

TEG provides a complete cut and sew manufacturing process. We serve emerging and established designers in bringing their visions to life. The cut and sew apparel manufacturing process is highly technical and our in-house team delivers only the very best.

TEG has been providing high-level development and production services to independent fashion designers around the globe. Our industry-leading cut and sew services have helped over 900 clothing designers create unique, fully customized, high-quality garments.

Cut and Sew Services

All of our cut and sew clothing services utilize state-of-the-art facilities and machinery. Our experts are some of the best and most experienced in the industry. We are fully committed to creating truly customized garments for your brand, stitched to perfection.

Sewing machines in use on factory floor

Los Angeles Cut and Sew Manufacturing 

Our unique cut and sew factory in Los Angeles is situated in the heart of the Downtown Arts District. We draw in clients from all over the U.S looking for the finest cut and sew contractors.

Cut and sew services in Los Angeles include:

  • In-house studio-level production with no minimum required, up to 50 pieces per style.
  • Sewn art installations and special request projects.
  • Factory level production with low minimums, 50 pieces per style, and larger volumes for scalability.
  • All cut-and-sew production projects are managed by our project managers daily. This includes intensive quality control checks.
  • Collaborations with a select few specialized large-scale manufacturing factories.
  • We offer our clients a complete range of production services, competitive costs, and scalability.

Cut and Sew Manufacturers San Francisco

Our Parisian inspired studio in Downtown San Francisco has become an invaluable resource for bridal and evening wear designers. Our specialists provide rare skills and unmatched couture quality.

Cut and sew services in San Francisco include:

  • Full-service development packages and small volume fulfillment ranging from 1-10 pieces per order.
  • A particular emphasis on complexity, specializing in high-end gowns, evening wear, and bridal wear.
  • Industry-leading experts in avant-garde collections.

San Francisco factory floor


How long is the cut and sew process?

The length of time depends on the project. As each project is unique, the complexity will differ. Our studio-level production is contracted with quick turnarounds of 4-8 weeks. Rush deliveries are available in as little as 1-4 weeks with an additional rush fee.

What type of garments can you make?

All garments are sewn by highly skilled production sewers, capable of all garment categories. Our machines are suitable for light and heavyweight sewing, including:

  • Wovens
  • Outerwear
  • Denim
  • Cut and sew knits
  • Athletic wear

Does TEG Provide Materials?

We can provide a dedicated sourcing manager that can work with you. We use a few vendors to ensure the highest quality, American-made raw fabric. You can also consult with us to discover the best places to source your materials.

What do I need to get started?

We will provide you with a TEG specification sheet as part of our development process. You can use this to include all the details required to create your first patterns and samples.

How much will it cost?

Each project is unique. The differing complexity and custom apparel require varied hours and labor. Upon completion of your finished samples, we can provide an accurate cost estimate for production. 

Check out the cost estimations here: 

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