Cut and Sew Manufacturing For Beginner Fashion Designers

The design process is a fickle thing. Some days, a beginner fashion designer can have outstanding creative inspiration. Other times, it seems like production screeches to a halt. But why do it alone? Cut and sew manufacturing ensures that your business and products meet the highest standard of the fashion production process.

That’s why independent clothing designers can benefit from the skills and craftsmanship of cut and sew manufacturers.

What Is a Cut and Sew Manufacturer?

Cut and sew manufacturer creating a pattern for an emerging fashion designerCut and sew manufacturers create garments by cutting fabric and sewing it into the client’s proposed design. For things like haute couture, fashion shows, and general design, cut and sew manufacturers can complete impressive, complex works of art.

Cut and sew garment manufacturers differ from other manufacturers who mass produce clothing on a large scale. While mass production of garments is efficient for reaching deadlines and specific goals, the quickness and ease of production leave much to be desired in terms of quality.

Want something a little more complex than a graphic t-shirt? This is where the talents of sewing experts and cutters come in to create custom clothing orders for clients.

Why Use a Cut and Sew Manufacturer?

Two cut and sew manufacturers working at sewing machinesUsing a cut and sew manufacturer to create custom garments is crucial for building your clothing line to your detailed specifications. From submitting the proposed order of patterns, prints, and fabric, sewing experts can meet all of your wants and needs.

How do you know if you could use cut and sew services? Using a cut and sew manufacturer can help you with your clothing line, especially if you:

  • Have complicated sewing patterns that can’t be easily mass-produced
  • Set ambitious design goals
  • Need to create pieces for art installations
  • Need a piece of fashion created from scratch

Cut and sew manufacturers give fashion designers the freedom to create original ideas and garments. If your goals line up with any of the above criteria, using cut and sew professionals could be the best option for you.

Essentially, by using a cut and sew manufacturer, you open the way for more complex, artistically flexible ideas and practices to take shape.

How Do They Differ In Price?

A significant factor in choosing a cut and sew manufacturer is the cost. But how much do cut and sew samples cost?

It depends on the size and scope of your business. For example, if you’re an individual designer hoping to start your own clothing line, you can expect to pay anywhere from around $1,000 to $5,000. However, if you’re a moderately large independent fashion business, you could be looking at costs of over $20,000.

What is the Process?

An excellent clothing line doesn’t just appear overnight. The apparel manufacturing process takes a lot of time, energy, and materials.

With The Evans Group (TEG), emerging designers have the opportunity to take advantage of the state-of-the-art tools and services to start their fashion brand in Los Angeles.

How to Design Clothes with a Cut and Sew Manufacturer

Piece of dark striped fabric next to a rulerThe Evans Group focuses on comprehensive cut and sew manufacturing in Los Angeles, allowing for any burgeoning fashion label or brand to create haute couture at a large scale.

We believe in allowing everyone to receive quality products at a fair price regardless of influence or budget in the fashion industry. For example, starting with the ‘Test Drive,’ we offer every designer to create their own clothing line. We do this by creating a few samples and patterns and holding meetings with the creative director, pattern maker, and sourcing manager. Working alongside professionals is the perfect way for any designer to start a clothing line.

Another benefit for emerging designers is offering designers no minimum. This means that a fashion designer can commission anywhere from one to 50 pieces of apparel. Additionally, TEG can complete special request projects with precise aims and goals.

TEG collaborates with other garment manufacturing companies in Los Angeles so that clients receive the absolute best quality product. Additionally, it creates multiple textile jobs for factory workers.

Then the client meets with an experienced team to get to work. This starts with in-depth design meetings, including mood boards, sketches, and brainstorming.

Next, new specifications for your clothing line start to take shape. Then, the team at TEG takes your prints, fabric, and patterns to create a cohesive piece. This is where cutting and sewing come in to enhance your design experience.

Should You Use a Cut and Sew Manufacturer?


Whether you’re looking to create a small, 10-piece garment collection, or a more voluminous apparel line, cut and sew manufacturers can make a beginner fashion designer’s vision come to life with precision and affordability. Pattern drafting experts, apparel sample makers, and fashion developers show you exactly how to start a clothing line.

At TEG, we stand as one of the premier cut and sew manufacturers in Los Angeles. For more information about the services we provide, contact us at 800-916-0910 or explore all of our FAQs.

Part of becoming a notable cut and sew manufacturer in LA is serving the extensive needs of clients. TEG’s methods of marrying a fashion designer’s vision to a cohesive end product are tried and true, with nearly 2,000 satisfied past and current clients.

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