5 Easy Ways To Discover Your Personal Style

What’s your personal style? In short, what American fashion items, outfits, and trends define you best? Do you gravitate towards retro fashion, or are you attracted to avant-garde clothing lines?

If you haven’t given your personal fashion looks much thought, it may be difficult to pin down precisely. But it’s actually quite simple.

With outlets like Pinterest, it’s a fantastic time to explore the depths of your personal style.

Let’s explore five key ways anyone can find their personal style, capitalize on it, and maximize their wardrobe potential. Pretty soon, you’ll be creating your own fashion sketches!

What Is Personal Style?

Los Angeles designer in pink examining black clothingSo what is personal style?

In short, someone’s personal style is the clothing styles they enjoy, wear, and buy. It’s the look and feels you love in your closet.

But it’s more than just ‘That shirt looks cool; I think I’ll wear that.’ While that can certainly play a part, it’s more about what makes you unique in your style.

What about your wardrobe and style make you who you are to the rest of the world. There are easy ways to identify your style, whether classic celebrity couture or forward-facing fashion.

First, you need to see what inspires you.

What Inspires You?

What about fashion inspires you? Is it certain people? Time periods? Think hard about what you like to see and how you fit in with it.

However, it’s one thing to enjoy what other people wear, but entirely another to include these aspects in your own outfits.

Before partnering up with a clothing manufacturer, it’s crucial to determine what sets your style apart from others.

Is it just a knock-off of another indie fashion designer? Or is it truly a unique design? An essential part of creating any sort of fashion is brainstorming.

Are you having trouble pinning down what you do like? Another helpful way to bolster your confidence in your wardrobe is by taking the opposite approach.

What Don’t You Like?

An equally important part of discovering the ins and outs of your personal style is knowing what you don’t want in your wardrobe.

Weeding out which clothes and styles you dislike can help narrow down what you like. Not into the latest style trends bringing back Y2K and the late 1990s? Pinning down these different pieces and setting them aside helps you effortlessly build your style.

Not to mention, it’ll help in building a comprehensive fashion collection.

But even before seeing what looks gel with you, take a quick look at what you love wearing in your day-to-day life.

What Are Your Fashion Staples?

Los Angeles clothing manufacturer helping woman in pink determine her personal style choicesNotice that you’re wearing certain styles from your closet over and over? That’s a valuable sign of your personal taste in clothing. Emerging designers need to be observant, knowing what looks and pieces vibe nicely with them.

Take notice of these pieces and accessories, and determine what clothes have been staples in your life for a long time. Getting a sense of what already works for you helps develop your overall look.

What Are Your Favorite Colors?

A great way to help supplement your wardrobe and outfits is by determining details like colors and sustainable fabric.

Do you enjoy earth tones? Black? Or maybe some light and airy pastels?

Again, notice which colors you gravitate towards from your own closet.

Additionally, which clothing material do you see yourself wearing or would like to wear more of? Organic cotton? Hemp? Knowing the details of what you’re wearing can be a game-changer.

Putting It All Together

Keeping with the theme of looking at your fashion go-to’s, how do you bring the look together? How do you style yourself every day?

And this doesn’t just apply to clothes, either. It could be how you style your hair, your accessories, and more. Much of your personal style has to do with the overall picture and how you carry yourself.

You can put all of this into practice and see what works and what doesn’t. Feel free to experiment every day of the week. Does your fashion experiment feel natural? Is your Monday outfit something you’d like to see more of in your closet?

Creating Your Personal Style With The Evans Group

Two designers examining a black dress

Now that you’re hopefully more secure in your personal style, it’s time to take it to the next level. It’s time to design your unique clothing line.

The Evans Group (TEG) helps new independent fashion designers thrive by enveloping them in a supportive, creative environment. TEG also knows how hesitant some creators can be taking the initial jump into clothing design, especially with potential fashion collection costs.

However, TEG encourages everyone who was ever thinking of launching their line of outfits to take a chance.

Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer In Los Angeles

TEG is a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer with no minimums. ‘No minimums’ means there isn’t a massive minimum order quantity discouraging indie designers from following their passion.

New designers can freely experiment with styles and outfits with small batch clothing production. In short, a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) equals more creative freedom.

Unleashing Your Creative Potential

With TEG, indie fashion designers work hand-in-hand with creative experts to formulate the ideal clothing line.

The fashion mood board is a tried and true method of nailing down personal style. Think of a fashion mood board as an independent designer’s collage. But don’t take it lightly!

A fashion mood board change sets the tempo of fashion design, opening up new doors and closing off previously established ideas. Always consult the fashion mood board! What better way to find your personal style than brainstorming with creative experts?

The Next Steps Towards Iconic Fashion With Your Personal Style

Finding your personal style and taking a speck of a creative idea to domestic garment production is easier than you think.

With people like Los Angeles pattern makers, creative experts, and sustainable fabric professionals, a person can tell their style in no time.

Not only that, but they can design dresses, jeans, or a line of white shoes. The sky is the limit at TEG.

Have any questions for the TEG team? Be sure to fill out the forms below to contact us! Check off all the items that apply to your wardrobe ideas, and we’ll help you start planning your dream clothing line!

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