Dress Manufacturer: Create New And Unique Clothing

It’s the best time of year to show off spring fashion, some of which are stunning dresses. When working with independent clothing brand Kate McDonald to create bridal dresses, we saw how promising the brand was. A bridal brand needs a great dress manufacturer. Independent fashion designers everywhere need the help of a good clothing manufacturer.

But what are dress manufacturers, and how do they make clothing?

What Is A Dress Manufacturer?

A dress manufacturer is a clothing manufacturer that helps you design and produce a line of dress wear. From bridalwear to more casual, summertime apparel, dress manufacturers can help designers take a fashion sketch and make it a successful line of dresses.

Is It Hard To Make A Custom Dress?

In short, no. Dresses serve as a fantastic first project for anyone aiming to start a clothing collection.

Although it may seem intimidating when you take the plunge into production, a dress serves as a great jumping-off point. It’s perfect for getting into other high fashion pieces and styles.

And when you have a dress manufacturer helping you along the way, it’s even less stressful. Let’s see how to begin your new production.

Dress Design: The Basics

Fashion sketch of a dress at a Los Angeles clothing manufacturerWhere to begin with dresses? Before your clothing line becomes a tangible product, it’s important to flesh it out completely using tools like a sketchpad and fashion mood board.

It Starts With A Sketch

The fashion sketchpad is where you allow your abstract designs to come to life. This is just one of the many creative parts of the process and one where the sky’s the limit. Any color, material, and

After outfitting your croquis with your ideal dress, consider for whom you’re making the clothing.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold

When creating your custom clothes, don’t be afraid to be bold in the development process. Use those bold colors! Create something as simple as a T-shirt dress with a retro flair!

Whatever comes to mind, the fashion industry promotes forward-looking apparel and custom-made products.

Who Is Your Customer?

We’re always quick to remind independent fashion designers to use their business acumen to settle on a customer. Could you sell your apparel to any woman? Sure, but is that realistic for your business model?

Consider your customer. Who are they? What do they value in a clothing brand? Lean into those aspects to help design and market your line of dresses.

Knowing your customer will also help determine how much your clothing line will cost.

How To Find A Dress Manufacturer

Choosing the proper clothing manufacturer for dress wear can mean the difference between launching your own clothing brand and missing out on the world of fashion.

Now it’s time to find a clothing manufacturer that helps you design and produce these garments. But who’s best for the job? Well, it depends on a few factors.

The Dress Manufacturer’s Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is the minimum amount of pieces a clothing manufacturer will take on to cover its costs. Unfortunately for some independent designers and creators who attempt to break into the fashion industry, these services and order quantities can be a bit much.

As a clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles with no minimums whatsoever, The Evans Group (TEG) has been a steadfast creative ally. Especially for anyone looking to work on and design new apparel and products. Likewise, TEG is a manufacturer aiming to ease the burden of cost.

The TEG team helps individuals, small companies, and established brands manufacture the best apparel with the tools at hand.

The Dress Manufacturing Process At TEG

closeup of a dress manufacturer working ona bridal dress at the sewing machineOnce an independent designer commits to TEG as a clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, the real work (and fun) begins.

Planning Your New Order With A Dress Manufacturer

Remember that sketch earlier? The one that helps establish your ideas? The creative team at The Evans Group goes into overdrive, helping you create a comprehensive fashion mood board. Most importantly, the team establishes a fashion tech pack, which serves as a quality blueprint for the future dress line.

Both the fashion mood board and fashion tech pack will be vital facets throughout the clothing manufacturing process. That means you and the TEG team will often come back and consult with them.

Pattern Making At A Dress Manufacturer

Which patterns and fabrics do you want to use on your dress designs? Chiffon? Cotton? Something as smooth as silk? Something casual or dressy?

It’s all up to you what your custom design contains. Your manufacturer will then pair you up with a talented pattern maker.

Regardless of your choice, TEG aims to be a sustainable clothing manufacturer that emphasizes creativity and eco-friendly design.

The pattern maker and the fabric sourcing expert come together to make initial sketches and turn them into a striking custom design.

The pattern maker helps bridge design to the final product. TEG’s pattern maker works side-by-side with the dress designer to ensure the fabric drapes correctly. Overall, the pattern maker will help you find the perfect fit and the perfect look.


The production process finally begins, and your hard work and energy come together to produce a unique product. Remember to keep your fashion mood board and fashion tech pack on hand!

These two tools may need revising along the way. You’ll soon see just how valuable having these essential tools on hand will be in choosing a domestic clothing manufacturer near you.

The TEG manufacturer process offers multiple quality checks along the way to make sure that a fashion designer’s styles and samples are perfect.

A place where you can’t get multiple quality checks throughout the process? With overseas production. Let’s finally look at why choosing domestic is the way to go when creating high fashion.

Domestic Vs. Overseas Dress Manufacturing

piece of draped white fabric at a Los Angeles dress manufacturer

Are you looking to manufacture clothing in the United States or overseas? Both have pros and cons, and it depends on your overall business plan. Looking to get the best product possible? Garments that

New and exciting projects can run into trouble if you choose to manufacture overseas. But instead of dwelling on the negatives, let’s look forward to the positives of choosing a USA garment manufacturer.

With domestic clothing manufacturers, here are the ways indie fashion labels benefit:

  • Good Communication. When things are stateside, you have a better line of communication with your chosen clothing manufacturer. It’s simple geography. If you’re working with a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer like TEG and a local yourself, you can easily get in contact.
  • Made In America. Having your clothing line produced in the States is often a point of pride for indie designers. The Evans Group commits to extenuating the beauty of garment manufacturing in Los Angeles. Partnerships with local clothing factories and hiring local textile workers who have the extensive experience create the definitive American clothing manufacturing experience. Plus, certain shoppers take an air of pride in a clothing company that chooses a domestic manufacturer.
  • Lower shipping costs. If you’re keeping things domestic, you can expect lower shipping costs. Your fashion collection won’t need to traverse the globe, especially with current supply chain issues. Plus, you can have your custom clothing from your manufacturer even quicker.

Create Custom Dresses And More With A Dress Manufacturer

Quality clothing manufacturers near you are closer than you think. To manufacture a dress is no longer just for large fashion houses like Gucci or Prada.

Could you be the next Kate McDonald, crafting a winning brand from bridal wear? Or are you more avant-garde in your fashion design? Regardless of your leanings, The Evans Group is a fantastic asset for any independent clothing designer.

Need more assistance with clothing manufacturing and planning? Got any questions about our process? Be sure to fill out the form below and contact us ASAP.

Custom high-quality fashion is only a few clicks away!

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