How To Find A Fashion Mentor

We all need advice sometimes. And in a creative field like clothing design and fashion production, having a fashion mentor can mean a world of difference to an emerging designer.

Thanks to fashion mentors, clothing designers of any experience level can effectively plan, produce, and launch a clothing line with clothing manufacturers. In short, in the fashion industry, you never have to go it alone.

What Is A Fashion Mentor?

closeup of hands of Los Angeles clothing manufacturers planning a clothing line in the TEG fashion mentorship program

A fashion mentor is a creative expert who guides a clothing designer through every step of the design process. Whether creating good fashion mood board examples or sketching a croquis, mentors give new designers a big boost in confidence and skill.

A fashion mentor is much more than someone who knows what colors and patterns match. While undoubtedly a helpful skill in the fashion industry, fashion mentors go much farther. 

  • How much does it cost to start a clothing line
  • Which style should I focus on? 
  • Which sustainable clothing fabric should I include in my new clothing line? 

When working alongside a fashion mentor, you’ll get your answers and start designing that next ambitious retro clothing line or avant-garde line of dresses.

Fashion mentors use their extensive experience within the fashion industry to help guide you through every step of the process. To sum up, meeting with a fashion mentor can open up new creative avenues you may not have considered before.

Should I Use A Fashion Mentor?

Yes, if you’re a new fashion designer or need some guidance in improving your clothing business.

What’s more, fashion mentors help you with tough business decisions with your brand. After all, these fashion mentors have been in the trenches before. Now it’s time for them to pass on the experiences and knowledge they contain to new designers.

While fashion mentors aren’t required to create fantastic personal styles or grow your brand, their unmatched expertise will help anyone, regardless of experience, in the fashion industry.

And more importantly, you need someone to be your unabashed advocate in your design journey. That means someone who’s just as invested in your creation as you are. But what skills and credentials should you look for in an exemplary fashion mentor?

What To Look For In A Mentor

Los Angeles pattern maker working with a fashion mentor to make a clothing designWhen crafting bespoke fashion lines, expertise and raw skill can draw designers to a talented fashion mentor. But what sets fashion mentors apart from people with an eye for clothing lines?

Fashion Experience

First and foremost, finding someone with impressive credentials and raw skill is a must when finding a fashion mentor. After all, you want someone with years of experience. That connection between fashion mentor and mentee should be a powerful bond forged by shared creativity and ambitious clothing line ideas.

Does your fashion mentor have the appropriate skills? Have they been a pattern maker in the past, introducing them to nearly every fabric, technical task, and responsibility possible?

Communication Skills

Communication is everything. Inside and outside the fashion industry, any creative endeavor needs solid communication to succeed, plain and simple.

With an accomplished fashion mentor experienced in helping clients for years, rookie indie designers will be able to openly and honestly communicate with their fashion mentor about various ideas and creative directions.

Fashion mentors are honest about designs. If something doesn’t work, they’ll let you know and help you find the next best solution. Something not clicking? A fashion mentor will guide you to a favorable outcome.

Brand Experts

Fashion mentors need a wealth of knowledge to serve your clothing brand. Are you a brand that focuses on a younger demographic embracing new fashion trends or a sustainable clothing line?

Either way, a mentor can help you plan marketing strategies, the best fabric to use, and more.

Working With A Fashion Mentor At The Evans Group (TEG)

With The Evans Group (TEG), clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles partner up with designers to provide help throughout the entire design process. From initial fashion sketches to the final stages of production, these fashion experts help clothing designers plan for everything.

The TEG fashion mentors in the program are some of the most accomplished and talented West Coast clothing manufacturers with years of experience.

With TEG’s new mentorship program, designers looking to start a career in fashion but don’t know where to begin to have the golden opportunity to work with a professional.

Plus, TEG CEO Jennifer Evans personally matches you to a fashion mentor she’s confident will help you realize your creative ambitions. Are you interested in the Deep Dive package, which includes an in-depth video conference with a fashion mentor?

Or are you interested in the By Your Side package, the month-long fashion mentoring program with multiple sessions and email correspondence? Either way, designers will find something to help them build their brand into something special.

Begin Your Fashion Journey With TEG’s Mentorship Program

two Los Angeles clothing manufacturers going over clothing line designsWhether you need an extra boost in e-commerce, luxury brand design, or starting your clothing line from scratch, the fashion mentorship program at The Evans Group will thrust you headlong into a new, exciting creative space.

Designing clothing shouldn’t be hard. On the contrary, it should be exciting, liberating, and fun. With a professional fashion mentorship program, you’ll discover new and exciting ways to put your creative muscles to the test.

Have you got questions for The Evans Group staff? Want to start designing your dream clothing line in just a few easy steps?

Be sure to get in contact with the TEG team today!




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