Fashion Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Let’s be honest: nailing the look and feel of your new clothing line can be pretty tricky. When starting a clothing line, you’re going to want to ensure everything you do is perfect. Instead of which pattern or a pair of jeans are chic or out of style, we’re focusing on the clothing manufacturing process. After all, your new clothing line is only as good as its designs and production team. The best way to prepare yourself? By learning and avoiding these fashion mistakes. It could save you a lot on production costs and other creative headaches.

Not Having A Detailed Fashion Tech Pack

While we can’t account for everything during the design and production processes, we can make sure that you avoid major fashion mistakes. Something we can control, however, is the implementation of a comprehensive fashion tech pack.

A fashion tech pack is essentially a fashion designer’s blueprint for a future clothing line. As such, having an all-encompassing fashion tech pack is really the first step in launching a fashion brand.

At The Evans Group, our creative services team will work tirelessly to help you reach a creative peak with your clothing line. This creative initiative means you’ll involve yourself in multiple brainstorming sessions, creating a fashion mood board, and sketching out any ideas. After all the creative planning, the team creates a fashion tech pack called a ‘TEG Specification Sheet’ at our Los Angeles clothing manufacturing studio.

What comes next is the comprehensive development and production of your clothing line.

Not Asking A Clothing Manufacturer About A MOQ Leads To Disaster

A low MOQ clothing manufacturer helping a designer avoid fashion mistakesYour number of clothing samples and financial resources will vary depending on where you are in your fashion design journey. Acquiring an ideal number of pieces is highly important, depending on the size and scope of your new clothing line and your budget.

A way to nail down a solid number of clothing samples is by asking a clothing manufacturer about a MOQ or minimum order quantity. Minimum order quantities are the number of clothing samples a clothing manufacturer is willing to craft for a designer to cover their costs. They also act as a clothing production benchmark.

And, believe it or not, but low MOQ clothing manufacturers are hard to come by. In the fashion industry, you can quickly run into clothing manufacturers with massive MOQS. Some MOQs can clock in at 300 pieces or more just to work with them.

If you’re an emerging fashion designer, this is a considerable hurdle, one you likely can’t handle (yet!). That’s why finding a low MOQ clothing manufacturer is a fundamental aspect of designing your clothing.

At The Evans Group, there is no minimum order quantity. No minimums allow for designers of all experience levels and financial levels a chance to test out their place in the fashion industry. Yes, this means you could order one to ten clothing samples to see if launching a fashion brand is right for you.

Plus, it lets you see if your particular taste in fashion design is ‘in’ this year. At TEG, we believe in breathing room and creative freedom. Our policy of no minimums aims to foster an environment where these qualities have a chance to grow.

Not Communicating Properly: Fashion Mistakes That Cost Time and Money

Clothing manufacturer attempting to avoid fashion mistakes while examining a wedding dressLike nearly every aspect of everyday life, communication is vital to success. The same goes for clothing production. When you have a concrete idea of what you want to be manufactured, you need to communicate the nitty-gritty to pattern makers and production teams, especially if you’re watching your budget.

Because, as it turns out, miscommunication can result in massive headaches. The last thing a pattern maker and clothing manufacturers want to do is go back to the drawing board before a line of samples is complete. While revisions and fashion edits are simply part of the clothing manufacturing process, revising clothing during production presents problems.

There are specific times for these revisions, so you need to know the timelines and the process. Remember the importance of fashion tech packs? Communicating clearly and often during the production process with fashion tech packs ensures that pattern and sample makers know what they’re doing at all times.

That’s why, at TEG, we imbue fashion designers with a sense of camaraderie with our expert pattern makers. After all, these are the professionals that are helping build a potential fashion brand.

We employ some of the most talented Los Angeles pattern makers and textile workers to help you smoothly launch a fashion brand you’re proud of. And, of course, avoid any mishaps along the way. The garment production process can be stressful enough as it is!

Not Paying Attention to Clothing Samples

Clothing samples are the main method of determining the quality of your future clothing line. By not fully utilizing the knowledge you gain from clothing samples, you do yourself and your clothing manufacturer a major disservice. When garment manufacturers create clothing samples, you need to study them. Do they follow the logistics set out by your fashion tech pack? Do you envision them being made of sustainable material like Tencel? When you receive your prototype sample, showroom sample, and sizing sample, it’s the perfect time to get to work analyzing.

What works? What doesn’t? This leads to crucial revisions and edits that ensure your samples and your future fashion brand benefit from attention to detail. And, of course, it prevents messy fashion mistakes.

Can You Avoid These Fashion Mistakes?

Closeup of a fashion mannequin used to make clothing samplesWhen you start a clothing line of your own, remember to remain vigilant and always create a cohesive plan to launch your fashion brand.

And while we thought that the future would look very different for the fashion industry, it turns out that luxury clothing has never been more popular. There’s never been a better time to embrace Maker culture and dive in, creating a clothing line you’ve always dreamed of.

Just follow these pillars of clothing manufacturing. It’s all about developing an excellent fashion tech pack, understanding the ins and outs of low MOQ clothing manufacturers, and communication. As long as you’re in contact with the professionals making clothing, you have a great chance to create unforgettable fashion.

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