Fashion Tips Every Designer Needs (Plus 3 Fashion Myths)

Chic Fashion Tips Every Designer Needs (Plus 3 Fashion Myths)

As a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer and fashion production house, we see a lot of styles and outfits. Established and emerging designers come through our doors to launch their own clothing lines and develop comprehensive styles and looks. After working with many talented fashion designers and observing their skills firsthand, we thought it’d be helpful to impart expert fashion tips.

Here are current fashion tips and some fashion myths that need busting!

Fashion Tips

It’s time to explore some crucial tips to inspire you to develop stunning looks, styles, and clothes.

It’s All About The Fit

los angeles pattern maker helping a fashion designer with fashion tipsAlthough not strictly a complicated tip, finding what fits are crucial to what you wear.

Finding something that immaculately fits whenever you shop is a great feeling. But what if you’re having difficulty finding the perfect fit for your body?

Investing in the services of a tailor might be the answer. A tailor is well-versed in modifying your outfit. Their life’s work is all about a keen eye for detail to make sure your outfit fits.

Whether it’s the latest trends, or your capsule wardrobe (more on that later), investing in a tailor can save the day and your fit!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Bold

Crafting a bold statement with what your wear is what fashion is all about.

As such, don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and colors and commit to what feels good.

Have you always loved two patterns or colors? Mix and match them! Trying out a look is what propels the industry forward. It doesn’t need to be avant-garde, just something of your own.

In short, don’t be afraid to mix, match, and find what feels good to you. We promise that making a bold statement will allow you to find what you love to wear.

Try Some Accessories

Whether it’s a stylish scarf, belt, pair of gloves, handbag, or shawl, a good fashion accessory can bring a look together. It also serves as an excuse to include more of what you like in what you wear.

A good pair of shoes can tie everything together. Sometimes if you’re not feeling inspired by the latest trends, a good accessory can become the capstone of your entire look.

Speaking of trends, they have immense power. But are they the final word in fashion?

Don’t Feel Pressured To Follow Trends

In general, trends are great. They can give people a valuable look into what’s driving fashion brands and the newest looks.

However, they aren’t the be-all-end-all of what to wear.

Never feel pressured to wear the latest trends if you don’t connect with them. Instead, lean into what fits your body, what pairs together well, and, most importantly, what you like to wear.

Busting The Top 3 Fashion Myths

Los Angeles pattern maker working with a fashion mentor to make a clothing designLike any other field, fashion has its share of dubious and outright false information. Let’s take a look at fashion myths and put them to rest.

Horizontal Stripes Are A No-Go

You’ve probably heard that horizontal lines draw the eye across the body. This supposedly gives the viewer the idea that the wearer is bigger than they are.

This myth has people ignoring beautiful styles and looks with horizontal stripes. It can be a classic look in any wardrobe!

It’s called the Helmholtz illusion.

According to a 2011 study, Applying the Helmholtz Illusion to Fashion: Horizontal Stripes Won’t Make You Look Fatter, psychologist Peter Thompson put the debate to rest.

“There is no evidence to support the widely held beliefs that horizontal stripes make the human form appear wider and that vertical stripes have a slimming effect. All the evidence here points in the opposite direction.”

Remember, don’t let a myth like this dictate what you wear or what you design or wear. You’re merely cutting off creativity. And at The Evans Group (TEG), we hate to see creativity and style go to waste!

Black And Navy: Fashion Faux Pas?

Black and navy are extremely versatile colors. However, we often hear never to combine the two. What results, in theory, are two great colors clashing, right?


Instead of listening to these naysayers, it’s time to lean in and embrace these two timeless colors. Take a look in your closet at your pieces. We guarantee that you can create a stunning outfit with navy and black. The results speak for themselves—especially styles with business casual flair.

Busting this myth is incredibly satisfying since it opens so much potential in your closet. Knowing that you can not only wear navy and black together but develop entire outfits around them is excellent!

‘New’ Means ‘Better’

Trying something new is always exciting, especially with clothes for your wardrobe.

However, ‘new’ doesn’t necessarily equal ‘better.’

We’re willing to bet that your closet already has great styles you can capitalize on. Think of developing a capsule wardrobe for yourself, revolving around classic pieces like jeans or summer dresses. Develop your personal style and use those existing clothes to create classic looks and develop what you wear.

Plus, it’s always great to save money from constantly shopping for the newest looks. Maybe you can harness those resources to develop your own outfits.

In short, take advantage of those timeless jeans, dresses, and colors to gain confidence in your personal style.

Use These Fashion Tips To Launch Your Own Clothing Line At The Evans Group

Jennifer Evans meeting with two seamstresses to discus Spring 2022 fashion trendsYou can take these expert style tips and use them to start your own clothing line. At The Evans Group, expert Los Angeles pattern makers, seamstresses, and manufacturers help independent designers achieve great things.

Founded in 2005 by Jennifer Evans, TEG offers expert advice, no minimum order quantity, sustainability, and in-depth creative planning sessions.

Perhaps more importantly, TEG offers its fashion mentorship program, where new designers work alongside fashion mentors to create outfits and start a fashion career.

Whether launching a full-fledged brand or simply trying out stylish pieces, the fashion mentorship program helps rookie fashion designers connect with their creativity.

The crucial aspect of the fashion mentors at TEG is meeting designers where they are in their careers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sketched one piece of clothing in your life or if you’re working on another stylish design project.

The Final Word on Fashion Tips (And Fashion Myths)

These fashion tips are perfect for crafting not only a great clothing line. They are a wellspring of creative knowledge to help you thrive when launching your clothing brand. Want to follow trends? Or do you want to blaze an innovative trail with your stylish clothes? It’s all up to you!

Have any questions? Want to design a dress? Need some guidance? Want to pick the brains of some of the premier Los Angeles clothing manufacturers? You’ll never know if you don’t try!

Fill out the forms below, and we’ll be in contact soon!

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