Find a Clothing Manufacturer Near You: A Guide for Creatives

If you want to find a clothing manufacturer near you with the same vision as you, it can be tricky. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner clothing designer or an established name in the independent fashion scene.

You also need a U.S. clothing manufacturer you can trust. After all, you’re trusting a company to get everything right in apparel manufacturing: design, sourcing, and production. Any slip-ups in these steps can mean disaster for your product. Cutting corners doesn’t help anyone.

But above all, you’re trusting a clothing manufacturer with your brand.

So how do you know which clothing manufacturer is right for you and your fashion brand? Let’s go through some main criteria for choosing a manufacturing company to work with and bring your quality designs to life.

Find a Clothing Manufacturer Near You: Setting the Creative Groundwork

Here are some preliminary criteria for finding and choosing a clothing manufacturer near you. Whether you’re determining the cost of a fashion line to working with an L.A. clothing manufacturer you trust, these fundamentals will serve you well.

Starting Small: Finding a Company & Establishing Price Points

Four clothing manufacturers gathered around a desk discussing fashionFirst and foremost, you need a clothing manufacturer. Unless you plan on getting up close and personal with a needle and thread yourself, a solid garment factory can help get your fashion line off the ground.

These don’t need to be large, imposing companies that don’t pay their workers well, either. This isn’t fast fashion, after all. Often, small, local factories in the fashion industry can easily take a clothing order for you.

With The Evans Group (TEG), there are no minimums to clothing sample orders. Jennifer Evans hires local L.A. clothing factory workers to assist in creating some larger orders, especially if they range from 50 to 500 pieces. As a clothing manufacturer, TEG offers smaller studio-level production and more extensive factory clothing manufacturing in the Los Angeles area.

This is also time to go over price points for your new clothing line. Good clothing manufacturers can help you determine price points once you get started on production. However, you should make some ideal price points for each clothing item beforehand. This is to get a better idea of where you’re selling and what you’re selling certain items for. For example, selling custom, expensive suits to a specialty store is much different from creating couture denim wear for fashion runways.

Build Trust: an L.A. Clothing Manufacturer that Listens

L.A. Clothing manufacturer going over pattern making with seamstressesFor any reasonable relationship to work out, trust is a crucial factor. The same goes for a designer’s relationship with a clothing manufacturer.

Communicating ideas, possible solutions, and designs are essential to forging a partnership and manufacturing unique products.

A communication breakdown hurts both the clothing manufacturer and the designer. It also wastes a lot of time and money.

With TEG, Jennifer Evans stresses an empathetic, supportive approach to Los Angeles fashion design. Designers begin with a TEG consultation, where the clothing designer provides thoughts, ideas, and creative vision.

The entire creative design team at TEG then hashes out essential business details.

  • How much time will it take to create a clothing line?
  • How many samples are realistic?
  • What does a designer ultimately want out of a project?

Most importantly, how does this product serve the overall brand?

Never feel like you can’t ask questions, either. Clothing design and manufacturing is a learning process for everyone involved. The more information shared with everyone, the smoother and more seamless a project goes.

Look for Creative Collaboration

Two clothing manufacturers going over garment designs on a specification sheetCollaborating on creative ideas is one of the most rewarding parts of the fashion industry. You can find clothing manufacturers that entrench themselves in the design and production processes.

TEG has a talented team of L.A. creative designers that help clients take their ideas and products to a higher level. After in-depth creative planning sessions, including fashion mood boards and sketches, production becomes more seamless.

Time Limits: When Do You Need Your Product Ready?

Timelines mean a lot in the fashion industry. It can make or break a brand and business, and with clothing manufacturers and entrepreneurs, it’s much the same.

When shopping around for a clothing manufacturing partner, you need to know how long work on a product could take.

For Jennifer Evans and TEG, the standard turnaround times are 4 to 8 weeks. Of course, if you’re in a hurry, rush orders are available at an extra cost. These orders only take 1 to 4 weeks to finish. But don’t worry, quality isn’t thrown away merely because of an accelerated production schedule.

So, How Do You Find a Clothing Manufacturer Near You?

Overall, it comes down to raw skill, experience, and that extra element of trust. We know how hard you’ve worked on creating your brand. It’s important to always keep your mission statement at the forefront of every project.

That’s why you can’t afford to settle for clothing manufacturers who don’t use the best fabric, materials and can’t produce what you want.

Hopefully, you’ll walk away from the production process with a new partnership, the best quality product possible, and an enhanced clothing brand.

Believe us, it makes a world of difference.

Don’t settle for a garment maker who is only interested in your money. Instead, choose a clothing manufacturer near you that understands your goals, design choices, and vision.

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