Find a Clothing Manufacturer Near You

It’s not easy launching a clothing brand from scratch. You need determination, some sustainable materials, and a helpful network of clothing designers and manufacturers. It’s crucial to pick a clothing manufacturer that you gel with, as it could easily affect the finished quality of your product. Plus, it’s always good to work with someone who believes in your brand.

With that said, choosing a clothing manufacturer can be a daunting process as your brand largely depends on it. Let’s see what you need to know when finding a clothing manufacturer.

Can A Clothing Manufacturer Create Your Clothing Line?

Three wedding dresses hanging on racks at a clothing manufacturerIt seems obvious, but the first step is ensuring that a clothing manufacturer can even make your bespoke clothing line in the first place. If you’re looking to craft a new sportswear line, not every clothing manufacturer in your area will be able to deliver. For example, if you need specific materials for a line, some clothing manufacturers may not be familiar with creating clothing with said material.

TEG is used to working with many different ethically and sustainably sourced materials. This expertise helps TEG master the manufacturing of everything from swimwear to leather goods and bridal wear, making it one of the top clothing manufacturers in the US.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity?

Team of clothing manufacturers working at sewing machinesThis is crucial for independent designers who want to simply dip their toes in the water of fashion design for the first time. Jumping into the deep end by scaling up your clothing lines without materials is a ticket to disaster. That’s why fashion designers looking for low MOQ clothing manufacturers need to learn what their minimum policy is.

Minimums, or minimum order quantity (MOQ), are simply the minimum amount of clothing that a garment manufacturer accepts for orders. Each clothing manufacturer is different, and so are their MOQs. For example, some clothing manufacturers need a baseline of 50 pieces to consider taking on independent designers. Others need even more.

As you can imagine, this runs up quite a tab for any fashion designer. Lower MOQs offer independent designers a more reasonable price for launching a clothing line.

Clothing Production and No Minimums

According to Lei Takanashi’s piece in Complex on how to start a fashion brand:

“As clothing production has moved overseas to countries like China and India, young designers struggle to find local manufacturers that can make finished garments for an affordable price. Because of that, even small New York-based brands look to produce overseas to cut costs. But despite how expensive it is, many burgeoning designers seek to build their lines in New York to be closer to their work and to reap the benefits of domestic production.”

With The Evans Group, there are no minimums with in-house studio-level production. This commitment to low MOQs gives independent fashion designers breathing room to experiment. It also helps those who need that extra attention to detail on their dream clothing line.

While TEG can outsource labor, we choose to use the immense talents of Los Angelinos. This includes Los Angeles pattern makers, seamstresses, and other textile workers dotted throughout Downtown L.A.

And, for those independent fashion designers looking to scale up in a big way. The Factory Level production option is open for 50 to 500 clothing samples. This is all to serve the independent fashion designer looking for a clothing manufacturer that offers flexibility and local expertise. Jennifer Evans actively hires Los Angeles textile workers for larger clothing orders.

Are They Reputable in the Fashion Industry?

When you set out to find a clothing manufacturer that can realistically create a clothing line, along with a reasonable MOQ, it’s time to ask, ‘are they reputable?’

Make sure to research your potential clothing manufacturer for past clients. Are those clients reputable? If you want to do your due diligence, get in contact with brands that the clothing manufacturer worked with. With that in mind, you can easily find a clothing manufacturer near you that boasts quality as well as dependency.

First, were they satisfied with the samples made? Second, did the clothing manufacturer help them plan out and execute complex and successful ideas? Someone’s experiences with a clothing manufacturer can play a crucial role in starting your own clothing line.

TEG has extensive experience with nearly 2,000 clients, ranging from fashion industry powerhouse Guess to trailblazing independent fashion innovators like Greg Lauren and the women-led fashion brand Hiraeth.

Can A Clothing Manufacturer Near You Help Plan Your Fashion Brand?

Two fashion designers smiling with one another after finding a clothing manufacturer in Los AngelesPlanning is everything. That’s why when you’re shopping around for a clothing manufacturer near you, you must choose someone who helps you, especially during those crucial first steps of fashion design.

With TEG, team members join independent fashion designers in the trenches, perfecting the latest version of a clothing line tech pack. Moreover, throwing around ideas in a brainstorming session.

Before even moving into the production phase, the TEG design team ensures that an independent designer has worked out every angle of their new clothing line. Be it a detailed fashion mood board, envisioning goals, or choosing color palettes.

Final Thoughts on Finding a Clothing Manufacturer Near You

Discovering the right clothing manufacturer that aligns with your vision is a significant milestone in the journey toward launching your fashion brand.

Once you’ve found a manufacturer that not only produces your designs but also resonates with your objectives, you’re poised to create remarkable pieces that embody your brand’s essence.

Ready to take the next step in bringing your fashion vision to life? Contact us today to find the perfect clothing manufacturer for your brand.

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