How to Design a Workable Fashion Sketch

Whether you’re using fashion mood boards or in-depth brainstorming sessions, there’s a crucial piece of fashion know-how that you need in your arsenal: a workable fashion sketch. If you’re determined to start your own clothing line, a fashion sketch is the first monumental step in achieving your dream.

A comprehensive fashion illustration communicates so much about your brand, clothing, and creative vision.

But where do you start in terms of crafting the ideal fashion sketch to create the ultimate bespoke fashion design?

What is a Fashion Sketch?

Two fashion designers consulting a fashion sketch for a clothing lineA fashion sketch is a drawing that shows what clothing you intend to create. These could be anything, from complex dresses to swimwear. When you draw fashion items, you unleash your creativity and help bolster ideas that you may have difficulty conveying in words.

For the TEG team, the fashion illustration is the basis from which all the future designs stem. While discussions and mood boards play a huge role in the process, seeing the image on paper allows for our Los Angeles pattern makers and clothing designers to execute creative ideas.

Fashion illustrations contain more detailed aspects than your run-of-the-mill drawing.

Why Should You Create a Fashion Sketch?

Closeup of a model wearing a patterned coat from a fashion sketchYou need to communicate ideas for your clothing line to fashion designers and clothing manufacturers. Using a fashion sketch effectively shows professionals like pattern makers, seamstresses, and cutters what a fashion line will look like.

By drawing a fashion illustration, a garment manufacturer can start production. It’s that simple.

Just make sure you have a good idea of what to draw. Let’s see the first crucial steps of starting your very own fashion sketch.

Fashion Sketches For Beginners

You know about the benefits of using fashion sketches to assist in developing apparel, but where (and how) do you begin? Let’s look at how to design clothing for beginners with a fashion sketch.

Get Your Drawing Materials Together

Before putting pencil to paper, you need to ensure you have all your materials in place. Ideally, you’ll want to have a reliable pencil, measuring tools, paper, and of course, an eraser.

Draw a Croquis

This is essentially your fashion template going forward. It’s a sketch of a figure to outfit your fashion design ideas on. Naturally, croquis translates to ‘sketch’ from French. Who are you designing your clothing line for? A woman? A man? Keep this in mind when planning your fashion illustration.

Use the Nine Heads Template

When sketching your fashion design, using the ‘nine heads’ template is crucial for success. Nine heads refer to the proportions of the illustrated model: the croquis is nine heads tall, from the top of the head to the feet. It’s the ideal starting point for drawing multiple poses and angles.

When you start drawing your fashion figure with the nine head template, you’ll start with a straight, vertical line on your drawing paper.

Then, draw a line that serves as the model’s pelvis. Start to fill out your drawing with arms, legs, and feet. After completing the basic drawing, it’s time to outfit your fashion illustration with your future couture. Let your creativity flow; be sure to create your illustration with multiple angles, poses, and actions to add detail to your design.

At this point, you need to put a particular emphasis on the proposed sustainable materials, how they move and interact with the model, and add color to the illustration. This is where you let your personal flair for style shine, too.

How The Evans Group Helps Fashion Designers With Drawings

Employees at The Evans Group posing in front of the TEG neon signAt The Evans Group (TEG), creative designers partake in sketching everything from figures, colors, and patterns to use in the garment manufacturing process.

With emerging designers, the TEG team needs to learn what vision you have for your fashion brand. As such, the design and sourcing process has ample opportunities to discuss and show off your content to creative professionals. Working on your fashion art, evolving from a simple straight line to a complex yet efficient fashion sketch, serves as the building block to your fashion design.

This is perfect for sharing any fashion sketches and illustrations you’ve completed. After completing a fashion drawing, the production team, consisting of talented Los Angeles clothing manufacturers, gets to work fleshing out details and creating garments.

Either way, the fashion sketch is the fashion designer’s most basic and arguably the most crucial piece of developing different pieces of clothing.

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