How To Find Clothing Manufacturers: Your Professional Guide

The clothing manufacturing process is one of the most exciting steps in a fashion designer’s career. All of the hard work, creative planning, and sourced fabric come together for an unforgettable product. But how do you find clothing manufacturers that share your visions, creative inclinations, and help you thrive? So, how do you find clothing manufacturers? Well, it’s a little more nuanced than finding someone who will take your order.

Let’s see how to find clothing manufacturers that help you grow your fashion collection and allow you to grow as a designer.

Clothing Manufacturers Help Emerging Designers

Fashion designer learning how to find clothing manufacturers near her in an officeWhen first starting a clothing line, independent emerging designers need all the help they can get to break into the fashion industry.

Whether it’s massive MOQs or outsourcing the manufacturing process, some clothing manufacturers can merely provide a service rather than a leg up into the industry.

Let’s see what you need to find the perfect clothing manufacturer for you (and your clothing designs).

Clothing Manufacturers & Minimum Order Quantities

We’ve often sung the praises of small batch clothing production in Los Angeles, but we think it’s always well worth emphasizing.

Small batch clothing manufacturing is based on smaller minimum order quantities (MOQs). Small minimum order quantities allow new clothing designers to firmly plant themselves directly in the clothing manufacturing process.

When a clothing manufacturer has a low MOQ for all orders, it allows emerging fashion designers a fighting chance. Both for submitting a clothing order, they can build their portfolio upon and save money.

For example, you want to order around 20 pieces for your fashion collection. The only issue is that nearby clothing manufacturers only accept over 300 pieces per fashion collection order. See where the problem lies?

With small batch clothing production, fashion designers short on resources can gain a foothold, perform market research on their products, and improve their initial designs. Instead of shelling out money for 500 pieces, designers can hone their designs with one to ten, instead.

And, of course, the emphasis on small batch production. With certain clothing manufacturers, it’s easier on the designer’s wallet when it comes down to calculating the clothing line’s cost.

Small Batch Clothing Production in Los Angeles With The Evans Group

At The Evans Group (TEG), we understand that there’s never been a better time to finally launch your fashion collection.

With that in mind, their flexible small batch clothing production in Los Angeles with TEG is not only there are also no minimums. Yes, that means that you can order as many (or as few) pieces you desire for your clothing line.

Find The Right Professionals

When setting out on your journey for the perfect fashion product, a low minimum order quantity is only a tiny piece of the puzzle.

The backbone of good clothing production is the team of talented professionals helping a clothing line spring to life.

Clothing pattern makers, for example, are an invaluable resource.

These professionals, coupled with years of experience and a good fashion tech pack, go about taking your fashion sketches and specifications and turning them into tangible products for your clothing brand.

A pattern maker specializes in taking initial designs, using AutoCAD software and drawings to create various patterns, drafting, and allowing designs to take shape.

And as you’ll see, choosing a suitable pattern maker is essential for your brand, especially if you choose a domestic manufacturer.

Choosing Domestic Clothing Manufacturers

Los Angeles clothing manufacturer examining beige fabric in studio

When starting a clothing line, you’ll face a massive decision that could set the tempo for your clothing brand.

Do you choose overseas production or U.S. apparel manufacturing?

Choosing overseas is often less expensive. You outsource labor to a factory and mass produce your clothing line. However, there are some glaring issues.

For one, you don’t get the chance to edit, revise, and improve upon your designs. Well, unless you’re able and willing to catch an international flight at a moment’s notice!

Once you submit your order and its specifications, it’s in the manufacturer’s hands now. That includes potential errors. In short, with overseas production, you’re putting a lot of faith in underpaid and overworked laborers.

And, with current events surrounding supply chain issues, there’s never been a better time to invest in domestic clothing manufacturers. Especially in a locale like Los Angeles. Domestic bespoke clothing manufacturers can give you regular updates on your brand’s new collection, whether you’re on the West Coast or East Coast.

Domestic Manufacturing With The Evans Group

Speaking of shifting to domestic apparel production, The Evans Group aims to take the pressure off of the Global South by promoting ethical and sustainable clothing practices. Say goodbye to fast fashion and unethical business practices.

We’re here to craft beautiful brands, all with rigorous quality control, communication, and no minimums that make us one of the premier Los Angeles clothing manufacturers.

And garment manufacturing tips are what we specialize in, too. Whether it’s perfecting designs or sourcing raw materials, we’ve got you covered. The fashion design process, riddled with jargon, manufacturing steps, and more, can be a bit staggering for established and emerging designers alike.

TEG works with designers worldwide, and we give designers the option to submit rush orders. So, if you’re eager to get your hands on your clothing order, it’s possible to receive it within one to four weeks. Otherwise (depending on how many items are in your collection), usually turnaround times can be around four to eight weeks.

While both sides have their respective pros and cons, it’s really no contest when you consider how much quality control you have over your clothing order when you search for clothing manufacturers near you.

Final Thoughts On How To Find Clothing Manufacturers

Closeup of a fashion designer examining brown fabric

At TEG, we believe in forging strong business relationships with our clients, and we take all of the above seriously when helping craft garments.

We aim to bring designs to life through creative planning sessions (complete with fashion mood boards and brainstorming sessions), quality control, and a team of experienced professionals.

And when searching for clothing manufacturers to help you reach your goals, these are the essentials to look for. Once you find that match, the rest should be seamless. Once you launch your brand, maybe you’ll branch out your clothing business with more pieces and styles.

Whatever you choose to do, ensure you select a garment manufacturer that gels with you, your values, and your ideas. Once you find the perfect fit, it’s a whole lot easier from there.

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