How To Start A Career In Fashion: Creative Tips

We all want to make waves in the fashion industry one way or another. Whether launching a few clothing samples or sketching some avant-garde fashion, it’s essential to know how to start a career in fashion. While every creative journey isn’t identical, there are a few key ways how rookie independent designers can make a splash in the fashion world.

How To Start A Career In Fashion

Los Angeles pattern maker Gery using CADYou have the drive. You have the creative gene. You’re ready to go. Or are you? Rushing headlong into a career in fashion may seem exciting, but like anything else, it requires planning, hard work, and drive. And some capital, too, later on. After all, The Evans Group didn’t become one of Los Angeles’s premier clothing manufacturers by the luck of the draw. Let’s examine some of the steps involved.

Find A Fashion Mentor Near You

Why go it alone? The fashion industry can seem unwelcoming to many, so why not consult other designers and industry insiders? The journey into the heart of fashion design can be a bit much for some. As such, some must seek out a fashion mentor. Now’s not the time to be afraid of asking questions! Fashion mentors are fashion experts. They could be Los Angeles pattern makers, San Francisco dressmakers, or a former fashion industry textile expert. Whoever you choose, listen to them! Fashion mentors are invaluable resources, regardless of your progress in the fashion industry. Are you entering design school? A fashion mentor can guide you over obstacles and help you think about fashion differently.

Linking Up With Experts With The TEG Mentorship Program

At The Evans Group (TEG), founder and CEO Jennifer Evans launched the fashion mentorship program. Working with some of TEG’s fashion experts, many of who have experienced rich and varied fashion careers, are directly at your disposal. Understandably, new fashion designers have many questions regarding their latest collections. Regardless of the progress in the design process, fashion mentors at The Evans Group aim to guide you, step-by-step, through creating a fashion collection. Made especially for people with zero fashion background, it familiarizes and initiates indie designers into the wonderful world of fashion. In short, finding a good fashion mentorship program can make a massive difference in your creative pursuits.

Are You Online?

The Internet age brought everything out in the open. People were able to search for and pursue their interests easily. Fashion lovers from all over can congregate on Instagram pages and Facebook groups to talk about fashion. As you can imagine, using your social media is a powerful tool. Each platform can serve a fashion designer looking for work and experience. Link up with some fashion companies on a platform like LinkedIn, or talk about the latest trends on Instagram explore page. Social media opens up new opportunities, especially when anticipating new fashion trends. Starting a career in fashion requires you to develop a great fashion sense. But not just what looks good. Mostly which products are out of style, on the horizon, or coming back in a big way. Think of it as a fashion sixth sense. Connecting and engaging in fashion opportunities, networks, and groups is a solid way to build a foundation in the fashion industry going forward.

Develop Skills

a few fashion sketches used in starting a fashion careerThis tip may seem general, but that’s somewhat the nature of the fashion industry itself. Developing various skills, whether cutting fabric, sewing, fashion sketching, or using AutoCAD software, creating a gallery of skills will help advertise yourself. Likewise, start a blog, vlog, website, or other outlets to put your creative voice out into the universe. Don’t be shy; there are probably more people you know who are curious about your fashion! With each skill, more opportunities are likely to appear for eager designers. In short, you need to be versatile, flexible, and ready for change at the drop of a hat. After all, clothing manufacturing in Los Angeles can be unpredictable at times!

Build A Portfolio

A comprehensive portfolio is an essential step in making inroads. Did you create a stunning fashion project for school? These serve as the fuel for a stunning portfolio. A solid way to build up your resume and portfolio is by landing an internship at a fashion production house. Here you’ll receive first-hand experience in the fast-paced world of apparel.

Keep Your Ear To The Ground: What’s Trending?

Having a career in design means you must keep up to date with styles, outfits, the best fabric, and more. The best way to keep abreast of the times? Use your online presence to see what’s happening in the industry. Do your research by examining multiple fashion houses, designers, garment manufacturers, and other stylish resources.

Learn Some Lingo

While not a rigid prerequisite, learning the industry’s lingo can help immensely. It could be something as simple as ‘capsule wardrobes‘ or ‘small batch manufacturers in Los Angeles.’ Learning terminology and jargon will better familiarize fashion designers with the moving parts of apparel manufacturing.

How To Start A Fashion Career: Final Thoughts

front view of the evans group front deskStarting your career in fashion and entering the fashion industry isn’t as simple as deciding you’re a designer. However, it’s impossible to use multiple resources and not become more knowledgeable. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see your hard work pay off at New York Fashion Week? Keep working hard, and we’ll find out sooner than you think! Have any questions regarding designing clothes with The Evans Group? Want to begin your own journey with a fashion mentor? Fill out the forms below and get in contact with us!

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