Fashion Consulting VS. Fashion Mentorship: Learn The Difference

Jumping into the fashion industry may cause some apprehension, but we’re here to tell you not to balk at this exciting opportunity. Especially with fashion consulting and fashion mentorships available. What’s the difference between fashion consulting vs. fashion mentorships?

Fashion consulting and fashion mentoring are two sides of the same coin. Let’s explore how similar yet different these two concepts are. And how they help emerging fashion designers and business owners in the industry.

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What Is Fashion Consulting?

TEG fashion mentor helping woman develop a clothing lineFashion consulting is a style expert that can offer expert advice to new and established independent designers. Common reasons to employ the expertise of a fashion consultant could be:

  • Help with nailing a personal style.
  • You need fashion branding help with a clothing line.
  • Finding the perfect market and audience.
  • How to design a specific type of clothing.
  • Help you advertise to people via social media.
  • Finding the perfect amount of pieces for a fashion collection

A consultant, fashion or otherwise, is an expert in their respective field that offers advice to people on a given topic. It could be a financial guru giving entrepreneurs tips to thrive.

Or it could be a fashion design veteran with over 20 years of experience.

These accomplished fashion business experts help new designers, regardless of their relative skill level, with a few crucial tips to get the creative ball rolling.

In short, a fashion consultant could be a professional Los Angeles clothing manufacturer that can help you overcome creative struggles.

Fashion consultants are great at focusing on a specific problem you may have and helping you work through it masterfully.

But if a fashion consultant helps fashion designers, what’s a fashion mentor?

Fashion Consultant Pros and Cons

As with everything, there are upsides and downsides to choosing a fashion consultant.

Fashion Consultant Pros

  • Fashion consultants can help you catch things you may have missed with an objective, neutral view.
  • They can help solve a problem holding your company back.
  • An expert can bring their career experience to the table to give you an inside look at how the fashion industry operates.

Fashion Consultant Cons

  • Consultants may be well-versed in a specific issue your brand has but may not be able to serve you in other ways.
  • You should hire a professional only when your company needs it. A consultant can be expensive, especially for a small company, brand, or designer.

What Is A Fashion Mentor?

A fashion mentor takes the bones of what a fashion consultant does and kicks it up a notch.

Where fashion consultants will come in to help with a specific issue, fashion mentors guide rookie designers every step of the way. It could be learning and making crucial brand or business decisions. Or maybe a designer has zero experience in fashion.

It could be someone who decided to finally try their hand at designing and selling their clothing line.

Either way, a fashion mentor can work with this individual, from developing fashion sketches to the garment manufacturing process.

For example, some reasons a new clothing designer would want to meet with a fashion mentor are:

  • They have zero experience and need to start a career in fashion design.
  • If a designer feels stuck in the clothing manufacturing process.
  • How to save on costs of a proposed clothing line.
  • Expose a designer to a network or team of fashion experts.

Fashion Mentor Pros And Cons

As with fashion consultants, mentors aren’t for everyone. What are the benefits and drawbacks of fashion mentoring?

Fashion Mentor Pros

  • Someone that helps a new indie clothing designer every step of the way.
  • Mentors create viable strategies to help designers create on-brand clothing.
  • Adding a professional to your network and gaining an ally in the fashion industry.

Fashion Mentor Cons

  • You may end up with a mentor that may not gel with you or your brand. However, through careful analysis, this can easily be avoided.

Now that you know the sometimes subtle differences, where do you go to meet with a consultant or fashion mentor?

Get A Mentor With The Evans Group

New fashion designer getting fashion mentor help from Jennifer EvansThe Evans Group (TEG) is a huge advocate for new designers who need some help launching their clothing line.

CEO Jennifer Evans created the TEG fashion mentorship program to do just that.

The program, split into two distinct packages, aims to help those desiring to enter the fashion industry with no prior experience. While it can be a steep climb for many, TEG ensures the process is as smooth as possible.

By matching designers with a mentor who understands the intricacies of the work that needs doing, people will quickly grasp what it takes to create clothing.

Why Choose A Fashion Mentor From The Evans Group?

While TEG has a well-established Los Angeles fashion consulting program, founder Jennifer Evans thought a more in-depth program was essential to helping new designers get their start in the industry.

It’s more important than ever to help small businesses and brands thrive, including solo efforts from new designers. As such, the mentors at TEG know what they’re doing.

With TEG, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect ‘fit’ between you and an accomplished fashion professional ready to help your brand grow.

With packages focusing on various design process steps, TEG finely tuned the program to help emerging designers.

For example, the Deep Dive focuses on a slew of issues, questions, and topics with which new designers may struggle.

Either way, the TEG fashion mentors are here to help!

Consultant vs. Mentor: Which One Should You Choose?

Depending on your journey in the fashion industry, these two services and groups of professionals are better suited than others.

If you’re a designer that, no matter how hard you’ve worked on cornering the market, can’t seem to get a company on the map, a consultant may be perfect.

On the other hand, a fashion mentor in Los Angeles

Fashion Consulting vs. Fashion Mentorship: Final Thoughts

group of clothing designers around a desk talking with a fashion mentor in Los AngelesSo, what’s your take on fashion consulting vs. fashion mentorship?

Are you looking to start a clothing line but don’t even know where to begin? Or are you an established indie designer that needs an expert to give some much-needed brand advice?

Either way, fashion consulting and fashion mentorships can make a massive difference in how customers view your business and how you see it. For more information and which would work for you and your brand, fill out the forms below to get in touch with TEG!

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