How To Start A Successful Clothing Line

It’s a big deal when emerging fashion designers finally launch their hard-earned fashion collections. Hours of work, manpower, creative labor, and a passion for fashion all made it possible. These clothing brands studied how to start a successful clothing line and used it to their advantage.

If you’re in the infant stages of starting your own clothing line from home or are still struggling with some ideas for the new year, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some surefire ways to get the most out of your collection and help it gain traction in the fashion industry.

But, what sets success apart from falling just short of the mark? What do successful clothing lines share in common?

How to Start a Successful Clothing Line: A Signature Look

Three women displaying three different shoes

Whether it’s a line of designer t-shirts or the latest winter trends, successful clothing lines have a signature look that sets them apart from other apparel brands.

A great way to set your business apart from others is by telling a unique story with your product. Did you receive inspiration to create your clothes from a moment in your life? Someone who affected you positively? Or simply a passion for garments like puffer jackets and incognito wear?

Regardless, it needs to have a signature look. That unique story or inspiration helps give it credibility and helps the customer relate. Everyone loves a good story.

What does your signature look bring to your clothing line? More importantly, what does it offer the customer?

Knowing Your Audience (And Your Target Market)

In our research on the top 5 Tips Every Fashion Designer Needs To Succeed, we discovered that the first aspect of designing and launching your own clothing line is knowing your audience and target market.

Knowing your target market extends well past knowing their age ranges and gender demographics.

Knowing your audience means knowing what your customers value. For example, do your female customers actively seek the best independent clothing brands that use sustainable materials like organic cotton and leather substitutes? Maybe your audience places a heavy emphasis on the ethical treatment of clothing textile workers.

Make sure to do some in-depth online research, market analysis and gather essential details for your next marketing strategy.

Either way, understanding an audience inside and out is exactly how different companies achieve success.

Working With A Clothing Manufacturer

Various spools of thread at a clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles

As with knowing your audience, working with a clothing manufacturer is key to a successful clothing line.

However, it’s more than just choosing the first clothing manufacturer you stumble upon; it’s about finding someone you can trust with your creation.

Clothing manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes. For example, some are small batch clothing manufacturers, allowing for low MOQ orders. Others require a massive order of clothing samples to begin production.

With The Evans Group (TEG), there are no minimums at all. As a proud small batch clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, TEG offers both emerging and established independent clothing designers the chance to dip their toes into clothing production.

Do you only want to create ten pieces of clothing? Consider it done? Do you want over 100 pieces for a grand clothing collection? That’s doable, too, thanks to local textile workers and garment factories in Los Angeles.

In short, finding a clothing manufacturer near you with a similar design philosophy, set of values, and low MOQ policies guarantees success.

Extensive Creative Planning: Start Thinking Outside Of The Box

Launching a clothing business is hard work, but harnessing creativity goes a long way towards building your company. And satisfying your customers.

When you have that eureka moment, you need design services to help you flesh out your potential. With TEG, the creative services team dedicates hours towards helping fashion designers nail the look and feel of a clothing design.

These design experts meet with fashion entrepreneurs, give advice, and help them build upon design concepts and good product ideas.

For example, the TEG team helps clients start the design journey by employing brainstorming sessions and fashion mood boards or style boards.

To sum it up, fashion mood boards (also known as style boards) are essentially an in-depth fashion collage used to spur on stunning and ambitious ideas.

These tools are perfect for taking a seed of an idea into a full-grown product design for your clothing business.

Quality Over Quantity

Three different fabrics next to each otherAfter understanding your market, planning your different designs, and producing them, it’s time to launch your clothes for the public.

However, how many choices did you give them? Did you manufacture tons of clothes with little to no variety? If so, you’re in trouble. As a new designer, we understand that you want to make a splash.

However, the adage ‘quality over quantity’ absolutely applies here.

The key to growing your business is curation. Keeping your clothing line small is okay. This is also something a good clothing manufacturer can help with. Although you might have your sights set on large, colorful clothing lines, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it small, especially when it’s your first order.

We know it hurts, but try to cut back on repetitive or unnecessary designs. Don’t be afraid to be critical, either. If you feel a product doesn’t nail all of your criteria for good business, it might be better to save it for your following clothing line.

In short, don’t be afraid to be conservative with your designs. And yes, that may mean you need to ‘kill your darlings,’ as creatives often say. In essence, you may have to eliminate your most cherished designs if they don’t make the grade.

We know, it can be painful. But that just means that with some detailed revisions and planning, maybe that lackluster piece is the key to the success of your new clothing line.

How To Start A Successful Clothing Line: Making Your Mark

If you want to succeed in the fashion industry, make sure you have these concepts etched into your mind.

Whether it’s knowing your target audience, creating a signature look, or working with a professional team to manufacture your dream clothing line, finding success in the fashion industry is possible. And, with these tips, it’s more than possible; it’s probable.

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