Launch Your Story Before Your Launch

Every brand has a story. And while it may surprise you, that story is your secret weapon. Nothing makes people connect with a brand better than an interesting brand story. And sharing yours before launching your collection goes a long way in creating that coveted buzz with your target audience.

In order to do an awesome pre-launch you need an effective and well-considered strategy. We’re going to explain to you how to do just that, step-by-step!

Step One: Use Your Website Landing Page to Your Advantage

A great website and a landing page that is optimized for leads and conversions are critical to any business but even more so during the build-up to your launch. Whether your website has design and copy all perfectly prepared or you’ve gone live with just ‘coming soon’ on your home page, you can use your landing page to your advantage.

The secret to success here is to provide the information your audience needs, as well as added value. If you’re asking for contact information and email addresses make sure that you’re offering them something worthwhile in exchange. Show them what they will get out of signing up such as first access or maybe an exclusive deal.

Step Two: Run A Pre-Launch Contest to Generate Buzz and Capture Leads

This may or may not be a good marketing strategy for you depending on the “voice” of your brand. If you are a high-end couture brand this probably is not a good approach. But if your brand is more “lifestyle” (think yoga wear or children’s clothing) it can be a great way to capture leads, build your email list, and generate pre-launch buzz.

Prizes can be products, coupons for discounts, branded swag, or anything else you can imagine. You can also use this strategy to re-target the guests that didn’t win anything in your contest by offering them a personalized deal or coupon code down the line.

Step Three: Use Social Media to Build the Hype

Your social media pre-launch is everything. Use it to build anticipation and get your audience hyped up about your brand. If you have built relationships with influencers and brand ambassadors, include them in your social media pre-launch strategy.

The more active, engaging, and quirky your social media is, the better. This is the place to connect on a more personal level with your customers. So have some fun with it; try video teasers, product development updates, contests, or creating a unique hashtag for people to share (#whysoserious?)

Step Four: Work with the Right Influencers

Adding influencers to your pre-launch marketing is a great way to increase awareness and generate some hype and anticipation. Influencers are, well, influential and their endorsement of a new product goes a long way. In fact, 71% of consumers’ purchases are informed by social media.

People trust people, much more than they trust marketing. Which is why an influencer can speak to your audience in a way that you, as a brand, can’t.

The key is to find the right influencers to work with. This is so important we devoted an entire blog post to this very subject. There are many ways to find and vet influencers before you reach out to them. Ask yourself the following: Are they active in your space? Do they have a significant audience that includes your ideal customers?

Step Five: Create a Press Kit for PR

This is something you can do yourself and it can really pay off. Whether they’re journalists, content writers, bloggers, podcast hosts, or social media influencers, a press kit makes it easy for them to share your story with their readers and followers. And they’ll thank you for it as well as professional writers are always on the hunt for relevant content.

Your Press Kit should include:

  • Your Story – who you are, what you’re all about and the history of your business or brand.
  • Product Details – Note what sets your collection apart and your inspiration in creating it.
  • Branding and Logos – provide high-quality logos and branded material that can be used along with any content they create.
  • Product Images – a selection of high-quality images of your product that they can use.
  • Your contact information, website address, and how to find you on the socials

So you might be wondering when is the best time to do your “pre-launch?” To be honest, there’s no better time than now. If done properly a good pre-launch marketing strategy will leave you with the following assets:

  • An established website, geared for selling, with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in place
  • A social media presence. This can provide you with an audience that’s already happily engaged and primed to buy from you. Doesn’t get better than that!
  • Beneficial relationships with ambassadors and influencers
  • Press coverage and the authority that comes with it
  • Frequently asked questions – positive and negative – will be asked and you’ll know how to answer them
  • Your target audience, and how and where to reach them
  • Momentum from the hype, anticipation, and positive buzz in your audience

A pre-launch marketing campaign will open a line of communication between your brand and your customer. Then you can use that line of communication to gather some feedback on your collection. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to know upfront how your clothing and your brand will be received once you do your formal launch?

The business-building part of a brand can seem a bit complicated. Especially if you’ve spent all your time immersed in the creative side of your business. But remember, you’re not in this alone. Our whole reason for being is to help emerging designers build their brands. From our Mentoring Programs to in-house Creative Strategy Services, we’re here for you every step of the way. Give us a call at 800-916-0910 or reach out to us on the web at We’ll talk.

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