What Is A Luxury Clothing Brand? And How To Start Your Own

The fashion industry is making a comeback in a big way, especially with luxury clothing.

Whether you’re following the latest spring fashion trends or looking to brush up on your fashion know-how, luxury clothing provides a great example of fashion done right. But why?

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer, throwing ideas around, or putting the finishing touches on your new fashion line. Luxury clothing captivates us and shows us what’s fashionable.

Let’s explore luxury clothing and how it’s different from other aspects of fashion. And why it’s perfect for designers looking to craft bespoke fashion.

What Is Luxury Clothing?

designer modeling black and white houndstooth luxury clothingLuxury clothing is a lot of things. It’s stylish, well-made, desirable, and generally aesthetically pleasing. Plus, there’s usually a brand backing it up.

Luxury clothing is the antithesis of fast fashion; it’s long-lasting, made with sturdy, resilient materials, and aims to please an audience aesthetically.

While the definition isn’t precise and is subject to change, it’s undoubtedly something you know. Sure, brands like Gucci and Prada come to mind when thinking of iconic couture brands, but what makes clothing ‘luxury’?

Why Are Luxury Clothing Brands So Expensive?

Some initial thoughts about luxury clothing brands are their perceived price tags, which can be relatively high.

But why are luxury clothing brands seemingly so expensive? Well, for one, it’s the quality.

The Quality Of Clothing

Luxury brands craft their clothing lines from better, more robust materials than those found in massive landfills by season’s end. Couture is all about making custom designs, prints, and garments. When a garment manufacturer succeeds in creating a clothing line, the wearer isn’t meant to throw it away at the end of summer.

As such, fashion designers and garment manufacturers focus on more sustainable textiles to achieve their ends.

Some fantastic sustainable materials could include organic cotton, hemp, and Tencel. To sum it up, there’s no room for fast fashion practices in this process!

No Mass Production

masked clothing manufacturing ironing luxury clothingIn short, luxury clothing brands and clothing manufacturers don’t utilize mass production when creating products. For example, you might have a domestic clothing manufacturer with no minimums crafting some of the most unique garments you’ve seen in years. While creating garments quickly, mass production in fashion leaves much to be desired in the quality department.

A clothing manufacturer can have multiple quality assurance checks throughout the clothing manufacturing process. But with mass-production overseas, the fashion designer is essentially out of the picture once the order goes into production.


Sometimes, certain brands have a scarcity, or exclusivity drives passion towards picking up the product.

Take Supreme, for example.

The brand creates fewer products than customers want, creating scarcity. People want that exclusive item that isn’t available to anyone else.

The same is possible for an independent designer and their clothing line. You don’t need to be Supreme to turn heads; sometimes, exclusivity does a lot of heavy lifting for you. That and excellent fashion design, too, of course.

Start A Luxury Clothing Brand

Here are the simple steps to start a luxury clothing brand of your own.

Step 1: Find Your Market And Stick To It

Identifying whom you’re designing for sets the stage for your creativity. Are you creating a clothing line for the avant-garde fashion crowd? Or are you focused on Gen Z and their fascination with Y2K? Regardless of your choice, you need to commit to a market.

Once you do, proceed to research it. Find out what makes this audience tick. Once you find aspects that stick out to you, home in on them and implement them into your business model.

Step 2: Work With A Clothing Manufacturer

Los Angeles clothing manufacturer helping a designer create luxury clothingMaking your ideas come together is a significant step in developing a luxury clothing brand. As such, you need to work with a clothing manufacturer that has a few criteria:

Good Communication

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving mixed signals over a passion project. Working alongside people who don’t value good communication during the creative and production process is something you can’t afford. At The Evans Group (TEG), indie fashion designers can depend on talented team leaders, design experts, and fashion industry veterans to help your made-to-measure ideas come to life. Without all the confusion.

A Helping Hand

Sometimes when you’re struggling to develop a great idea, you need a little assistance. Clothing manufacturers at The Evans Group foster an environment of creative freedom, employing various innovative methods to help accelerate and enrich the design and production process. For example, design experts will help fashion designers create fashion mood boards to communicate creative ideas. The staff at TEG can help take the bare bones of an idea and help you flesh it out to its most tremendous design potential.

Talented Staff

What’s a quality small batch clothing manufacturer without a qualified team of dedicated experts? When you’re looking for a luxury clothing manufacturer near you, talent and expertise should be at the forefront of your mind. At The Evans Group, some of the most talented pattern makers and textile workers are at your disposal. Years of practice, experience, and proven results allow TEG’s professionals a bit of room to brag.

Shares Your Values

What do we mean? Suppose you’re an indie fashion designer dedicated to using sustainable materials in your clothing line. It’s a great idea to find a clothing manufacturer that understands the ethos. Since 2005, Jennifer Evans and The Evans Group have become a beacon for sustainable fashion designers everywhere.


The MOQ, or minimum order quantity, can lay the foundation for your clothing line. If a clothing manufacturer has an MOQ of 300, it may be trickier to start an ambitious clothing line, especially without guidance. Do you gamble your capital on a large order volume? With a low MOQ clothing manufacturer, designers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief. Likewise, there are sometimes no minimums whatsoever. At The Evans Group, minimums only hamper the designer’s creative efforts. Why snuff out a dream before it ever has the chance to grow? At The Evans Group, no minimums mean maximum creativity.

Step 3: Master The Process

Granted, the jump from Step 2 to Step 3 can be a big one, but it’s undoubtedly attainable. ‘Mastering’ the process involves learning, understanding, and anticipating changes in the fashion industry. As such, you’ll be better equipped to design fashion-forward clothing and, more importantly, serve your target market.

Just keep improving, practicing, and creating. We promise it’ll pay off.

Final Thoughts On Luxury Clothing

As is now evident, starting a luxury clothing brand isn’t as impossible as initially thought. With the right tools, guidance, communication, and talented staff, you can take ambitious ideas and turn them into unique clothing.

With luxury clothing manufacturers, it’s never been easier for emerging fashion designers to create a brand of their own.

Need more info on clothing manufacturers? Want to start a clothing line of your own? Get in contact with us to get your creative journey started!

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