Why ‘Made in Los Angeles Clothing’ is More Than Just a Label

Being able to stitch a “made in L.A.” clothing label into your garments is more than just a routine task on a checklist. Paired with Los Angeles’s growing reputation as an emerging fashion hub, it’s now a symbolic designation that designers are flocking to attain.

“L.A. is no longer an exotic destination, but a bona fide stop on the fashion circuit,” says Business of Fashion. Designers are increasingly showing collections in Los Angeles just as they would in New York City, Paris, and Milan. It helps that the city is a trifecta of classic style, contemporary trailblazers, and celebrities. Still, the true force behind the fashion boom in L.A. is its manufacturing and direct-to-consumer markets.

Why Consumers Are Choosing Los Angeles Clothing Brands

People are studying the labels on their food, beauty products, and, yes, even their clothing. When you care as much about how a product looks, feels, and performs as you do about where it comes from and how it’s produced, you can begin to understand why consumers choose made in Los Angeles clothing.

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In addition to the glitz, glamour, and undeniable ability to set fashion and lifestyle trends, L.A. shows that there is even more to its fashion culture than what meets the eye. The city’s fashion district is home to more than 4,000 independently owned and operated retail and wholesale businesses. That makes this city an ideal location for setting up shop.

Direct to consumer couture, boutique, and ready-to-wear brands are on the rise among fashion companies based in Los Angeles because of the personable feel of the brand along with its ability to take the buyer on a journey from beginning to end. Working with The Evans Group (teg) means you’ll not only be able to add made in L.A. clothing to your portfolio but that you’ll also gain expert insight on how to best create that memorable, one-of-a-kind journey for your target customer.

The Recent Rise of Clothing Companies in Los Angeles

The recent rise of fashion companies based in Los Angeles is a sign of the times. Luxury and creative labels are putting down roots in the City of Angels, and designers are showcasing their collections creatively on a range of budgets. The opportunities are tangible, whether you have the funds for a circus tent show a la Jeremy Scott or a runway walk in a repurposed art deco building like Rachel Comey.

Equal parts trend-setting and conscientious, L.A. leads the race for becoming the next leading fashion capital as indicated by its economic strengths, with a total of $48 billion in apparel imports and $6.4 billion flowing towards local workers, placing the city at number six in the world economically.


Opportunities to liaise between the manufacturing district and the entertainment industry are also genuine. This convenience allows designers to produce collections that can get into the hands of celebrities and influencers in the L.A. area with the benefit of a local, American-made footprint.

Working With the Best Apparel Companies in Los Angeles

Fast fashion is an undesirable manufacturing process, and its presence in Los Angeles can sometimes deter designers from settling and manufacturing here.

TEG dispels the notion that L.A.-based fashion designers have to produce cheap garments in large quantities to compete.

No Minimums In Los Angeles

Slow fashion, placed on a realistic production schedule, is what we procure. Independent designers will benefit from our no minimum, studio-level production, and high-end brands will appreciate our no minimum cut and sew production. Most of our projects have a turnaround time of 4 to 8 weeks but can be sped up for a rush fee. We also implement quality control checks throughout the process to ensure your garments are crafted impeccably, regardless of the production speed.

Our studio in the Los Angeles Arts District is held to the highest production standards in the industry and has seamlessly incorporated vertical integration into our operation. In other words, we oversee every aspect of creation, management, and production within our company to fit the specific needs required by designers during the collection creation and manufacturing processes.

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Putting your name out there is a big deal. And history has shown that skill, quality, and professionalism can make or break a collection. Every garment that passes through our production and manufacturing process is assigned a project manager. More importantly, it’s guaranteed to be sewn to perfection. You can also rest assured that our employees are treated with respect for their talents and time and always receive a living wage. 

With over 15 years of experience in the high-end, ready-to-wear, and avant-garde circles, we can relate to the blood, sweat, and tears designers pour into their work. Each collection, no matter how small, is essential to us. Combine that with our well-honed practices, and you will see why TEG is one of the best clothing manufacturers on the West Coast.

We’re Not Just For L.A. Based Fashion Designers

Fashion is a universal language that appeals to people all over the world. As an L.A.-based clothing manufacturer situated in the heart of the Arts District, we understand the local fashion market well. Still, we also have our finger on the pulse of global fashion trends.

We don’t work exclusively with L.A.-based fashion companies. In fact, we collaborate closely with designers from across the planet. Fly in and meet with us in person, or correspond with our team using the latest virtual technology for a truly personable experience.

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A successful collection hinges on the design, communication, and execution. We have the experts and know-how to help you achieve greatness in all of these areas. From aesthetic advice to production precision, TEG can help you every step of the way. 

Convenience and accessibility are also important to us, which is why we offer our clients the ability to choose from curated apparel development packages. These provide straightforward pricing and a detailed list of every service you’ll receive. Each package will see a garment or collection idea through to a production-ready pattern. How large you need your apparel package to be is up to you.

Choose ‘Made in L.A. Clothing’ For Your Next Line

Fashion Production House displaying Los Angeles Clothing

Choosing made in L.A. clothing for your following line is a decision you can be proud of. TEG believes in the Los Angeles label. Primarily because we’ve been helping emerging, independent, and established brands develop theirs in this city for more than a decade.

In addition to our personalized production process and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, L.A. is seen as a trend-setting, conscientious, and practical choice for designers. With so many reasons to choose made in Los Angeles clothing, the time to create your collection is now.

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