Mood Boards: A Fashion Designer’s Creative Weapon

When starting a clothing line, choosing the proper clothing manufacturer is everything. But once you have that aspect squared away, what sets clothing manufacturers apart are their creative services.

In short, what do these clothing manufacturers do to enhance the design process, and by extension, your finished product?

A fantastic method of creative planning is using fashion mood boards. But mood boards are much more than mere collages with pretty colors and magazine cutouts. Let’s examine why mood boards are an emerging fashion designer’s best creative weapon during the design process.

What Is A Mood Board?

A fashion sketch in front of two bridal dresses made using a mood boardA fashion mood board is a collection of visual elements that help a fashion designer come up with new, detailed ideas for a clothing line. But mood boards are found in nearly every creative space. For example, if you’re looking for a new hairstyle, using a mood board to conjure up ideas cobbled from your favorite new trends of the season is a fantastic method to spur your brain toward a creative goal.

Mood boards are perfect for designing that new kitchen, examining your thought processes, and generally taking stock of the things in your life in a visual manner. With fashion specifically, this specialized collage of creative elements allows designers to freely associate thoughts, feelings, colors, and objects with their budding clothing line.

For example, a new indie designer may powerfully resonate with the color red. As such, they may dominate their fashion mood board with the color red, covering it with red fabric, red objects, and more. From there, a fashion designer and creative team may formulate and think of new, exciting ideas to help create a new fashion line.

In short, it’s a visual tool to help the creative process run smoothly.

Why Do I Need A Fashion Mood Board?

Nine fashion sketches of bridalwear made using a fashion mood boardA mood board offers fashion designers a creative outlet to visualize designs, colors, and clothing items in a free and open space. While you don’t technically need a fashion mood board to design clothing, it’s highly recommended. After all, the entire process of creating a fashion brand is creative in nature. How do you hope to harness your full creative potential to design clothes if you don’t explore it using a fashion mood board?

Along with covering the cost of starting a clothing line, the overall design process is arguably the most crucial facet of the entire process. After all, without cohesive, creative design, do you pattern makers know what to make?

Fashion mood boards are perfect for designers who have hundreds, if not thousands, of creative ideas flying around inside their heads at once. While open and innovative in nature, Mood boards are excellent ways to formulate and organize ideas to better focus on specific aspects of a clothing line. In this vein, it can help you hone your ideas to a fine point: instead of having a vague statement like ‘I like red,’ you can refine it.

After using a mood board, instead of ‘I like red,’ you worked out that ‘I like red streetwear.’ From there, you can get even more detailed and nuanced. This evolution of creative ideas makes the design process fulfilling, and most importantly, painless.

A Note on Fashion Mood Boards and Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturers

Low minimum order quantity clothing manufacturers, also known as low MOQ clothing manufacturers, greatly benefit from detailed and comprehensive fashion mood boards. As we’ve previously discussed, low MOQ clothing manufacturers allow fashion designers to have a greater opportunity to add detail to their clothing lines.

With the lower MOQs, both the designer and pattern makers can more quickly design, craft, and launch a clothing line.

As such, the more detailed a fashion mood board coupled with the smaller clothing line leads to higher-quality clothing. The ability to focus on the small details is an invaluable fashion foundation. The independent designer can then build on those designs and eventually launch a more massive clothing line.

What Goes Into a Mood Board?

Fashion mood boards don’t even necessarily need to involve strictly fashion-related items. Mood boards are about just that: moods.

Fashion mood boards allow you to harness feelings, both negative and positive, to spur on your creative prowess. Whether it’s a sky at dawn, the vibe of an ocean sunset, or the smell of freshly-cut grass, mood boards are all about nailing certain feelings and harnessing them before the clothing manufacturing process.

The Fashion Mood Board Process With The Evans Group

Bridal dress created using a fashion mood baordAt TEG, the creative services team helps the Los Angeles fashion designer directly craft and manage an effective fashion mood board. Once the design for your clothing line is underway, you are paired with a talented professional designer to craft the ideal fashion mood board that communicates the personality, look, and feel of your future clothing line.

Final Thoughts on Mood Boards at TEG

Although not mandatory for creating a comprehensive clothing line, mood boards are an essential creative tool for both emerging and established designers to fulfill their most significant design potential. It doesn’t matter if you have never designed clothing in your life or if you’re crafting a new line for your fashion brand; mood boards are perfect for any clothing designer.

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