Pattern and Sample Makers: Bring Clothes To Life

When choosing a clothing manufacturer, there are some key things to consider before taking the leap into making your own clothing line. For example, is the textile team you’re going to work with experienced?

If they aren’t, it can put your designs in peril. And when you’re designing fashion, you (often literally) can’t afford any major slip-ups.

That’s why you need to learn the importance of pattern and sample makers at production houses. Let’s look at the differences between pattern and sample makers and how they use their respective talents to launch a clothing line. For any emerging fashion designer, it’s crucial knowledge.

The Pattern Maker

Los Angeles pattern maker going over a designPattern makers are the technical powerhouses that use fashion drawing and fashion draping methods to whittle your designs down into tangible clothing.

You develop your initial pattern with the pattern maker, and they then use this initial template to craft your fashion line.

The pattern maker, someone who is well-versed in fashion drawing and CAD software, uses the tools available to them to modify clothing. They take clothing samples and transform them into fashion items you’ll see in any Los Angeles fashion show. Not to mention garments for your own clothing rack.

The Sample Maker

Someone who works side-by-side with the pattern maker is the sample maker. Firstly, sample makers are design professionals who work with you or your business to craft the first clothing samples in your clothing line.

To say that pattern and sample makers simply make clothing samples is a massive understatement. The role of pattern and sample makers are extensively technical positions at any clothing manufacturer.

Secondly, they are the first defense for your clothing line. They carefully measure, edit, and revise your designs, looking for any potential issues. As a designer, you’ll build a close relationship with the sample maker, as they bring you designs, consult with you on changes, and simply see if everything fits.

Pattern and Sample Makers: Tips For Success

A sample maker working on white fabric at a sewing machineDesigning clothing is exciting. But don’t let that enthusiasm blind you to the little things. What do we mean? With any significant investment, be it time, money, or clothing, it’s well worth your time to do your due diligence. And the same goes for hiring the right pattern sample makers. Let’s go over some of the essential qualities of good pattern and sample makers.

The Art of Communication

If you’re a new independent designer just breaking into the fashion development process, be sure to communicate well with these seasoned professionals. In short, you can’t take any chances when it comes to trusting your design with unexperienced workers.

We all know that communication is vital in everyday life. The same goes for clothing manufacturing. With sample and pattern makers, keeping abreast of trends, materials used, and deadlines are simple and straightforward ways to complete a comprehensive clothing line.

At TEG, not only will emerging fashion designers stay in constant contact with the TEG team members, but they’ll also receive multiple quality control checks throughout the garment production process.

Multiple quality control checks are to ensure that nothing is left out. When launching your first clothing line, the last thing you need is miscommunication resulting in a botched design because of ill communication.

And luckily for the designer, the working relationship between pattern makers and sample makers is usually strong. This means plenty of communication and good working chemistry.

Using the Right Tools

It may seem obvious, but both sample and pattern makers need to be using the best tools of the trade. After all, starting a clothing line can run up quite the bill; aren’t you paying for the best services possible?

At TEG, sample and pattern makers use the latest, state-of-the-art production tools. ALongside the pattern and sample makers are the seamstresses, tailors, and cutters, all of whom have access to some of the best fashion design tools on the market.

For example, while some pattern makers can craft their designs using fashion sketches and fashion tech packs, some can opt for using CAD software or a combination of both.

An Eye for Detail

It may seem obvious, but both the sample and pattern makers should be highly adept at working on detailed pieces. Even better, if these design professionals can offer sound advice on how to proceed with a design, then you know you’ve stumbled upon an excellent professional.

Since these two experts will be the first and last line of defense against errors, they must pay attention to every aspect of the design process. The last thing you need is to hire someone who is inadequate. That’s why vetting pattern and sample makers are crucial for any clothing manufacturer to succeed.

Pattern and Sample Makers at The Evans Group

two designers meet with a pattern and sample maker to discuss starting a clothing lineThe Evans Group offers comprehensive pattern and sample making services to emerging fashion designers.

After meeting with Jennifer Evans and her team of creative services professionals, the indie fashion designer will start a collaborative effort toward crafting the perfect clothing line.

Whether starting a clothing line or offering something a little different from your past collections, the TEG team will ensure that you have the best Los Angeles pattern and sample makers to undertake any ambitious garment manufacturing project.

In short, these professionals are technical masters in the clothing studio. Once you find talented pattern and sample makers, you’ll know that you’re that much closer to launching an unforgettable clothing line.

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