Seamstresses: How Professionals Make Quality Apparel

We often focus on clothing manufacturers and what they can accomplish for indie fashion designers. But the finished products come to fruition thanks to some talented individuals: seamstresses.

Who are these professional craftspeople? Let’s examine this profession and how seamstresses make an idea and transform it into a clothing line.

What Are Seamstresses?

Seamstress working at a sewing machine at a Los Angeles garment manufacturerSeamstresses are talented individuals who sew clothing samples to form a cohesive fashion collection.

Detailed-oriented by nature, seamstresses spend many hours perfecting their skills and craft. They do everything from creating stunning wedding dresses to sewing zippers onto a men’s jacket.

As such, indie fashion designers can easily depend on seamstresses to take established patterns, fabrics, and measurements and turn them into a unique clothing line.

Seamstress Benefits

Using a professional seamstress for domestic clothing orders has considerable benefits.

They Create Clothing

The most important ‘pro’ of using a seamstress is that they create the clothing you sketch during the design process.

Whether it’s taking organic cotton, Tencel fabric, or hemp, they craft your former fashion mood board ideas and turn them into your dream clothing line.


You can’t be a seamstress if your work is sloppy. With keen edges and deft hands, seamstresses pour every ounce of detail into creating your clothing line.

Likewise, they are part of the quality assurance process, ensuring that you are satisfied with your fashion designs. These professionals quickly adapt to new ideas if you decide to switch creative directions.

Common Seamstress FAQs

Los Angeles patternmaker editing a CAD design for seamstressesSince seamstresses occupy such a vital part of the clothing manufacturing process, there are quite a few frequently asked questions. Let’s look at and answer some of those burning questions.

Can Seamstresses Make Dresses Bigger?

It depends, but yes. Depending on the fabric or material of the dress, a talented seamstress can enlarge a garment during dress designing and manufacturing. Although we usually see dresses become shorter, seamstresses can add fabric panels to existing dresses to enhance them.

Are Seamstresses Open During Lockdown?

Yes. At The Evans Group, our team of seamstresses still makes clothing. Although the pandemic changed how we do business, TEG still accepts clothing orders from clients. As such, you can expect excellence from seamstresses in Los Angeles.

Where Do Seamstresses Work?

A seamstress can work in numerous places. But you can find them creating small or large clothing collections at fashion production houses and apparel manufacturers everywhere.

Why Is Seam Allowance Important?

Seam allowance is the space between two fabrics being sewn together. As such, seam allowance is a crucial part of sewing in general. Naturally, this makes it a regular part of creating clothing lines.

Regardless of the exact measurements for seam allowance, these professionals have you covered.

Tailors vs. Seamstress: What’s the Difference?

When comparing seamstresses vs. tailors, knowing the subtle yet key differences is essential.

Although people throw the two terms around regarding gender, the most important differentiation is what they do.

In short, a seamstress creates apparel, while a tailor specializes in taking existing garments and altars them to different specifications and measurements.

For example, when creating your own clothing line, you would take a design to a seamstress. If you were looking to alter a wedding dress in some way, you would employ the services of a tailor.

Seamstresses At The Evans Group (TEG)

Along with other extensively gifted team members like pattern makers and cutters, The Evans Group has some of the most talented seamstresses in Los Angeles.

Ever since starting a made-to-measure business in Los Angeles in 2005, founder Jennifer Evans committed to employing local talent.

Unsatisfied with opting for overseas labor, Evans, along with emphasizing sustainable fashion, knew that some of the most talented seamstresses in Los Angeles could fulfill any order indie fashion designers would submit.

In short, American clothing manufacturers at The Evans Group made the fashion production house what it is today: a thriving, invaluable resource for fashion designers everywhere.

‘No Business Like Sew Business’

reams of light-colored fabric in use by seamstressesTo sum up, seamstresses make a clothing line come together with style and panache. For curious fashion designers, regardless of experience, The Evans Group employs some of the best apparel makers in Los Angeles.

As such, they can depend on quality every time. Whether it’s a retro clothing line or something a bit ‘out there’ in the form of an avant-garde fashion line, seamstresses are the pillars keeping the fashion industry held upright.

Have any questions about the garment manufacturing process at The Evans Group? Perhaps you want to begin the clothing line planning process?

Or maybe you want to know how much it costs to start a clothing line? Whatever your question, fill out the form below and get in contact with us today. It’s finally time to start that ambitious clothing line you’ve been dreaming of.

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