Sewing Pattern Makers in Los Angeles: A Fashion Designer’s Best Friend

Coming up with a great pattern, let alone a clothing line, can be a huge undertaking. What looks good? What is the fashion world clamoring for? Can you deliver it to them by launching a fashion brand?

One way that your dreams come to fruition is through the expertise of the Los Angeles sewing pattern maker. Let’s explore this clothing manufacturing position, why it’s essential when you’re starting a clothing business, and how to use their services.

What is a Sewing Pattern Maker?

Los Angeles pattern maker working on a fashion sketch at a white deskA sewing pattern maker is an expert in the art of drawing, tracing, cutting, and sewing clothing samples. Sewing pattern makers are unrivaled in tackling all the technical aspects of your burgeoning clothing line.

These masters of the craft use everything from fashion tech packs to input from fashion designers and project managers.

The result? Clothing samples that use sustainable fabric, patterns that mesh with your goals, and a great start to your fashion company.

And no, these designers don’t spot beautiful patterns for dressmaking services. They have a massive list of responsibilities, as you’ll soon see.

Sewing Pattern Maker Requirements

It’s helpful to know the background skills and requirements of a pattern maker’s professional set of skills. So, how do you become a sewing pattern maker? There are a few standard requirements, though not all are universal.

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Experience in the fashion industry
  • The ability to study, understand and use tech packs and blueprints to create templates and clothing samples.
  • Prior experience in cutting, sewing, and other textile skills
  • Knowledge of computer-aided design software (CAD)

Pattern Maker Tricks of the Trade

closeup of an L.A. sewing pattern maker doing a revison on a houndstooth jacketSewing pattern makers use a few basic methods to perform their given duties.

Drafting (Crafting the Pattern)

Drafting is the bread and butter of the L.A. pattern maker. First, by using old-fashioned pen and paper (or CAD software), the pattern maker gives the independent fashion designer’s sketches to life. Then, they move onto the draping phase after all the tracing, cutting, and sewing is complete.

Draping (The Fitting)

When the clothing sample is complete, the pattern maker will test the fit on a model or mannequin. The pattern maker carefully examines the measurements, how they fit the individual, and if any pieces require alterations.

Revisions (Getting it Right)

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. And in fashion design, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Whether it’s an inaccurate measurement, unaccounted for fabric sourcing issue, or plain old human error, the pattern maker will return to the studio to make their alterations.

Why is a Sewing Pattern Maker Important in Fashion?

In short, these experts quite literally make clothing orders come together.

When planning out your custom clothing order for the pattern making experts to use, it’s always important to see who you’re working with.

The sewing pattern makers are your main allies in the Los Angeles garment manufacturing process (aside from other immensely talented individuals). They’re a crucial asset to search for when looking for a clothing manufacturer.

Here’s a quick rundown of an L.A. sewing pattern maker’s responsibilities when working with your fashion drafts.

  • Carefully examining the blueprints for an independent fashion designer’s clothing line.
  • Creating templates from fashion sketches and tech packs provided by the fashion designer and creative team
  • Using those templates to create custom clothing by tracing, cutting, and sewing into clothing samples.
  • Using these samples for various fittings.
  • After the fittings, making any necessary repairs or alterations
  • Taking the small details into account: will a sample tear and distort under pressure? How much stretch does a clothing sample have?

The L.A. sewing pattern maker is and tried and true expert in the nitty-gritty details of fashion design. To sum it up, sewing pattern makers ensure that your clothing can viably fit your future clientele.

Custom Pattern Making Services in L.A. and How To Use Them

Los Angeles pattern maker meeting with three fashion designers in a clothing manufacturing studioDeep in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown L.A., fashion and design take hold of independent and emerging designers and gives them the tools they need to succeed. After working with brands like Guess, Cosima, Moncler, and the women-led Hiraeth, TEG has nailed down an effective and winning method to pattern making in Los Angeles.

At TEG, new fashion designers learn everything about starting a clothing line from our expert team of sewing pattern makers.

In short, these TEG team members allow emerging fashion designers to create their own clothing. After consulting with the design team and forming your clothing line with the creative team, the sewing pattern makers get to work. Your clothing line is that much closer to being a reality.

And don’t worry: along with many quality checks, the production team constantly contacts the independent designer during this process. It pays to have a valuable back and forth between client and pattern maker.

Wrapping Things Up With Sewing Pattern Makers

In the end, these professionals will use years of raw experience to guide the independent fashion designer’s dream clothing line from inception to completion.

And for new clothing designers, sewing pattern makers and their flair for fashion and eye for detail make all the difference.



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