Small Batch Apparel Manufacturing Helps Make Fashion Lines

In recent years, the prevalence of the Maker Movement has put a new emphasis on creating, producing, and selling your creations. The movement emphasizes the significance of taking DIY activities and products to a new level.

Whether it’s bespoke furniture or bespoke fashion, the Maker Movement’s influence on creative facets of life can’t be understated. In short, you’re the creator.

You now have the tools, resources, and ideas that will fuel your creative ambitions. You no longer have to depend on industry experts to set the tempo for fashion trends and clothing manufacturing.

With that in mind, let’s see why Los Angeles small batch manufacturing is an independent fashion designer’s best friend and resource.

What is Small Batch Apparel Manufacturing?

Wide shot of multiple clothing racks filled with small batch apparel manufacturing clothing itemsSmall batch apparel manufacturing is a method of clothing production where the studio has a low (or nonexistent) minimum order quantity (MOQ). For example, factories specializing in small batch production produce 10 to 50 pieces. This helps emphasize a fashion designer’s creativity. Of course, this number may vary.

In short, high MOQs tend only to allow established fashion designers with enough capital and influence to create and produce massive clothing lines to sell to consumers.

But how does small batch clothing manufacturing help emerging independent fashion designers?

How Small Batch Manufacturing Helps You Start A Clothing Line

Los Angeles small batch apparel manufacturing seamstress working on a pile of brown clothingBut why should a new fashion designer opt for small batch apparel manufacturing over a clothing manufacturer with minimum order quantities?

Here are some great examples of why indie fashion designers need small batch clothing manufacturers.

The Benefit of Keeping Things Small

Firstly, ordering too many pieces for production can present problems. Larger orders have serious financial setbacks for indie fashion designers. When starting your own clothing line, designers mustn’t squander these resources.

Emerging designers have some much-needed wiggle room when designing and launching a fashion brand with small batch apparel manufacturing.

More specifically, unnecessarily scaling your clothing business well before it’s needed can present problems. Ordering massive amounts of products without proper market testing is a recipe for disaster. And, unfortunately, minimum order quantities end up hindering new fashion designers.

Therefore, keeping things small leads to an invaluable aspect of small batch clothing manufacturing: attention to detail.

Attention to Detail

When working alongside an accomplished Los Angeles pattern maker, emerging and established independent fashion designers want iconic attention to detail, making products and clothing orders shine.

In essence, small batch apparel manufacturing offers pattern makers much more room to design, edit, and refine clothing items in production orders.

Likewise, smaller orders allow you to have greater control over nearly every aspect of your creation. Additionally, you receive greater speed for order completion.

It Promotes Sustainable Fashion

It’s always preferable to actively work toward a smaller carbon footprint, especially when seeing your creations come to life.

With small batch production, the smaller orders don’t produce as much pollution as a massive factory order. That, and sustainable fashion practices offer fashion designers a new, more ethical, and environmentally friendly way of creating. What’s better than protecting the environment and flexing your creative muscles?

Because of fast fashion, a lot of the world’s water pollution draws a direct line to the fashion industry. Small batch apparel manufacturing takes a lot of stress off our environment. Hopefully, with enough sustainable practices, we can start to see a big change in fashion practices.

Getting A Feel For The Fashion Industry

Small batch apparel manufacturing offers designers an excellent first taste of fashion with more flexible production and smaller investments.

Moreover, it gives designers an invaluable resource in market testing their products. For example, you can test your product and see reception for your productions. Then, if you choose, you can opt for larger clothing sample orders once you know what works and what doesn’t.

Firstly, market analysis requires a lot more than merely asking a few people if they enjoy your designs. In short, market analysis in the fashion industry requires raw information. Statistics, data, and insights. What do people respond to? To sum things up, small batch production gives you the freedom to see what gels with your target audience.

Small Batch Manufacturing with The Evans Group

the storefront of small batch apparel manufacturing studio, The Evans GroupThe Evans Group aims to be a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer that equips independent fashion designers with tools to succeed. TEG offers quality creative services, helping you seamlessly enter the world of Los Angeles indie fashion.

To sum up, if you want greater control over your creation, faster order times, greater attention to detail, and an opportunity to market test, a small batch order with TEG is your best bet.

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