Small Batch Production Tips: Big Advantages For Small Clothing Lines

Your fashion sketches have turned into tangible patterns and will ping the radar of your target audience. However, you feel like you may have ordered too many pieces. Not to mention you think you overpaid. But what’s an emerging fashion designer to do? Use these small batch production tips to help start your own clothing line, and make sure you save on time, money, and stress.

What Is Small Batch Production?

Small batch production is manufacturing under 500 pieces in an order or fashion collection. New fashion designers, especially those short on abundant resources, ordering over 500 pieces in a fashion collection is quite literally a tall order.

A small batch is perfect for testing out certain looks and styles seeing how your target audience will react. As you can imagine, ordering a massive line of products without any meaningful market research behind them is risky for designers.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of small batch tips to help designers find the best way to manufacture their products. That, and impress others with stunning fashion.

Small Batch Production Tips For Quality Clothing Collections

Let’s focus on some key tips to small batch manufacturing that’ll allow both established and emerging fashion designers to develop and launch unique products and attract customers.

Choose A Clothing Manufacturer Who Communicates Well

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Do your due diligence before choosing a clothing manufacturer near you who scales down their production. Finding a manufacturer for fashion production is your key to making your dreams a reality.

Starting production on a clothing line is an exciting time for any company, individual, or small business. As such, you need a company that shares that same enthusiasm that you have for starting a clothing line.

And with a clothing manufacturer, you need someone with reasonable prices and transparency. You need someone with a low minimum order quantity.

For example, TEG’s expert Los Angeles pattern makers will guide clients through the process of developing and refining designs.

Likewise, creative designers will walk through the entire creative planning process.

Choose A Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer To Produce Your Clothing Line

Now that you know how important it is to find a clothing manufacturer who can communicate well with you, it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty. How large is their minimum order quantity or MOQ?

A minimum order quantity can act as a locked door to many designers. And MOQs aren’t exclusive to the fashion industry; they’re found wherever people manufacture products. Remember those 500 pieces in a manufacturing order? That’s tough for designers who are merely trying to find their way in the industry.

Iconic fashion brands like Gucci, for example, have massive MOQs. or those just starting out, Gucci numbers are simply out of the question for those just starting out.

Moreover, any designer worth their salt needs to perform essential market research for their products. Are your customers responding well to your product? Which aspects are working and which aren’t?

With a low MOQ clothing manufacturer, you finally have that freedom to experiment with sustainable fabric and help refine your fashion mood board.

Sourcing Fabric: Finding The Right Materials For Production

Los Angeles seamstress working on small batch productionIt’s no surprise that choosing the perfect fabric for your product is essential to complete your creative vision.

Now, we know this can be intimidating. Which fabric to choose out of the cornucopia of options? Think about it: there are many sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, and wool to choose from. Which do you prefer?

When you work with TEG, you won’t have to stress about choosing a suitable fabric. Sourcing fabric is an integral part of the design process, and the TEG team will help you all along the way.

At TEG, we’ve worked alongside extraordinary independent fashion brands that emphasize sustainable materials and ethical business practices. At TEG, our business model focuses on ethical and sustainable materials.

When companies outsource production and contribute towards ethical injustices in the Global South, the fashion industry suffers as a whole.

Focus On The Bigger Picture By Starting Small

When setting out on your creative journey, you’ll likely want to use all the tools at your disposal and set your sights high, especially if you’re an ambitious designer.

We’re here to say start small! As you’ve seen with higher MOQs, large orders can set designers back in resources and halt production if there are any discrepancies.

When you start small, you can not only do meaningful market research, but you can better edit and refine your fashion collection. A pattern maker will help you fix or refine any aspect of production.

And when you’re trying to save on clothes line costs, a smaller production is your best friend.

Using These Small Batch Production Tips To Find A Great Clothing Manufacturer

Assorted tools on a wooden table at a Los Angeles clothing manufacturing studio

When you settle on a U.S. apparel manufacturer that focuses not only on low production costs and MOQs, your designs have the chance to flourish. Moreover, you need a clothing manufacturer that believes in you and your creative visions.

With TEG, you have an experienced team of professionals, along with accomplished domestic textile workers. Focusing on a small batch means focusing on your success.

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