Spring 2022 Fashion Trends: Try These Styles For Inspiration

If freezing temperatures have you down, what better way to shake those winter blues than by seeing what’s on the horizon? More specifically, what spring 2022 fashion trends are popular?

Let’s take a deep dive and see which this season’s styles you need to consider for your collection. It’s time to take note of spring’s biggest looks. So break out that sketchpad, compile that fashion mood board, and get those creative juices flowing.

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends: What’s Popular?

With New York Fashion Week 2022 receding into the rearview, it’s time to focus on the future. Spring is fertile ground for new, exciting fashion designs, dresses, skirts, and other potential runway looks.

More importantly, these spring looks can give you a major boost when designing and starting your own clothing line with a clothing manufacturer.

Here are some notable items to create and wear this year. They make a unique statement and set the creative vibe for the rest of the year.

Mini Skirts

These pieces are back on the scene, with a big showing on runways. Specifically, Prada had an ambitious showing with its super short mini skirts. Naturally, this makes them an easy trend to take note of this season.

Evoking echoes of the 1990s and early Y2K, minis are major items. They’re great for making an outfit come together, as well as scratching that fashion nostalgia itch. Plus, Gen Z is taking note and leaning into this spring trend in a big way.

Some notable mini skirts:

Y2K: Back In A Big Way

One of the most notable spring 2022 trends is looks from Y2K.

Whether it’s tracksuits, shiny outfits, or wide-leg denim jeans, sporty fashion trends from the early 2000s are back in a big way. This spring trend blends pop culture from a bygone era with the technological innovations of the age.

Influencers are putting these long-ago looks at the forefront of the public eye, making this trend even more popular. Maybe it’s a metallic silver dress. Or perhaps some unique colorful accessories.

Either way, you can easily see the impact of the early to mid-2000s on fashion. Mainly thanks to Gen Z and Internet culture.

Some notable Y2K trends:

  • Velour tracksuits
  • Shiny outfits
  • Sunglasses in various colors
  • Crop tops

Wearing White After Labor Day

Los Angeles pattern make examining three wedding dressesWhite after Labor Day?

This past winter, the fashion world gave a resounding consensus: “Yes.”

Although white may evoke imagery of brides and memorable weddings, the color is clearly making a massive impact on spring fashion trends, regardless of relationship status.

Likewise, monochrome in general, is the way to go. Whether it’s white, reds, or blues, even off-white, you’re making a statement.

What To Consider When Starting A Clothing Line In 2022

Now that spring 2022 looks are on your radar, how do you put those creative ideas into practice?

By designing your own clothing line, of course. Before jumping into the creative process, there are a few key aspects to know. You’ll need to budget, pair up with experts, and choose a clothing manufacturer that has your best interests in mind.

The next thing you know, you’ll have a clothing line crammed with spring trends.

The Cost Of A Clothing Line

Naturally, you’re going to want to budget for the cost of a clothing line.

Determining the cost, and more importantly, your budget, is a key way designers get their collections to see the light of day. Good budgeting is always a good idea, and in the world of bespoke fashion, it’s item number one.

Clothing lines can cost varying amounts. No one clothing line will cost the exact same as others. For example, if you’re focusing on sustainable materials, that’ll cost you more than if you chose to mass produce everything for cheap.

And if you choose the latter, you’ll quickly find that dealing with fast fashion can be a nightmare all on its own. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

In short, multiple variables determine the cost of a clothing line. Discuss this with your clothing manufacturer near you to hammer out details and make your clothing brand come to life.

Small Batch Manufacturing

Piggybacking off of the issue of budgeting, small batch manufacturing is an emerging fashion designer’s best friend.

At The Evans Group (TEG), there are no minimum order quantities (MOQs). That means that new or established independent fashion designers can order a small number of samples for their new clothing collections.

No need to pad up your collection by 300 pieces just to meet the clothing manufacturer’s quota.

Easily Start A Clothing Brand That Goes All In On Spring Fashion Trends

Jennifer Evans meeting with two seamstresses to discus Spring 2022 fashion trendsWhile having ambitious goals and ideas are great, your clothing line is still just a thought until you team up with expert pattern makers, seamstresses, and fashion designers.

What you need is a team of creative experts to help conceptualize, plan, and produce your clothing line. A potential line of mini skirts or Y2K-based clothing is only as good as your clothing manufacturer.

That’s why at The Evans Group, we ensure clients have access to some of the best pattern makers in Los Angeles. These professionals help you bring your clothing line to life by

Last Thoughts on Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

Spring is the season for trying new things, being bold, and most importantly, shedding that cumbersome winter clothing. Say goodbye to the puffer jacket (at least until next year), and give these items a try when developing your own fashion brand.

Your target audience will love the different looks, inspired by famous runways, hanging up in their wardrobe.

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