Start A Clothing Line With No Experience: A Guide

With thousands of creative works, like the avant-garde styling of Comme des Garçons and tributes to the late, great André Leon Talley, hitting runways, it’s hard for any person to sit back and let others have all the fun. Seeing these works can make anyone ask, ‘can I start a clothing line with no experience?’

For new bespoke fashion designers, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ But how?

No Experience Designing Or Manufacturing Clothing? No Problem

Los angeles seamstress creating a clothing lineWhile practice, clothing line costs, and other resources make up the garment manufacturing process, breaking it down into more manageable pieces makes it much less intimidating.

Let’s see what you need to address as a small business or brand to get the jump on making your creative dreams a reality.

Finding The Spark: Looking For Clothing Brand Inspiration

Creative ideas for your brand likely won’t just pop up out of nowhere. Finding what inspires you and your clothing designs is crucial to starting a clothing line with zero experience.

It’s well worth your time to check out the latest clothing design trends. When monitoring fashion trends, do you like what you see? Do you see a creative method to take clothes of a different style and work them into your own brand’s look and feel?

Envelop yourself in the fashion world; observe fashion runway shows, and peruse some art museums and clothing collections. Inspiration is all around you, and it’s begging to be found.

In short, you need to do some research. Yes, a lot of the creative process includes product and market research. But if you’re serious about manufacturing clothes for your brand, this should be an exciting, illuminating time.

The Beauty Of A Fashion Mood Board

A great way to find your clothing line inspiration is using a fashion mood board. What sets a fashion mood board apart from your standard collage of colorful pictures is that a fashion mood board directly helps you design a clothing line. This is where you’ll create and choose the general or exact aesthetics, colors, fabric, and overall inspiration.

During clothing manufacturing in Los Angeles at The Evans Group, a fashion mood board serves as a clothing designer’s best, inspirational friend.

Customer Appreciation: Who Is Your Target Market?

Before creating your own line with a clothing manufacturer, you need to do some customer research. Don’t worry; this is a fun part. After all, you don’t need expert fashion industry knowledge to brainstorm apparel ideas.

Any small business worth their salt knows to whom they’re catering. What do your consumers and customers look like? What are their wants and needs?

Is your current clothing line run aimed towards 30-somethings drawn to avant-garde fashion? Or maybe you’re trying to develop a product that speaks to nostalgia?

Regardless of your market, you need to know it.

If you’re working with experienced fashion experts, they can directly help you discover the perfect audience for your clothing brand.

Choose The Best Fabric (For You)

woman's hand examining dark colored sustainable fabricNow that you have the ideas for your new clothing line fresh in your brain, it’s time for an essential piece of fashion production: choosing fabric.

But what’s the best fabric for you? Well, it depends on a few factors.

For example, if you’re focused on ditching the world of fast fashion and instead focusing on sustainable materials, you’ll need to consider organic options.

And don’t worry, there are enough excellent fabric options to outfit your clothing line with cruelty-free options. For example, you can build your fashion brand by using natural fibers and materials like:

  • Organic cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Tencel

There has never been a better time to start your clothing line using ethical and sustainable business practices. After all, we want to emphasize the talents of domestic clothing manufacturers and how they make creating clothing an absolute pleasure.

Choosing A Clothing Manufacturer That Works With You

You have your best ideas picked out. You went through extensive business planning to find your customers, and you’re finally ready to start a clothing line from scratch.

Choosing a garment manufacturer that listens and helps you every step of the way means a world of difference in creating your own clothing line.

Does this garment manufacturer have a strict minimum order quantity (MOQ)? Do they listen to your ideas, questions, and concerns? It’s vital to vet manufacturers and fashion production houses for these baseline qualities. If they can’t deliver on these easy aspects, they may not be a sound match for you and your business plans.

Finding Your Creativity With The Evans Group

three Los Angeles clothing manufacturers helping a designer start a clothing line without experienceWhile having dipped your toes into the waters of the fashion industry helps build businesses and brands from the ground up, it’s not necessary.

There are no restrictions on making custom clothes!

Thanks to the Maker Movement and getting in touch with your passions over the course of the pandemic, it’s time you invest in your creative pursuits.

Especially with The Evans Group (TEG). The creative experts at TEG aim to guide you through every step of the design process to ensure that the fashion industry isn’t some secret club.

With the TEG fashion mentor program, new designers will have the guiding hand they need to craft their own clothing line.

New designers match up with a fashion mentor to meet them wherever they are in their design journey. This professional will help designers formulate clothing line designs, familiarize them with the industry, and help outline sound business plans.

Once founder Jennifer Evans finds you a good fashion mentor, you’ll immediately get to work on your creative vision.

Start A Clothing Line With No Experience With TEG

It’s not impossible to start a clothing line with no experience. In fact, it has never been a better, more accessible time to create and launch your own couture.

With the help of fashion mentors in the TEG fashion mentor program and small business tips to grow your brand, you’re in good hands. In short, it has never been a better time to get into the clothing line business. It’s time to get started creating and developing your fashion business.

Opportunity knocks; will you answer?

Have any questions for the TEG team? Want to get the jump on your own clothing line? Fill out the forms below, and the professional clothing manufacturers and designers will be in touch soon!

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