Start Your Own Clothing Brand in 2022: Proven Tips For Success

It’s always useful to think outside the box; innovation helps the fashion industry (and all industries) stay fresh and current. Maybe you’ve been toying around with the idea to start your clothing brand for a while now. It’s never too late to start. And it’s not too early.

Philadelphia-based 15-year-old Trey Brown showed the world he was ready to get into the fashion industry trenches when he created his ambitious brand, Spergo. The wildly successful startup is now looking at a projected $2.2 million in sales by the end of 2021. Plus, he inked an incredible $300,000 investment deal with Shark Tank’s Daymond John.

Could your fashion be the next big thing in 2022? With guidance and determination, there’s always a possibility to start your own clothing brand off on the right foot.

Start Your Own Clothing Brand: 3 Proven Tips For SuccessCloseup of a detailed fashion sketch

Here are proven tips to help you start your own clothing brand. And just maybe, you’ll make a splash in your market.

Pay Attention To The Market

The first step in crafting your brand and fashion collection is listening to your target market.

Your target audience and the fashion market as a whole are crucial to success in every industry. But this is especially important in the fashion world. Sure, you could monitor fashion trends and nail down a fashion-forward clothing brand.

But for the time being, it’s essential to manufacture clothing and get your name out there.

By examining the market, you can identify what people are looking for in clothing design. For Trey Brown, he recognized the impact t-shirts had on his target audience and subsequently filled that gap in the fashion market.

When you start your own clothing brand, it takes considerable research and resources. Although you’ll likely want to jump right into the clothing manufacturing process after producing a few sketches, you need to plan your moves.

In short, see what’s needed in the fashion market. Search for something unique that also defines you and your creativity.

Creative Planning At The Evans Group

Two fashion designers wearing black and smiling while looking at clothing designsAt TEG, when working alongside the creative services team, Jennifer Evans and other fashion design experts help you find that fashion ‘sweet spot.’ The TEG team dedicates themselves to helping you take the seed of an idea and nurture it to full growth.

Planning is everything. TEG recognizes the process of understanding and starting a clothing line business and encourages in-depth planning and execution for emerging designers.

Find A Clothing Manufacturer

Now that your target market research is over, you can start to take bigger strides towards the start of your own clothing brand. The next step is arguably the most important. You’re going to want to work with a clothing manufacturer that shares your vision, goals, and passion for clothing.

The Importance of MOQs

A crucial detail of starting a clothing brand or business is checking out MOQ policies at your chosen clothing manufacturer.

A MOQ stands for ‘minimum order quantity,’ and MOQs can determine a massive step in manufacturing.

While not unique to the clothing manufacturer business model, minimum order quantities are ways for manufacturers to cover the costs of working with clients.

In essence, a clothing manufacturer may set a MOQ of 300 clothing samples per order. A large MOQ like this (especially with a larger production house) is relatively standard. However, this could throw a wrench in the plans to build a viable clothing line and fashion business model for emerging designers.

That’s why when you establish a relationship with a clothing manufacturer, you must ask about its minimum order quantity. Although harder to find, smaller MOQ clothing manufacturing is an ace in the hole for many brands starting out.

Smaller clothing orders also allow you to perform minor market research, which is vital to building a brand and clothing business. Are your potential customers responding favorably towards your clothing line? What are they enjoying and responding to? Use raw data and sales figures to determine your next steps.

Low MOQs at The Evans Group

TEG prides itself on being a low MOQ clothing manufacturer. You needn’t worry about a hefty MOQ at TEG if you’re an emerging clothing line designer. Starting a clothing line shouldn’t limit the designer to ordering a massive amount of clothing samples when they’re not even sure the clothing samples will play well with the target market.

TEG allows emerging designers to order one to ten pieces just to see how designers starting out in the business like their clothing. And the manufacturing process.

Using low MOQ clothing manufacturing has myriad benefits. For one, it doesn’t take as long to receive your clothing order. Secondly, you can save a lot of business resources. High MOQs can essentially gatekeep newer clothing designers from joining the ranks of Michael Kors and Vera Wang.

Start Building Your BrandFashion designer examining multicolored fabric used to start your own clothing brand

When you begin crafting your own clothing line, you need a business identity, brand voice, tone, and a logo.

What does your company stand for? What sets your brand apart from others? Are you a sustainable clothing brand, only focusing on eco-friendly materials and ethical practices?

Much of successful brand growth depends on these aspects. You’ll need to craft a creative logo that helps your potential customer understand what your company is all about.

Start Your Own Clothing Brand Now

With research, a successful plan, and work with a clothing manufacturing company that knows how to start a clothing line, you’re in a good place.

You’ll have a great chance of going into the new year with an ace up your sleeve. And a solid plan in your portfolio.

But remember not to rush any of these steps. When these aspects of clothing brand design come together, they make your own clothing line much more nuanced and detailed. Make sure to put the hard work in, and you’ll see returns for your small business.

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