Starting a Clothing Line: 3 Key Ways a Small Batch Manufacturer Can Help

What’s a big issue hampering the progress of beginner fashion designers? Scalability. Well, scalability at an affordable and proficient level. But before starting a clothing line, a new fashion designer needs to set a few things up.

Chances are, first-time designers want their creative fashion ideas to make waves, whether on runways, art installations, or even New York Fashion Week.

But before you make waves, you need to test the waters.

That’s where a small batch manufacturer comes in to ensure your product and business are viable in the long run. So let’s dig a little deeper into what small batch manufacturing is. You’ll also see who should use it and how to start a clothing company, and how to make it thrive.

What is a Small Batch Manufacturer?

Two small batch clothing manufacturers discussing measurements and specificationsA small batch manufacturer is a fashion production house that produces sample and pattern making services at a small scale to analyze certain aspects of your clothing line. For example, are you using good fabric? Does the final product line up with your fashion sketches and outlines? Small batch manufacturers allow new fashion designers to heavily scrutinize their products, change things if need be, implement new materials, like fabrics, and test the results.

Small batch manufacturers are a rookie fashion designer’s secret weapon; it saves on costs, provides testing for scalability, and forges bonds in the fashion industry. In addition, it can be a great networking asset in the future.

Who Should Use A Small Batch Manufacturer?

Anyone who wants to see if their product or business can generate enough interest. Small batch manufacturing is perfect for people like emerging designers.

Those who are laying the foundations of their clothing company always need the crucial resources that small batch clothing sample makers provide.

The 3 Ways Small Batch Manufacturing Helps When Starting Your Own Clothing Line

There are a few different ways to make the most of a small batch manufacturer’s resources and talents.

Let’s see how small batch manufacture of a clothing line can help you perfect your product.

Using a Manufacturer Allows for Comprehensive Testing

Jennifer Evans and two clothing manufacturers examining fabric and starting a clothing lineTesting is a great way to see if your product works on multiple levels. First, is it a viable product? Does your new clothing line and company resonate with consumers? Are all the units you create up to both your standards and the standards of the fashion industry?

New fashion designers can see finished samples and patterns with a small batch manufacturer and learn what works and what doesn’t make the cut.

If you skip the essential product testing process in fashion, consumers may not favorably respond to your product. While many emerging fashion designers understandably want to launch a clothing line right away, effective testing via sample and pattern making is crucial to success.

With The Evans Group (TEG), emerging fashion designers can have a small number of clothing samples made in LA in a matter of hours. This is an excellent outlet for new designers to see if products and business plans are viable going forward.

Using a Small Batch Manufacturer Saves On Clothing Costs When Starting a Clothing Line

Starting a clothing line can be expensive right off the bat. The high costs are easily one of the biggest hurdles toward developing a clothing line for all first-time clothing designers.

For example, TEG offers an introductory fashion development package for emerging designers. This ideal plan, dubbed ‘The Test Drive,’ includes expert LA patterns and sample making. The Test Drive allows new fashion designers to nail the look and feel of their clothing line for a fraction of the usual, high cost.

Using a Small Batch Manufacturer Builds A Relationship with the Small Batch Manufacturer

While the first stages of clothing design are all about planning and outlining, choosing to undertake product manufacturing is crucial to success.

With TEG, first-time designers feel right at home with Jennifer Evans and her team of craftsmen. Her team, some of the most talented project managers, and lead sample and pattern makers in Los Angeles have years of experience.

When a beginning fashion designer meets with Evans and her fashion designers, the emphasis is on communication and meaningful interactions. Evans, a veteran of developing and creating couture for nearly 2,000 clients, wants to forge unbreakable bonds and relationships. The end goal? Helping emerging fashion designers. Through comprehensive planning, execution, and sample and pattern making, TEG is a manufacturer that emerging designers can depend on.

Should You Use a Small Batch Manufacturer for Starting a Clothing Line?

Absolutely, yes. If you are an emerging fashion designer new to the industry, using TEG’s sample and pattern making resources is invaluable. And is fashion development, small batch cut and sew services can mean a world of difference.

Jennifer Evans and the team at TEG, drawing from nearly 20 years of experience, give new fashion designers the perfect outlet to test products and launch their own clothing line.

For more information about pattern and sample making services in Los Angeles, contact The Evans Group.

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