Starting Your Own Clothing Line: 3 Essential Tips

Starting your own clothing line can be exciting, illuminating, and sometimes nerve-wracking work. You’ve worked hard to create in-depth, detailed fashion design ideas to make your dream a reality. It takes a lot of hard work, good business sense, a flexible budget, and determination to build a brand.

Here are three essential tips to guide you in the beginning stages of fashion production and manufacturing your own clothing line for the fashion market.

Start Your Own Clothing Line: Getting Started

Closeup of fashion sketch of a clothing lineDepending on where you are in your design journey, you need to consider things to include in the creative process. Luckily, we have these easy, essential tips to learn and implement to allow your company and brand to stand out.

Build a Brand Identity In Fashion

Before even beginning to spend time on developing a product, you need to create a brand identity. When it comes to high fashion, brand identity is crucial to communicate feelings, ideas, and intentions to customers and consumers.


What is a brand identity?

Brand identity is what sets your clothing company and brand apart from others. This can be a unique design, voice, and online presence that communicates your particular design values and ideas to customers.

As you can probably imagine, this is especially important in fashion design. Many customers use clothing lines as ways to outfit their identities. This means customers want to feel a certain way when wearing particular clothes. Therefore, having a solid brand identity that speaks to certain customers is crucial to building a brand and independently starting your own clothing line.

How to Build a Brand Identity In Fashion

Consider a few basic things when marketing your brand identity.

  • Your brand’s logo and overall style
  • The typography your company uses (a good font goes a long way)
  • Develop a memorable Social media presence

Once you throw around some brand design ideas, ask yourself some helpful questions. These are things to help you develop your brand further when starting a fashion business. Moreover, it helps walk your customer through the fashion design process.

  • Emotions: What feelings do I want to invoke in the customers’ minds?
  • Standing Out: What sets my clothing line apart from other brands?
  • Target Audience: Who am I targeting with my brand?

Make Sure You’re Ready For Clothing Production: The Small Details

Jennifer Evans starting a clothing line with pattern makersWith your brand identity in place, you have to determine how many pieces of haute couture you’re looking to launch. Are you considering a small batch manufacturer for your label? Or are you shooting for a widespread launch by commissioning over 100 pieces of clothing?

Regardless of what you choose, you need to determine your budget, production costs, and price points. Remember to check on your target audience. What do they expect from your small business? Most importantly, how can you deliver a great and memorable product for them?

Make sure you have the proper resources, materials, and finances to purchase a clothing order. This leads to our third and final tip.

Find A Clothing Manufacturer To Work With

A pattern maker examining a patterned clothing lineAs much as it’s tempting to go it alone, you need to find a fashion production house to know and service your needs when learning how to design clothes. Your clothing line, especially in its infant stages, requires a careful hand to help it grow and prosper.

At TEG, we’re comfortable offering people the chance to plan, develop, and execute independent business goals.

Working With TEG’s Pattern Makers When Starting Your Own Clothing Line

With nearly 2,000 satisfied independent fashion designers served in the industry, TEG can offer a reasonable price. Add to that an experienced team of designers, and you have a winning combination. The results? Your clothing line has a better chance of leaving a mark on the fashion industry. We begin with in-depth discussions with our clients, followed by sketched, fashion mood boards, and creating design sheets laying out all of the details.

Over 4 to 8 weeks, a project manager runs the design and execution process. The expert design team consists of pattern makers, seamstresses, and pattern drafters, creating your pieces of clothing. Moreover, TEG will be in constant contact with you to go over important business and creative decisions. An independent designer must have a shot at the big leagues. TEG makes sure they do this with excellent communication, craftsmanship, and reasonable prices.

Starting Your Own Clothing Line: The Next Steps

To nail the look and feel of your clothing line, you must follow the above tips. In addition, remember to help your company and clothing line grow with an effective logo, typeface, and mastery of social mediums like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Additionally, working with a fashion production house that fosters your creativity, design goals, and business plans is crucial to becoming successful in the industry.

At TEG, we want to help you develop your brand and get your clothing line started in the industry ASAP. For more information regarding our various services, like fashion pattern making and seamstresses, be sure to explore our FAQs and get in contact with us. No matter your budget, your business and clothing line can grow with a bit of TLC from TEG.

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