Style Tips For New Designers

Having trouble finding that look you love? Do you find yourself stumped when looking through your wardrobe? You need some style tips to help you develop and wear different clothes in a fashion collection.

Let’s examine some style tips for new designers to start a clothing line and outfit their wardrobes with stylish clothes with zero prior experience.

Plus, these tips will help you feel a lot more natural in your own wardrobe!

Work On Your Capsule Wardrobe

copies of couture fashion books on tableWhether you’re wearing or designing couture of your own, working on a capsule wardrobe makes a big difference.

What is a capsule wardrobe? It’s something that’s been making an impact for decades. And for style tips for new designers, it’s a fantastic foundation.

It’s a set of jackets, denim, shoes, accessories, pants, and other easily mixed and matched garments. Think of it as your fashion staples. Versatile, stylish, and able to shoulder ambitious fashion idea, a solid capsule wardrobe is an absolute must-have.

Your capsule wardrobe can help you seamlessly craft great outfits to help bolster your style.

Not only do capsule wardrobes help you ditch fast fashion practices, but they help you find what you like in a clothing line. Along with being a great style tip for anyone looking to improve their personal style, it should help enhance your design ideas, too!

While it’s good to keep your capsule wardrobe more neutral in color, there are no hard and fast rules in fashion.

In turn, this helps you design your own bespoke fashion.

Remember Your Audience!

A crucial tip for launching successful styles is to keep your audience in mind. This may be the most vital style tip for any emerging designer.

If you haven’t yet created a buyer persona for your clothing lines, it’s time to do so. Crafting a buyer persona is crucial in any e-commerce business.

Think of it like this: brainstorm your ideal customer.

  • Is it women in the 18-35 age range?
  • What are their jobs?
  • What are they doing in their free time?

Creatively brainstorming these aspects helps you focus on communities that will gravitate toward your clothing line. And yes, this will include some serious research.

But doing your due diligence early on with style tips and market research ensures success later.

Keep It Versatile

In more ways than one, keeping your styles versatile serves many purposes. It adds life to your wardrobe and shows that you’re a clothing designer who can roll with the punches.

It doesn’t matter if you bend to the latest trends or opt for more avant-garde, forward-looking fashion. There’s immense value in versatility. This is also a fantastic opportunity to further study your clientele.

Also, don’t be afraid to try new things. While playing it safe creatively can net you customers, it hardly helps grow your design acumen. It also limits the styles in your closet.

Use Your Socials

What is your audience up to?

An easy way to find out is harnessing your company’s social media channels to see, in real-time, how people react. Social media marketing can help you market test, build your buyer persona, and build a strong rapport with your customers.

Starting Small With Styles

Although it’s entirely understandable that you want to hit the ground running with multiple styles, a great tip is to start small.

Starting small helps hone your design skills and helps you find the perfect fit. Not only that, but it’s a great way to market test.

Likewise, if a garment manufacturer has a low or no minimum order quantity (MOQ), you can quickly nail down your favorite styles.

With no minimums, TEG sets itself apart as a premier small batch clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles with no minimums.

Domestic Clothing Manufacturers

Sometimes, your best asset for improving your style for launch is using a clothing manufacturer in your area. Using domestic clothing manufacturers in the U.S. serves numerous positive purposes.

For example, you have a more detailed look at the clothing production process. Additionally, you’ll see pieces as they’re created. As such, clothing designers will have much more control than if they opt for overseas labor.

Style Tips From The Evans Group

three mannequins wearing werdding gowns in a storefront windowWhether nailing down your personal style in your own wardrobe or finding what outfits compel you to design, new designers can count on TEG.

With the TEG fashion mentoring program in Los Angeles, new clothing designers have some of the best fashion mentors. These fashion mentors will help new clothing designers through every step of the process.

Los Angeles clothing manufacturers who know the fashion industry well will personally show you how to design those looks you love.

Fashion Mentor: How It Works

Finding a fashion mentor means new clothing designers can nail the looks they’ve always wanted to create and wear. And, most importantly, distribute to a target audience.

TEG CEO Jennifer Evans will meet with you to discuss your goals. Afterward, she pairs you up with a style expert to help you build your e-commerce business.

No two fashion mentors or plans are the same.

Running your own clothing brand is a big deal. Your TEG fashion mentor will help you plan, design, and produce memorable fits. You’ll also see some of the best style tips in action.

For an emerging fashion designer, is there anything better?

Creating And Wearing Clothes in Style

interior of couturiere using style tips for beginnersIt doesn’t matter if you’ve never designed a thing in your life. In fact, that’s preferable. Using fashion experts at The Evans Group mentorship program in Los Angeles, you can finally create your own clothing line from scratch.

Whether a stylish line of dresses, jeans, or a comfy blazer (à la Greg Lauren), getting help with your clothing line has never been more accessible.

Have any questions regarding the fashion mentorship program? Get in contact with the TEG team today and start designing!

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