What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

Developing your personal style can be tricky. It can take years of mixing and matching different outfits to land on something that’s quintessentially you. That’s where a capsule wardrobe comes in to save the day. But what is a capsule wardrobe?

Let’s learn more about how capsule wardrobes are a must for anyone serious about fashion design or simply wants to dress with confidence.

It’s time to find out what to wear.

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

los angeles patternmaker helping designer create capsule wardrobe with black and white jacket

A capsule wardrobe is an efficient, simple collection of pieces in your closet that can mix and match with one another. The result? Easy and accessible outfit building for any occasion.

However, keep in mind that a capsule wardrobe is not just your favorite clothes.

While that’s all well and good, a proper capsule wardrobe should include interchangeable, more neutral items that serve a clear purpose. Namely, to mix and match outfits to wear in your everyday life. While colors aren’t outlawed, keeping things neutral is the easiest way to find something to wear that just works.

While capsule wardrobes are a staple of many fashionable lifestyles, they’ve been on the scene for quite some time.

Thanks to Susie Faux, founder of Wardrobe, people have been finding the perfect fit for decades. It all stems from existing wardrobes, filled with versatile sweaters, coats, t-shirts, jeans, and pairs of pants.

Capsule wardrobes act as a fantastic guide to helping even the most creatively challenged amongst us easily develop and choose quality items they love.

Benefits Of Capsule Wardrobes: Find What To Wear

With a capsule wardrobe, clothing designers and couture connoisseurs open their possibilities (and their closets) to new, exciting ideas. Let’s explore the benefits of a capsule wardrobe.

A Wardrobe That Makes Life Easy

No more asking, “what should I wear?!” With a capsule wardrobe, it does all the creative heavy lifting for you.

Developing a capsule wardrobe helps build a creative foundation to create more styles and outfits. In short, it makes bespoke fashion designing easier.

But how? You don’t have to spend so much time stressing over what pieces to wear from your closet.

If you have a staggering amount of clothes populating your closet, consider paring down. Turn your wardrobe into a capsule instead!

When you do, you’re not only decluttering, but you’re keeping the staples of your fashion collection. As you’ll see, maintaining capsule clothes goes a long way towards creating clothes of your own.

A Wardrobe Built On Sustainability

If there’s one thing TEG stands for, it’s sustainability in any wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes represent a firm rejection of fast fashion and an embrace of a sustainable closet.

But more than that, having a robust repertoire of outfits keeps you from needlessly buying cheaply-made and unethical fast fashion clothing. No more buying items every season since your previous purchases are worn out and ruined.

Plus, the looks in your wardrobe ensure that your closet is timeless. These styles aren’t going anywhere, and by extension, you’re not putting any pieces you wear to waste.

A Wardrobe That Saves You Time

You can dedicate more time to designing even more ambitious clothes with all that extra time saved. After all, you know what styles are in your wardrobe.

Time to use that foreknowledge to craft some genuinely unique items to wear. But first, let’s see what it takes to create a capsule wardrobe in the first place.

A Wardrobe That Saves You Money

Along with keeping your wardrobe sustainable, your closet will save you money in the long run. A capsule wardrobe helps you save time and money by allowing you to cut your shopping time down significantly.

Since you have a reliable wardrobe filled with versatile pieces and clothes for years to come, your bank account will thank you.

Having a capsule wardrobe keeps you from shopping and helps you contribute to new, more exciting endeavors. Namely, creating your own clothing.

How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

black and white striped jacket used in a capsule wardrobeWhile fashion sketching can help you formulate creative ideas for pieces in a fashion collection, you can always do more.

It’s high time you start building a comprehensive capsule wardrobe that allows you to hit the ground running.

What better way to develop your style than by trial-and-error?

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Find more neutral colors to mix and match. Whether it’s your favorite denim jeans, tank tops, or t-shirts. Once you get a feel for your own capsule wardrobe, you can graduate to more ambitious outfits. A great way to start is choosing a color like black. Then gradually develop your style, mixing and matching with black items as your base. Then, gradually bring colors into the mix. Overall, it’s important to use capsule wardrobes as a foundation.

Using Your Capsule Wardrobe To Create Clothing

Above all, a good capsule wardrobe can help inspire you to design clothes. Make your capsule wardrobe do the hard work for you.

What is a capsule wardrobe? Your ticket to designing more ambitious clothing lines! Capsule wardrobes are fantastic ways to experiment with your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) accessories, jeans, trends, and more.

Create The Perfect Clothes With The Evans Group (TEG)

interior of black and white jacket in a capsule wardrobeLos Angeles clothing manufacturers at The Evans Group help emerging fashion designers create clothing; plain and simple.

TEG offers new designers the opportunity to take a capsule wardrobe and translate it into a stunning seasonal piece or a minimalist mini skirt.

Especially now with TEG’s fashion mentoring program in Los Angeles.

Plus, there are no minimums at all. That means that TEG allows designers to take the time to test style, pieces, and outfits without sapping all their resources in one go. Sometimes, all a designer needs to develop their techniques is a small batch clothing manufacturer.

Have any questions about capsule wardrobes? Want to get started with a TEG mentor in the mentoring program? Or do you want to finally begin designing minimalist styles and outfits?

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