What Is A Fashion Consultant? A Guide To Get Inspired

We all need some guidance. With the hustle and bustle of everyone’s day-to-day, developing something like your own personal style can be a tall order. Where does everyone seem to find a time? That’s where a fashion consultant comes in. But what is a fashion consultant? What skills do fashion consultants have? What sets them apart from fashion mentors? Let’s explore and find the answers together.

What Is A Fashion Consultant?

los angeles pattern maker helping a fashion designerA fashion consultant is an individual who helps clients develop a personal style. Drawing on expertise in style and design, fashion consultants typically meet with and help advise you to nail a unique look. Furthermore, a good fashion consultant can build up your fashion collection by working with you to determine what works best for you. Do you gravitate toward avant-garde fashion? Or maybe you’re more into retro fashion. Either way, a talented fashion consultant will find what you like and capitalize on it.

How To Become a Fashion Consultant

So can anyone just say they’re a fashion consultant? No. Would-be fashion consultants need some education. You may have an eye for unique outfits and customer relations, but professionals need job experience and requirements to thrive as fully-fledged fashion consultants.

Fashion Consultant Requirements

While degrees and certifications are great, a good fashion consultant needs a wide array of skills to provide excellent services and experiences to clients.

  • Education. Would-be fashion consultants will have to work on their educational background. To become a consultant, candidates will need a bachelor’s degree. Is this a hard and fast rule? Not necessarily, but it’s recommended as a minimum professional requirement. Believe us; your clients will gravitate towards your bona fides and see if you can help them.
  • Job experience. Whether it’s an internship or a previous position in the fashion industry, having previous job experience is a must-have for your career.
  • Fashion experience. Of course, someone who hopes to guide clients must have sartorial expertise. Clients require experts, whether it’s being familiar with the latest trends from New York Fashion Week or having fantastic style.

Fashion Consultant Skills

Not everyone can declare that they’re a fashion consultant, even with some personal experience. To be an influential fashion consultant, candidates must possess a few key skills. Said skills set them apart from people with a good eye for fashion.

  • Technical know-how. Fashion consultants must roll with the punches, especially in an ever-changing industry like fashion. For example, a knowledge of AutoCAD and other software is a must.
  • Detail, detail, detail. Fashion consultants need a keen eye for detail, simple as that. Especially when they’re assisting a client. Attention to detail is more than simply knowing what outfits match. While that’s an evident skill, detail is more about noticing fashion trends to help your clients get the desired results.
  • Communication. Since a consultant works directly with clients, it makes sense that the perfect fashion consultant has some serious interpersonal communication skills. Above all, they need to listen to their client. After all, how will a project succeed if the relationship between the client and consultant is nothing but mixed signals?

With all these skills in mind, do you have what it takes?

What’s The Difference Between A Fashion Consultant and Fashion Mentor?

jennifer evans speaking with a los angeles clothing manufacturer about a new clothing lineThere are some critical differences between a fashion mentor and a fashion consultant. While fashion consultants are style experts, assisting people with their styles, looks, and capsule wardrobes, fashion mentors go a bit further. Fashion mentors help new fashion designers get into the swing of things, helping with brainstorming clothing line ideas and more.

Fashion Mentoring With The Evans Group

For example, a fashion mentor from The Evans Group assists new clothing designers in creating a fashion collection. The fashion mentoring program is perfect for indie fashion designers or would-be fashion designers who have no clue what they’re doing. At The Evans Group, we utilize the skill of our multi-talented staff to help fashion rookies get more comfortable with launching a fashion collection. We’re not just a notable Los Angeles clothing manufacturer, although it does help! Drawing from proven methods to help inexperienced and emerging fashion designers, fashion mentors at The Evans Group are well-versed in assisting emerging designers. Whether fashion merchandising, finding a target market, or working on fashion sketches, a mentor can help you reach your full potential. In short, a personal TEG fashion mentor in Los Angeles may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. TEG fashion mentors give you the confidence you need to cross the finish line with your fashion collection.

Final Thoughts On Fashion Consultants

fashion consultant showing fashion designer a black dressA fashion consultant is a great way to familiarize yourself with the staples of style, what works in your closet, and what doesn’t. Now that you know the difference between a fashion consultant and a fashion mentor, which do you feel you need the most? Someone to help you build up your wardrobe by finding your personal style? Or someone intimately acquainted with the clothing manufacturing process? Of course, you could do both! Either way, the fashion industry has many tools and resources for new and daring designers who want to change their closets and career. Want more info on fashion mentors and how The Evans Group (TEG) can help you achieve your goals? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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