What Is a Minimum Order Quantity?

If you’re an emerging designer, chances are you’re looking for every advantage you can get. It could be the advice of a trusted fashion expert or the creative services of a local clothing manufacturer. Either way, being a new independent designer can be pretty daunting. A crucial asset to any fashion designer is the prior knowledge of a clothing manufacturer’s minimum order quantity.

But what is a minimum order quantity?

First, let’s see what minimum order quantities are. Then we’ll explore what they mean for the designer in the long run and how they directly help emerging independent fashion designers succeed.

What Does MOQ Mean?

A closeup of a fashion designer's hand resting on brown fabric used at a low minimum order quantity clothing manufacturer

‘MOQ’ stands for the minimum order quantity that the clothing manufacturer sets for their production. It could range from no minimum order quantity at all or a staggeringly large 500 piece order.

Now, for more established clothing designers, the latter option may not seem too out of the ordinary. But if you’re just starting out with fashion sketches and ambitious ideas, anything over 100 clothing samples may seem excessive.

Unsurprisingly, the higher the minimum order quantity, the more resources a fashion designer will need to dole out. There’s a world of difference between 10 clothing samples and 500, especially if it’s your very clothing production.

When searching out clothing manufacturers with low to no minimum order quantity, it’s well worth doing your research. Who accepts smaller clothing orders? Who’s willing to take a chance on your business?

And don’t be afraid to lightly negotiate order sizes with clothing manufacturers about their MOQs. There’s no harm in asking for a smaller production run. If they can’t budge, then simply continue your search.

Why Do Clothing Manufacturers Set A Minimum Order Quantity?

It can be expensive to start a clothing line. A massive part of this cost comes from materials and labor costs. But a clothing manufacturer’s MOQ can really set the tempo for starting your own clothing line. And if your chosen clothing manufacturer is using sustainable materials, it can really add up.

Clothing manufacturers don’t magically have all of the high-end materials needed to make luxury clothing. There need to be extensive planning sessions, fabric sourcing, and the overall monitoring of their bottom line. Plus, each line of clothing is different, requiring different materials, tools, and more.

If you’re trying to be environmentally conscious, you may opt for more sustainable materials like organic cotton or Tencel. While these materials are definitely preferable to the alternatives, acquiring massive amounts of sustainable materials may be a hassle for some clothing manufacturers.

And overall, clothing manufacturers need to monitor their bottom line. Are their services generating enough profit to warrant further orders?

MOQ Risk Factors

A masked Los Angeles seamstress working on a low minumum order quantity clothing orderAnd be aware, it can be pretty tricky finding clothing manufacturers with low MOQs. After all, low MOQ clothing manufacturers are taking a bit of a gamble with you and your designs. Some clothing manufacturers (those with higher MOQs) will tend to avoid smaller fashion labels and new fashion designers.

For them, it’s too much of a risk. After all, they’re spending time and money acquiring the best materials they can from their suppliers for a tiny order. The math just doesn’t add up. Mitigating risk is an important decision-making process in any industry.

Afraid of Commitment

The last thing you want to do is commit to a clothing line that you aren’t sure about. Especially if a clothing manufacturer’s MOQ is well over 300.

These huge orders can set you back financially and overall prevent you from designing more clothing that resonates with your target audience.

But don’t get us wrong: there are valid reasons why clothing production houses set these limits. It isn’t to cash in on a burgeoning designer. Let’s see why certain clothing manufacturers set certain MOQs, and what it means for the independent fashion designer.

Respect the Professionals

The fashion industry isn’t something you stumble into and understand every nuance. Although we wish everyone could understand the ins and outs of the clothing business, it’s not realistic.

That being said, it’s essential to respect the company you’re working with. This means understanding the process, the work that goes into creating your clothing samples, and of course, their minimum order quantity.

Above all else, it’s vital to forge a meaningful relationship with your chosen clothing manufacturer.

Low MOQ At The Evans Group

At TEG, we provide no MOQ for clothing orders. We believe in building a solid working relationship with our clients through extensive creative planning sessions.

We engage in brainstorming, fashion sketching, and crafting fashion mood boards. In short, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible when attempting to launch a clothing line or clothing business.

With The Evans Group, Jennifer Evans ensured that independent designers had a haven to design and plan their dream clothing line. Especially without worrying about ordering over 400 clothing samples on a strict production budget.

At TEG, independent designers have the luxury of choosing studio level production. Studio level clothing production at TEG means that they can choose anywhere from 1 to 50 clothing samples. If you opt for a larger clothing order, you’ll want to choose our factory level production. This level of production allows us to handle up to 500 pieces per style.

Plus, we’re advocates for eliminating fast fashion and its adverse effects on the environment. This dedication to ethical and sustainable fashion design means we do our best to provide emerging designers with sustainable fashion alternatives.

What A Minimum Order Quantity Means For New Fashion Designers

Low minimun order quantity clothing manufacturer cutting a piece of fabric

While lower minimum order quantities technically mean less clothing for a particular style, it spells creative freedom for the emerging designer.

As you can imagine, testing the fashion industry waters with a small set of clothing samples is ideal. It’s an excellent way to see if your style resonates with everyone, including yourself.

Additionally, launching a smaller clothing line can help you grow as a designer. By taking your smaller clothing line and performing invaluable market analysis (i.e., testing the reception of your product with the target audience), you can improve. You can revise tech packs and work side by side with a pattern maker that ensures quality over quantity.

At TEG, emerging designers will meet with Jennifer Evans and the design team to outline clothing designs. You’re thrown headlong into the design process. Essentially, you’re living and breathing your clothing design until you’re satisfied with what you’ve created in the TEG creative space.

What Is A Minimum Order Quantity? Your Key To Design Success

Now that you know what a MOQ is, you can use the crucial information about minimum order quantities to bring your designs to life.

When you start your own clothing line, chances are you need every resource at your disposal. To sum it all up, you have more freedom to plan, produce, and launch a great fashion brand with a minimum order quantity. And who knows? Maybe your smaller, sustainable clothing line will appear on fashion runways soon?

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