What is Bespoke Fashion Design?

Custom tailoring and made-to-order clothing have been a mainstay in the fashion industry since its inception. That’s why choosing bespoke fashion design is a serious boon to you, whether you’re an established or emerging fashion designer.

What Does Bespoke Mean?

A Los Angeles pattern maker examining bespoke clothingThe term bespoke simply means ‘custom-made.’

It applies to various items, like furniture, shoes, and even computer software. Noted bespoke fashion designer Paul Smith has personally taken bespoke to the auto industry with the launch of the MINI Strip.

But for our purposes, let’s focus on bespoke fashion and how it can help you launch a clothing line and grow your business.

What is Bespoke Fashion?

Bespoke refers to custom, made-to-order clothing.

When you commission bespoke fashion items from a clothing manufacturer, you’re giving them specific measurements for a clothing item.

It’s the complete opposite of wasteful mass production you find with fast fashion.

Choosing bespoke over fast fashion is perfect for starting your own clothing line, as it gives you considerable control over what sustainable materials you want to be used, as well as general measurements.

After all, you want a good fit if you’re going to create the next great style.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Bespoke Clothing Manufacturer

A Los Angeles clothing manufacturer working on bespoke fashion on a sewing machineBut why should you opt for bespoke clothing? There are some serious pros when it comes to finding the perfect bespoke tailor.

1. Bespoke Fashion Is All About A Good Fit

Having a shirt or suit that sloppily sags on your model is a disaster. By choosing to go bespoke, you ensure that your new clothing line will have samples and pieces that conform to your exact measurements. And with the TEG team (plus TEG Specification Sheets), you’ll achieve that perfect fit.

But there’s a difference between made to measure and general adjustments. For example, you may want to fix the fit of a suit. A tailor will take care of it, making it fit better.

With bespoke fashion, you choose the exact specifications from the beginning. A clothing manufacturer like TEG helps you nail down all the nitty-gritty details about your future clothing line. This means in-depth planning sessions with the help of creative brainstorming, fashion mood boards, and sketches.

2. Sustainable Fashion

Once again, sustainable fashion comes in to save the day. When you choose to use bespoke fashion with TEG, you can take comfort knowing that some of the most ethically and environmentally-friendly fabrics and materials are in use.

Whether you want specific, innovative materials, or organic linen, ordering custom fashion opens up many customization options, all the way down to the fabric used. With TEG, ethical and sustainable practices have defined Jennifer Evans’s design philosophy. Committed to limiting the environmental impact of fashion waste and poor working conditions in the Global South, Evans and the TEG team offers clients a stylish clothing line, along with a clearer conscience.

3. Longevity

Playing off of the last pro, using these preferable materials allow for bespoke clothing to last longer. As we’ve already said, fast fashion isn’t meant to last. It’s an easy alternative to bespoke fashion, but it creates tons of waste. When you order custom-made, you’re promoting the use of long-lasting clothing.

The use of more environmentally-friendly materials equals better quality bespoke clothing. Simple as that.

With TEG, it doesn’t matter if you choose a small batch order or an extensive collection for your business. Quality, precision, and diligence combine to create a memorable, sustainable, final bespoke fashion line.

Choose a Bespoke Clothing Manufacturer

Closeup of spools of thread to create bespoke fashionWith The Evans Group (TEG), the talented team of seamstresses, pattern makers, and project designers allow for your ambitious garment designs to spring to life in a matter of weeks.

As a prominent Los Angeles clothing manufacturer, dealing in bespoke fashion is the driving force behind TEG’s entire business model.

Jennifer Evans and the creative team sit down with prospective clients and go over the ins and outs of a specific clothing order.

Is Bespoke Fashion the Future?

The Aretha Franklin biopic, Respect, is filled with bespoke fashion, thanks to the prolific costume designer Clint Ramos. The focus on Clint Ramos’ professional design work is a promising development in custom-made fashion.

With innovations, attention, and fame, it’s easy to see that bespoke fashion has a prominent spot in clothing design. With L.A. clothing manufacturer The Evans Group, you’re opting for some profound benefits, like sustainable fashion, the talents of local textile workers, and a focus on a client’s vision.

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