Why You Need a Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer

Becoming more eco-friendly is a fantastic idea. Acts like recycling more and cutting down on plastic bag usage are simple examples of working towards eliminating waste. In fashion, shedding the low-quality, high waste clothing of fast fashion is a direction we need to head sooner rather than later.

And a great way to steer the fashion industry ship in that direction is with sustainable clothing from sustainable clothing manufacturers.

Why Sustainable Clothing?

Strips of plaid fabric made at a sustainable clothing manufacturerVery simply, it helps the environment. But, of course, there’s much more nuance to it than that. Let’s examine why this method of clothing production is ideal in today’s world. And especially for an ethical clothing line.

Stemming The Negative Environmental Tide

And the Atacama Desert in Chile is proving to be one of fast fashion’s most staggering casualties. Along with being the world’s driest desert, it’s becoming ground zero for fast fashion.

According to Al Jazeera’s staggering report on the Atacama clothing crisis,

“Chile has long been a hub of second-hand and unsold clothing, made in China or Bangladesh and passing through Europe, Asia or the United States before arriving in Chile…at least 39,000 tonnes that cannot be sold end up in rubbish dumps in the desert…the clothing is not biodegradable and has chemical products, so it is not accepted in the municipal landfills…” (Source: Al Jazeera)

The harsh realities of fast fashion are piling up. So how do we combat needless fashion waste? How do we promote more eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry? By using a clothing manufacturer that emphasizes sustainability for your next clothing line.

Finding a Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer

Closeup of a sustainable clothing manufacturer working on fabric at a sewing machine

When you want to start your own clothing line, it can be a tall order to think ahead as to which clothing manufacturer you’ll end up using. After all, it’s a pretty big commitment.

But we’re here to tell you that it’s never too early to start planning, especially with something as crucial as your fashion brand.

And, if you want to take advantage of the talents of a clothing manufacturer, pattern makers, and seamstresses, you’ll need to do some searching. Let’s look at some essential criteria when searching for a company or business that shares your values.

Do They Use Organic Fabric?

Starting a clothing line with a sustainable clothing manufacturer allows you to take advantage of newer, more eco-friendly materials.

For example, a sustainable clothing manufacturer may opt to use organic cotton or hemp when sourcing fabric for designs.

Another newer, popular option is Tencel fabric (known as lyocell, a form of rayon). Like organic cotton, it requires less water to produce. Tencel also doesn’t need as much clothing dye during production as other fibers do.

The bottom line with these sustainable fashion fabrics? They are all biodegradable. That means no rotting away in a desert in Chile or polluting crucial waterways. Whether that means opting for recycled cotton, you can rest easy knowing your garments and brand are created using ethical and sustainable materials.

Do They Practice Ethical Manufacturing?

When you search for manufacturers who provide ethically processed textiles and products, what does that mean exactly?

Fashion production can possess darker sides that the customer doesn’t see. All over the Global South, workers (especially women) are exploited for their labor. Since companies outsource labor to the Global South, these workers are often mistreated and work long hours in inhumane conditions.

At TEG’s Los Angeles clothing manufacturing studio space, Jennifer Evans saw these issues and vowed to combat them to the best of her ability. She recognized the wealth of talent right in her own neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles and saw a golden opportunity.

When fashion designers are feeling extra ambitious, ordering hundreds of clothing samples, Evans partners with local clothing manufacturers. From this partnership comes talented textile workers to help design and produce a brand.

Starting Your Ethical Clothing Brand With The Evans Group

Neon sign logo of The Evans Group in Los AngelesAt TEG, Jennifer Evans and her team help new independent fashion designers plan out their dream clothing line.

Once the fashion mood boards, fashion sketches, and brainstorming sessions are through, the production begins on your apparel.

And if you are an emerging fashion designer looking to launch your first brand, there has never been a better time to take advantage of TEG’s status as a low MOQ clothing manufacturer.

An ethical manufacturer, TEG offers no minimums to its clients. That is, you can order anywhere from one to ten clothing samples if you wish. A minimum order quantity can run up as high as 500 pieces for a particular style in clothing manufacturing. For new designers focusing on creative principles and sustainable manufacturing, that can be a big ask.

And ordering a smaller production of garments from an ethical manufacturer simply helps the environment.

Final Thoughts on Using a Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer

Sustainable clothing manufacturers are much more than factories that crank out clothes. They’re places, people, and organizations that allow for creativity to flourish without burdening nature.

At TEG, ethics and sustainability in fashion are some of our biggest passions. When helping established and emerging designers chase their latest creative passion, we want to ensure that the environment doesn’t take a heavy toll.

As such, TEG dedicates itself to sustainability in clothing manufacturing. And with a sustainable clothing manufacturer, you can sleep easier at night knowing that you’re making a difference in both fashion trends and environmental impact.

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