Why You Need Los Angeles Clothing Manufacturers in 2022

A brand new year means a brand new opportunity to start a clothing line. You may still be in the grip of winter and its fashion trends, but that snow is quickly melting. And that means it’s time to thaw your creative muscles.

Even if you’re an independent, emerging designer with no prior experience, Los Angeles clothing manufacturers can and do provide unparalleled creative services and production quality. But that’s barely scratching the surface of West Coast fashion design. Let’s see why any fashion designer, both established and new, needs Los Angeles clothing manufacturers in 2022.

Why You Need Los Angeles Clothing Manufacturing

Interior view of sewists at machines at a Los Angeles clothing manufacturerLos Angeles clothing manufacturers are talented professionals well-versed in crafting clothing lines. However, essential distinctions with specific L.A. clothing manufacturing are the degree of creative services, their minimum order quantity, and the production team.

Starting a clothing line can run up major costs, so picking the right Los Angeles clothing manufacturer is crucial to fulfilling your fashion dreams.

Firstly, let’s look at what small batch clothing manufacturing means, why fashion designers everywhere should care about it, and how to capitalize on low minimum order quantities.

Why Small Batch Clothing Manufacturing Makes A Difference

A small batch clothing manufacturer is a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer that helps fashion designers looking to order precisely that: a small batch of clothing.

Also known as a low MOQ clothing manufacturer, these studios allow clients to order smaller amounts of clothing samples to launch fashion brands.

If you were looking to start a clothing line of your own in the new year and didn’t want to expend excessive resources, finding a low MOQ clothing manufacturer is ideal.

Unfortunately for emerging designers, many fashion studios and production houses have larger minimum order quantities. This effectively bars anyone without adequate capital to experiment and participate in the fashion industry.

The Evans Group: No Minimums Needed

At The Evans Group, there are no minimums. Essentially, instead of a ‘low MOQ clothing manufacturer,’ TEG can be a ‘no MOQ clothing manufacturer.

With no minimums, TEG clients can order under ten pieces of clothing for a fashion line. Having a smaller clothing line comes with obvious benefits. While you may not be outfitting numerous models for New York Fashion Week, you’ll have greater control over the fate of your clothing line.

With a small batch clothing manufacturer, fashion designers can more easily perform market research.

If you’ve spent any time in the fashion industry (or any customer-based industry for that matter), you know how influential your target audience is. Demographics help us understand and categorize our audiences, making it easier to connect with them and serve their interests. Knowing your audience is simply a great fashion tip to know, too.

As such, using a small clothing line to see if your target audience is interested in your fashion is an invaluable exercise in creative freedom.

Creative Services

Pattern maker and seamstress discussing a designBefore your audience discovers your unique designs, you need to create them in the first place. But how? By using creative services.

For example, using a tool like a fashion mood board, a free and open ‘vision board’ for your clothing line, is a fantastic start. With a fashion mood board, clothing designers can take the bare bones of a creative idea and build upon it. A designer can take a generic concept and transform it into a luxury clothing line in no time.

At TEG, new fashion designers have a bevy of creative options when commissioning an order. For example, the TEG team provides Fabric Treatment Management.

The fabric sourcing manager at TEG helps you with the nitty-gritty of fabric for every style and enables you to understand what to look for.

Creative Strategy and Planning

Likewise, there are the Creative Strategy and Planning sessions. These brainstorming sessions. Including founder Jennifer Evans and her creative design team, help your new clothing line reach its full potential. These sessions are where the aforementioned fashion mood board makes its important appearance.

That leads to yet another piece of the clothing line puzzle: the professionals who make the clothing.

Los Angeles Pattern Makers

Pattern makers are crucial for taking your design to the next level. These all-around fashion experts take the fashion tech pack, essentially the blueprint for your small batch clothing line, and bring it one step closer to clothing stores.

Pattern makers first pore over extensive CAD drawings and use them in the following stages: fashion draping and drafting.

Fashion drafting is when a Los Angeles pattern maker takes a flat piece of fabric and creates a sloper in conjunction with the CAD drawing. A sloper is the basic framework of the fashion drafting process. After perfecting the fashion draft, the pattern maker moves on to fashion draping, and finally, clothing line production.

How Do I Find Los Angeles Clothing Manufacturers?

TEG front desk with a neon sign that says The Evans groupFinding a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer can be a tedious process, but you must find the right match. For example, Jennifer Evans meets one-on-one with the fashion designer, ensuring that there’s a good fit. If the emerging fashion designer thinks that TEG can deliver on creative goals, the team moves on to the aforementioned creative services to make a design come to life.

At TEG, Jennifer Evans and her team of professionals slowly but surely created a clothing manufacturing house that emphasizes sustainability and the creative potential of the clothing designer.

What resulted was nearly 20 years of continued fashion success and hundreds of satisfied clients. Could you be next?

Make 2022 a Banner Year With Los Angeles Clothing Manufacturers

Fall is over (although some of its biggest style trends remain), and 2022 is filled with clothing manufacturing possibilities. With TEG, emerging designers have an invaluable resource in the form of three primary clothing manufacturing mainstays: small batch clothing manufacturing, creative services, and Los Angeles pattern makers.

With these robust pillars of the fashion industry working tirelessly alongside a determined designer, any clothing samples crafted will be of the utmost quality. And, hopefully, will spur designers to create even more unique clothing.

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