Why You Should Avoid Fast Fashion

You may have heard the term ‘fast fashion,’ referring to the mass production of clothing. While these clothing items are relatively convenient, they create some glaring problems within the fashion industry.

But why should we avoid and move away from fast fashion? Let’s find out more about this controversial fashion trend and how you can create your own clothing line instead.

Why Should You Avoid Fast Fashion?

Closeup of various fabric in a clothing manufacturing studioBuying an outfit for a great price always seems like a deal too good to be true. If fast fashion is involved, it definitely is. When it comes to clothing, you’re making a statement, setting yourself apart.

With fast fashion, you’re indulging in a problematic, wasteful cycle that degrades high-quality clothing and promotes environmental damage, as you’ll soon see.

Let’s delve into why fast fashion doesn’t deserve your attention and some choice alternatives to make fashion fun, unique, and popular.

Fast Fashion Creates Poor Quality Clothing

First, the quality of fast fashion clothes is abysmal. The lower price points may be tempting to some, but the payoff is hardly worth it. These pieces of clothing are made cheap, with lower-quality fabric and materials, often exposing textile workers to inhumane working conditions. Garment workers involved in the mass production of these pieces often work long hours for meager pay.

Fast Fashion Is Easy

This may seem positive, but it’s one of the worst things that fast fashion gives people. The ease of access to thousands of pieces of mass-produced clothing allows people to acquire and throw out clothing whenever anything goes out of style.

These glaring downsides lead to the final and most severe problem that fast fashion presents to the industry and the world: the dire environmental impact.

Fast Fashion has a Devastating Environmental Effect

With a ton of waste, fast fashion production absolutely devastates the environment. A majority of fast fashion clothing contains significant concentrations of plastic. This means this clothing isn’t even recyclable.

You’ve probably heard of how long some materials, like plastic, can take centuries to decompose. With fast fashion, even more, thrown into the environment, particularly landfills and bodies of water.

Add to that dyes, acrylics, and polyester along with plastic microfibers, and you have an environmental concern quickly transforming into an environmental disaster.

With The Evans Group (TEG), Jennifer Evans commits to practicing socially and environmentally ethical practices to reduce the staggering amount of waste produced. With well-made clothing, you can recycle materials. Jennifer Evans and her team aim to create sustainable, environmentally friendly clothing to combat the rise of a negative environmental impact.

But how can you protect the health of the environment while also creating a collection of your own and avoiding fast fashion? By starting your own clothing line with an experienced clothing manufacturer.

Start Your Own Clothing Line Instead

Closeup of hands gathering fabric for a clothing lineThe fleeting benefits of concepts like fast fashion are just that: temporary and wasteful.

What can you do instead to make an impact in the fashion industry? Start your own clothing line with the help of a clothing manufacturer.

Let’s shed the negativity of fast fashion and its effects on the fashion industry and instead focus on what you can do to create a memorable clothing brand.

How to Start Your Own Clothing Line

Starting a clothing line isn’t impossible. There are long planning sessions, materials you need to buy, and searching for a talented clothing manufacturer that shares your vision. But creating your own clothing line is a serious undertaking. However, it doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Easy doesn’t always equate to quality. We’ve learned that lesson with fast fashion, after all.

Choose a Clothing Manufacturer that Connects with You

When starting your clothing line, you need someone to work with that understands your goals. More than that, you need someone who will listen to you, answer any questions you may have, and deliver on promises.

TEG offers comprehensive meetings with creative directors, project managers, and Jennifer Evans herself to ensure that everyone on the TEG team is on the same page.

Start Clothing Production

After hashing out certain details, the TEG team gets to work on creating your clothing line. Talented pattern makers, cut and sew manufacturers, and seamstresses make it all come together over the course of 4 to 8 weeks. Rush orders are also available if you need your samples in a hurry.

Wrapping Up Starting Your Own Clothing Line

Once clothing production is complete, the TEG production manager contacts the fashion designer for pricing and shows off the completed clothing samples. After seeing your samples in person, you’ll understand why creating couture blows fast fashion’s mass production out of the water.

Avoid Fast Fashion and Promote Sustainability With TEG

Two clothing manufacturers examinigin fabric and starting a clothing lineNow that you know the downsides to fast fashion and the upsides of commissioning your very own clothing line, you can see that it’s really no contest. The industry needs to move away from easily produced, low-quality clothing and embrace more creative, sustainable practices. Developing couture is a rewarding experience.

The Evans Group, filled with talented workers, fabric sourcing, garment production, and sustainable couture, can show you just how good ditching fast fashion can be.

Starting a clothing line and avoiding fast fashion is beneficial not only for your personal clothing brand but for the good of the environment, too.

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