What Is Bespoke Clothing? A Guide to Unique Fashion

When you’re in the first stages of starting your own clothing line, it’s essential to understand popular fashion terms. One of them, bespoke clothing, refers to a certain way to craft memorable and unique fashion. Let’s examine bespoke clothing, how it figures into an emerging designer’s repertoire, and if it’s worth the time and effort.

What Is Bespoke Clothing?

Reams of white fabric used for bespoke clothing designsBespoke clothing is a particular method of creating clothing. More specifically, it’s custom-made clothing that is then produced using a clothing manufacturer.

In short, the word ‘bespoke’ itself refers to ‘speaking for something,’ as in speaking to the tailor of specific measurements for garments.

In addition, bespoke clothing makes up a massive amount of some of your favorite fashion brands in the fashion industry. Whether it’s Greg Lauren’s distressed menswear lines or the ethereal garments of Hiraeth, bespoke clothing makes the fashion industry a powerhouse in creative production.

Bespoke Vs. Made-To-Measure

Seamstress working at a sewing machineSome fashion manufacturers debate that bespoke and made-tom-measure can cause confusion for some emerging fashion designers. Firstly, both methods result in quality clothing. The methods and nuances are much different. Are they of the same quality?

Let’s clear some things up between the two terms.


The name says it all. Firstly, made-to-measure clothes are garments made from the precise measurements of a person’s physical measurements. Secondly, made-to-measure apparel, like a suit jacket or wedding dress, is creating using machines. A downside to made-to-measure is the lack of options. The consumer doesn’t have much control compared to bespoke items. However, fashion designers can usually receive their clothing samples more quickly.

Benefits of Bespoke Clothing

Bespoke fashion is made by hand, using carefully sourced sustainable materials. As opposed to its made-to-measure counterpart, a bespoke suit is made by hand, with the talents of pattern makers, seamstresses, and other custom clothing experts. These style experts produce clothing samples for the fashion designer to examine, revise, and approve of.

Bespoke allows the client more creative freedom. A downside to bespoke fashion is that it could take a bit longer to produce, although it involves more creative flexibility. However, this timetable is understandable, as considerable effort goes into the entire design and production process.

That being said, the overall fit of the fabric and apparel is considerably better. The time and effort put forth by clothing manufacturers and fashion experts allow for something as simple as a shirt or pair of shorts to have a sublime fitting.

Should I Make Bespoke Fashion?

Clothing manufacturer crafting a brown shirt for a bespoke clothing lineIt depends. If you’re an intrepid fashion designer eager to begin your foray into the industry with a custom line of suits or designer shirts, then yes. Additionally, if you’re concerned with the environment and ethical clothing manufacturing practices, opting for a line of bespoke items is a great way to lean into those aspects of custom-tailoring.

Is Bespoke Worth It?

To sum up, yes. If you’re attempting to start a clothing line in 2022, knowing all about bespoke clothing is crucial to success. If you want a fantastic look and feel for your new styles, it’s the way to go. Plus, nothing beats the perfect fit.

Whether it’s to display your clothing in store windows, your local boutique, or dress up models in fashion shows, bespoke clothing is essential to your success.

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