Premier Clothing Manufacturer in Los Angeles

Premier Clothing Manufacturer in Los Angeles

TEG is your full-service fashion clothing manufacturer development partner, including patternmaking, sample making, and cut & sew manufacturing.

With nearly 20 years of experience, TEG has been ethically supporting emerging and established fashion designers in launching and scaling their collections.

Having collaborated with nearly 4000 fashion designers, many of whom were at the start of their journey, we offer a hands-on approach tailored to guide you through every step of the process.

Our top-notch team operates from our vertically integrated facility in the Arts District of Los Angeles, crafting patterns, samples, and small-volume productions. As premier cut and sew clothing manufacturers, we specialize in bringing your designs to life with precision and excellence.

Experience your collection come to life at TEG, from the initial sketch to the final stitch.



You’ve begun the journey to launching your line. Let us lead you the rest of the way. From planning to design and fabric sourcing, we support emerging designers as they kickstart their collections.

Custom Clothing Manufacturer Creative Strategy and Planning

This custom service provides comprehensive and detailed creative strategy and planning for your current collection and brand launch.

Clothing Manufacture Design Services

Unlock your success by partnering with our professional in-house designer. Together, we’ll translate your inspiration and ideas into precise technical designs, primed for development and production.

Custom Clothing Fabric and Trim Sourcing

Finding the perfect fabric is crucial for your collection’s success. With TEG’s custom Clothing Manufacturers Sourcing Manager at your disposal, we’ll meticulously research and identify the ideal fabric and trim for each of your styles. Additionally, you’ll receive swatches for approval, and we’ll expertly guide you through the purchase process.

Clothing Manufacturers Fabric Treatment Management

Looking to wash, over-dye, enzyme wash, pleat, embroider, or print your fabrics? The possibilities are endless. With TEG’s, you’ll receive professional oversight and management of all your clothing manufacturing fabric treatments. We’ll guide you through each step of the process, ensuring exceptional results for every style.



Excellence isn’t optional. Our clothing manufacturing pattern makers and sample makers are regarded as the absolute best in the industry. Together, we will ensure your collection is developed with extreme precision and skill to bring your private label vision to life.

Custom Clothing Manufacturer Development Packages Include:

Private Label Onboarding Session

– Intake Meeting with Patternmaker

– First patterns (one per style)

– Optional CLO 3D Sample

– TEG Private Label Development Guide

– 1 Sample per style

– 1 Fitting with patternmaker

– 1 Round of fit adjustments

– TEG Costing and Production Guide

– 1 Final sample per style

Clothing Production-ready patterns

– Weekly digital project updates

– Client Support and Management

We stand out as one of the select fashion clothing manufacturers in the US with our versatile capabilities. From knitwear to activewear, evening gowns to denim, and everything in between, we cover a diverse range of cut and sew categories, ensuring we can bring your unique vision to life, no matter the style or complexity.

We stand out as one of the select fashion manufacturers in the US with our versatile capabilities. From knitwear to activewear, evening gowns to denim, and everything in between, we cover a diverse range of cut and sew categories, ensuring we can bring your unique vision to life, no matter the style or complexity.



Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer

TEG operates a vertically-integrated clothing production facility in Los Angeles, renowned for its expertise as premier fashion pattern makers and cut & sew sustainable clothing manufacturers. With our skills, we’ve provided studio-level and factory-level production to over 2500 high-end designers, ensuring exceptional quality in every garment.

Fashion Design Studio Level Production

TEG fulfils up to 50 pieces per style, drawing in clients from all over the U.S that want to start their own clothing brand.

We remain committed to sustaining garment workers’ employment with livable wages year-round, upholding our commitment to being the best place to work as a sustainable clothing manufacturer. Our cohesive in-studio apparel manufacturing team, many with years of tenure, are skilled artisans dedicated to their craft.

With our in-house Studio Level Production, you can advance your fashion journey. Tailoring our approach to your needs, from costing to timelines, our expert team ensures your complex custom embroidery and high-end production requirements are met on demand.

Factory Level Manufacturing Production Package

At TEG, we collaborate with top-tier sewing factories in downtown Los Angeles, allowing you to ethically scale your business with a minimum of 50 pieces per style.

Our seasoned production team oversees every detail of your production journey, from grading and marking to precise cutting and sewing, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish. Benefit from our years of experience to launch like a pro and gain valuable insights along the way.

TEG’s Factory Level Production specializes in batch sizes ranging from 50-100, 100-200, to 200-300 pieces per style, providing flexibility to suit your unique production needs.

Clothing Manufacturer Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a trusted manufacturer is not as simple as it may appear.  You may opt for a referral, Google search, use a paid platform to connect you to one, or work with a trusted vertically integrated domestic manufacturing source specifically for emerging designers like TEG.  A vertical setup holds the manufacturer accountable for all steps of the process, ensuring quality and consistency throughout.

Manufacturing costs range on the style, construction, fabrics, and quantity for each style.  This makes it tricky for manufacturers to give a quote before reviewing a sewn garment.  In general, domestic manufacturing in small volumes (ie. 50 pieces per style, including all sizes and two colorways) can range from $20-80 per piece of clothing for most styles.  More complex garments can of course be much more expensive.  The larger the volume, the lower the per-piece price is.

Starting a clothing line is easy at TEG, and we work to make it even easier, avoiding the many pitfalls new designers may face on their own.  In general, you start with your designs, go through the development process, then production, then marketing and sales of your garments.

Look no further than TEG!  TEG was founded in 2005 based on the model of sustainable and ethical practices, long before they were buzz words.  TEG is a best-in-class leader in domestic manufacturing with these principals, specializing in working with emerging designers and established high-end brands.

A manufacturer’s reputation will tell you a lot about them.  Many sources will say they can do anything.  Knowing they have a reputation for quality work, on-time delivery, and length of business will give you the most accurate information about a manufacturer.  TEG prides itself no being in business for 20 consecutive years ith a full-time, year-round team in its vertical operation in Los Angeles.

This can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer’s setup, machinery, and specialty.  TEG specializes in smaller volume production, providing 1-50 pieces per style in-studio, for high-end specialty projects, and a 50 piece MOQ for its factory-level production for most brands.  This includes all sizes and two colorways per style.

Checking to ensure your manufacturer is fully compliant with local laws and regulations is important.  These are easy for a small business to bypass.  Making sure your manufacturer is compliant can ensure your values align and limit your liability as well.  Also, let the manufacturer tell you their values.  You’ll be able to gain a lot of insight from direct conversations.

Customizations are endless in domestic, small-volume production.  Whether it be styles made from deadstock garments, fabric remnants, or customized with embroidery, screen printing, etc. the options are endless.  Having an experienced team to help you orchestrate them well is key.  TEG is proud to have many examples of customized projects in its Portfolio and Case Studies to highlight its work.

TEG has a Fabric Sourcing team that works with emerging designers on their fabric and trim sourcing.  There is great value in working with a professional team, to ensure not only the right fabrics are chosen, but the right weight, elasticity, etc are decided.  These nuances have a large impact on a design and a professional can help you navigate this.  TEG’s sourcing services also connect you directly to the sources, so you can have working relationships with them long-term, even as you grow your brand.

The steps are generally the same worldwide, which makes it generally easy to learn.  The quality of the work behind each step is what makes the difference.  The steps include design, sourcing, patternmaking, samplemaking, grading, marking, cutting, and sewing of production. Doing all steps in a one-stop, vertically integrated fashion help ensure a streamlined process.

You should always be able to tour a manufacturer’s facility to ensure they meet your standards.  In fact, this is one of the most important steps in choosing a good fit.  Transparency is key so you can be sure your standards are met as well as legal obligation to work with sources following the local laws and regulations.

Small-volume production is a tricky thing to do, making the pricing quite different from larger volumes.  Finding a source that specializes in this is key, ensuring they have physical examples of similar types of garments to show their work of.  Pricing will depend on the volume and complexity, so there may not be large room for negotiation.  But contracts should always be clear and fair for both parties outlining the terms and conditions for each.

Ask your manufacturer to sew you a sample garment. This is the best way to see their work in actuality and provide a reference for them to match all production pieces.  Also looking into their clientele, years in business, and reputation are all great ways to get a better understanding of the source.

Take the first step. Schedule a free 15 minute introductory call with our team.

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